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  1. YAY! for another Vegas bride! Happy planning!!
  2. I love #1, it is such a beautiful dress! However, IMO the v-neck/halter looks is very flattering on you. Good Luck in choosing!
  3. I know all the Dreams girls have chimed in, but my opinion is that you'll probably get more for your $$ at an AI resort vs. a cruise...
  4. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find everything you need to know - there's tons of info here and everyone is very helpful!
  5. Your dress sounds cool! Can't wait to see pics.
  6. How exciting Yari! Have fun and of course can't wait to see the pics
  7. That's great that she actually went through with it and sold it! Hopefully her son has learned his lesson!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Hopels Oh, and to top the whole shabang off... FI works for his dad and is not getting paid for this week because his dad doesn't have the money to pay him! Stay at home, pay my future husband, and skip your vacation! I hate people! I can't believe that $hit!! Some people have their priorities SO screwed up! I am so sorry you are having to deal with all this crap! I feel so bad for you. Just know that in the end everything works out for the best and you will have a great wedding day no matter what!
  9. The only trick I have to offer for cleaning the stove is that I try to wipe it off when it is still semi-warm (don't let the gook dry) and it makes clean up much easier. I know what you mean about the dust - we have 2 cats and a dog and the hair is uncontrollable! The dog doesn't shed, but the cat hair drives me insane. And I even have a Dyson Pet but it seems like as soon as I suck it up the cat is cleaning and shedding some more!
  10. Sounds like a great trip Melissa! Hope you have fun with your hubby!! I also wanted to says thanks to everyone for their helpful info/opinions of places in Vegas.
  11. You look great in it!! Do you know yet what accessories you are going to get?
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