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  1. Wow you and I had about the same experience with the photos, lol. My ordeal lasted actually a couple of days and also included me sitting in the GM's office and having a huge breakdown! You just have to be persistent and do not leave until you get what you want. Even when I got back to the states, they sent me another letter apologizing because I was extremely dissapointed with the pics. Yes they do not edit them and do not even offer matted pictures. For them to be so expensive I expected better quality other than just a Kodak kiosk machine and regular photo printer that I can have at my own house! I do suggest bringing your own as long as they are in your party staying at the resort.
  2. Hello again, also just some more advice. If you are planning a larger amount of guests it is also good to plan through a Beaches/Sandals specialist. I found one locally in my area by going to wedding shows and events and they always have a booth up. My travel agent was great and free of charge and she helped to plan travel and my wedding for the majority of my guests. it helped to take alot of the pressure off of me since I was finishing up college at the same time. She did all the calling around and asked all the questions and she was also familiar with all the properties and visited my location several times. So she was HUGE help! Just something to consider!
  3. I got married at the same resort this past May and between my mom and I, we brought everything for our OOT bags down with us and then assembled them when we got there. You can ship them down there if it is very close to the wedding and you can have it held in the wedding planner's office there. Though it is extremely expensive to ship them so you might want to just bring them. You do not have to go through Renee for everything, you can actually call down there and speak to any one of them at the resort and they can help you as well. They were great to work with and extremely sweet and pleasant.
  4. Hello Bridget, I got married this past summer at Beaches Ocho Rios and had around 55 total guests attend. I found it to be a lttle dissapointing that they are not really equip to handle a large wedding seeing that most DWs are small and intimate. I had most of my guests stay there but some also stayed outisde the resort so they had to purchase a day pass for $150( or $75 depending on whether or not you pay for their dinner. I chose to pay for their dinner cuz it is only right, so they only paid &75 for the day passes) for the day to come on property. My mom also chose to pay for some of the day passes for close family and friends who could not afford it. Some brides opt to pay that price for them or some don't. As for costs my package costed me $75 per person which was a private wedding reception,dinner and dessert. That included standard table linens and centerpiece which is white and then a bowl of sand and shells as the centerpieces. The open bar was included, wedding cake, and a separate cocktail reception before the dinner. The Dj was about $600 for 3 hours. Now my reception got even more expensive because we did alot of upgrades which you can do once you get to the resort and meet with your planners. My mom wanted more of an elegant look and added nicer centerpieces with floating candle votives and orchids and colored water and different linens. Also just to let you know the cake is a two tiered cake that is very small and was not enough for all my guests which I asked for a bigger one but did not receive it. They said they did a 3 tier specially for me but it was 2. But all I can say is be very specific with what you want and what you don't and you can always make special requests and they will work hard to get it for you. Overall they were great and extremely helpful and accomodating. The did misplace or lose my engraved knife and cake carver set that I brought down there so make sure you have someone designated to collect your flutes and cake set if you bring one there. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me personally at zstwrt78@gmail.com. Hope I was some help to you! Good luck!
  5. Hey just wanted to give you some quick advice. I recently got married in May 2008 at Beaches Resort in Ocho Rios. As for the photography you might want to consider bringing your own photographer with you if you can. You can have your own as long as they are a part of your wedding guests. I feel I got robbed when it came to my pictures and ended up really upset and crying in the general manager's office because of this. The packages do not offer much variety and they are very costly. I would h ave alomost been better off using one of my friends with their expensive zoom cameras to take pics for me. They take so many pictures and then expect you to narrow them down to just a few depending on the package. After everything was said and done and I got back to the states I did get my album, digital negatives which I begged for, and got my DVD of the wedding which was great! Oh also they took pictures of us the day of the wedding then lost the sun due to unorganization, and then we had to get dressed the next morning and take all the beach shots.
  6. Ok thanks for your help. I will check it out!
  7. Here is a pic of my dress!! I absolutely love it and it shows off my curves!! Demetriosbride.com - Wedding Dress Ilissa from Demetrios Bridal
  8. Hey all, does anyone know where I can find some affordable wedding day jewelry that is clear or crystal? My dress is Ivory with very light beading at top and through it and the lady doing the alteration said clear or crystal jewelry would go with it. Any suggestions where I can find? Here is a link to my dress!! Demetriosbride.com - Wedding Dress Ilissa from Demetrios Bridal
  9. Zo-Zo

    ROR Pictures

    Great pics. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hey so good to see another bride getting married down at Beaches! So many have used and are using RIU! We are actually getting married on the 7th at the same resort then we transfer to Sandals for our honeymoon. What postcards are you referring to? I am new to this forum so just curious what postcards you were using? How has your planning been?
  11. Wow you all have inspired me and I have checked pretty much all of my local dollar stores in my area and have come up with nada. I was hoping to find such great finds like some of you have. Tampa bay area needs to get going!! Cute bags!!
  12. Ok great thank you so much for your help! Take care!
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    Wedding Cakes

    Wow, I can relate to your dilemna. I am Jamaican and my fiance is American. Most of my family will be attending our wedding in Ocho Rios at Beaches, so we must have a jamaican rum cake. I am actually going to have 2 cakes, one american and then pay extra for a Jamaican cake that the resort bakes. Hope it is yummy! Well hope you get your solution soon! Good luck!!
  14. Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone knows of someone or has gotten married at any of the Beaches Resorts in Jamaica! My wedding is in about 3 weeks and just looking for some tips from past Beaches brides. Thanks, Zoe
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    Jamaican Bride To Be

    Hello everyone, my name is Zoe. I will be getting married on May 9, 2008 in Beaches Resort, in Boscobel Jamaica. I am grateful to have found this forum and look forward to interacting and being apart of this cool community of destination brides! Much love, Zoe.