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    List Of Photographers In The PV Area

    We have been shooting down there an average of about 4-5x per year. We love it and plan to start spending our Winters down there. We have been going down there for the past 7yrs! For those of you on a really tight budget I would definately steer you towards a local photographer. You can get them for well under $3000 for the most part since your dollar goes much further down there. HOWEVER, if quality is your main concern and photos are of utmost priority to you, do not overlook photogs in the US who work down there regularly. You won't find better photogs than what we have in the U.S right now I'll post some pics from last weekends wedding at Casa Garza Blanca shortly! cheers, Heather Story by Photo
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    Wedding Favor Ideas

    Quote: Originally Posted by beachykeen We found a local Chocolate/coffe shop called Ah Cacao. I found out about it from posts here! We're giving small bags of Mexican chocolates. There are some really cool ideas on here! I like the mini tequila bottles! That is our all time favorite place to go when we shoot in Playa Del Carmen! They make some outstanding Cappucinos and Latte's as well.
  3. Always glad to help! Glad it worked out for you and you ended up with a final product you could enjoy. If you ever decide to renew your vows somewhere amazing give us a call and maybe we can get to be your actual photogs so we don't have to fix another photogs mess ups! LOL cheers, Gino and Heather storybyphoto.com
  4. We have been shooting Destinations now for about 5yrs and have seen a lot of good ideas, some great ideas and some ideas that seemed good but went terribly wrong. Without getting into too many we are going to offer up a tip on Photography that we have been giving now for the better part of 2yrs and it has been extremely successful for us as a Destination Wedding company as well as for our brides. The key to a successful Destination Wedding is to have a great time, why else would you be doing it right?!?! So the surest way to make for a great time on your days spent in the Islands or wherever you location may be is to REDUCE the stress levels. Like I tell brides all the time, pay for the best wedding photography you can get and worry about all the extra stuff later (albums, DVDs, etc). What is becoming more and more popular for us is brides who just use the resort photographer for the day of photos and pay the $600-1200 or whatever they charge nowadays and then hire a killer photographer with creativity for a creative session the next day that include something like a Trash the Dress etc. A Bridal session like this can be done in 3-4hrs typically and is a very low stress situation. Why? because the big day is already over! It makes for a much less stressful day of your Wedding when you don't have to worry about being whisked away to do a photo session while your guests wait for you to finish a "photo shoot". Food for thought....maybe a Bridal session is for you?? To your success and to a great Wedding, Gino and Heather
  5. www.storybyphoto.com

    aventura spa palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jackie22 I'm trying to find a photographer, I'm thinking of using Del Sol but the want me to puirchase them a room for the night. Since our wedding is so small I'm looking for like a 3 hr photographer package. Does anyone know a photographer who will come just using the day pass? Thanks!!!! Look forward to hearing from you This is quite standard. We always ask for at least 1 night and often 2 nights depending on if we are doing a bridal session the next day. cheers, Gino and Heather Story by Photo is the worlds Leading Destination Wedding Photographer, husband and wife team bringing over 15yrs of experience.
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    aventura spa palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by NaM Since you guys are probably a little quicker in your response than the WC - do you know if you have the choice between long vs. round tables for the reception? Or does it depend on the location? Thanks so much! Depending on how many people you have, if its less than 30 id say have your reception dinner outside on the patio at Greco if its available. The food there was actually not bad at all.
  7. www.storybyphoto.com

    Boudoir Question for Photogs

    Start browsing Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem Good site for Glamour photogs. And pervs. LOL
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    aventura spa palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by NaM I think that would be an individuals own negligence for not finding out what is and is not at the resort. Totally agree. Hence the reason I posted here to begin with. For those that might not know.
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    aventura spa palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by ddiinnyyeell I think the brides that are getting married at Aventura are well aware of the resorts amenities, including the beach situation. You would be surprised. Many people assume a beach resort would actually have a beach.
  10. www.storybyphoto.com

    aventura spa palace

    We just got back from shooting a Wedding there. I have to say, I was not impressed. To be very honest, I will never understand for the life of me why you would want to have a beach Destination Wedding at a location that DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A BEACH! Did we make due with it? Of course. I have no doubt the bride will love her photos but the fact it had no beach....kinda a bummer. When this happens we usually just take our couples for a day after session in Tulum! Be open to these types of things if you decide to book a property with no beach. Food for thought. -Heather Example: They have this Lagoon but over those rocks, is just more rocks.
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    Story by Photo or Art of Light photography?????

    Can't speak for the other but here are a handful of Bride referrals for us. We are in business about 17yrs now. We shoot Destination Wedding exclusively. Storybyphoto.com reviews | Thanks for thinking about us!
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    Dining In Maui?

    Our favorite restaurant in Maui is called Cafe O Lei. Try the Tuna Stuffed Calamari....it is TO DIE FOR!!! If you are a fan of Sushi of course you can't miss Sansei. There is a new one now up in Kapalua area so you dont have to go all the way to Kehei if you dont want to.
  13. Well. I'm going to go ahead and chime in here. I won't say anything in reference to the photographer you used nor his work as that's none of my business and I need not ever knock another person in my field but I will say this....Some of these photos are just bad editing. Many can be fixed in photoshop and enhanced to look much better. I always tell photographers when I teach seminars etc "you cant polish a turd, so try and shoot it right so you don't have to". Clearly that gets lost in translation on occasion and let's be honest, no photographer, no matter how much smoke they blow up your butt or how they present themselves online is going to give you 100% fantastic pics that are everything you ever dreamed! To the Original poster here. If you have a handful of images that mean much to you and you cant work it out with your photographer, contact us via the forum or our website and we would be happy to have one of our photo editors on our team take a look and see about tweaking a "few" for you as a courtesy. The bottom line is people should be happy with their pics! gino & heather
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    Photogs: Want to help Swine flu brides?

    Count us in. 10% off the total package price for anyone that has had a cancellation due to swine flu.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine sooner born, V Sattui is absolutely one of my fav places. I have to warn you that while I am sure any wedding there would be amazing, its an incredibly busy place because its one of the last places to have free tasting and it has such a huge store and deli. A lot of people picnic there over the summer. However, I LOVE V Sattui and everytime we visit we head over there (my grandma lives in Napa and we go often) 100% agree. But if you do go, make sure you buy a loaf of their fresh bread and some of their cheese spread and just sit outside. Its Heaven!!!