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    Newbie...Bahamas Bride

    Bahama bride right here. Getting married at The Westin in Freeport. Yourself?
  2. We are getting married thereon March 16, 2008. For our florist we are using Ray Darling. Our wedding coordinator, Santina Cooper, refferred us to another florist but she was too expensive and difficult to deal with. I must worn you though communication is horrible. All of the vendors take forever to respond to a phone call or an email so beware.
  3. YUP! We are taking pics before the ceremony because we don't want to miss the cocktail hour.
  4. Unfortunatly, we are taking pictures before the ceremony because we don't want to miss our own cocktail hour which starts immediatly after the ceremony.
  5. Help is certainly needed here! The color of my bridesmaid dresses are turquiose and I have no clue as to what kind and what color flowers my bridesmaids shoule have. If you guys have ideas please let me know. Thanks.
  6. My fiance and I are having a hard time deciding upon how we want our chupah decorated. If you guys can help us out by posting some pics or ideas of yours that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys!!
  7. Wow! I Love The Placecard Centerpiece Idea! It Is So Beautiful And Unique. Hopefully, Our Florist Can Do Something Like That.
  8. I agree! I am going to Walmart to purchase some of my decorations as well. They sell nice pouches of great shells and starfish for $6-$9. I am going to purchase one per table for our reception. I am going to scatter the shells throughout each table. I am not sure what the florist will charge me for the shells, but I am sure it is going to be a wrip off.
  9. What an awesome idea! I think I am going to take a picture of my boston terror in a tux and create a stamp out of it.
  10. matty-g

    Recommendations for a short honeymoon

    Playa de Carmen is SOOOO much fun and a great place to visit even if it is just for a day or two.
  11. matty-g

    Is open bar worth it?

    I think it is certainly worth it. Think about it this way- your guests are paying a lot of money to be a guest at your wedding, at least be a proper host and buy them a drink or few.
  12. These are sooo cute! I might have to use them for my wedding as well. Where did you find them?
  13. I have not tried Nordstroms yet. I'm scared to, I think they are going to be too over priced.
  14. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I have tried david's bridal and I thought their dresses looked cheap.
  15. SOS! Help! I have no clue on how I should solve this problem: I have a total of three bridesmaids. Two of my bridesmaids are misses sizes and one of my bridesmaids is a 20-22 Womens. I want all three dresses to be the same and they have to be a sage green and tops $120. Every dress that I have been considering is not made in a women's size. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone have the same problem?