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  1. Ok ladies, perhaps it's just me. I LOVE gifts! This is the one time in your life when you get to make a list of things you want, and people actually get them for you. I have been happy to pick out and give a great gift to many of my friends. If it was for a bridal shower or baby shower, I enjoyed giving them something I knew they would love. I want the gifts! I want to play the cheesy games, eat the petit fors, and everything else. Even though Im having a dw, my bf, my sister, mom, and cousin are all coming from out of town to my shower. My aunt is throwing it and is already obsessed even though it's 3 months away. This is for your wedding, it's tradition, I say enjoy every minute of it - I know I will.

    new newbie

    Welcome Nasa! I love your name.

    Nominate your MotM for August!

    Tlseege Nursesarah akh All of these ladies were so helpful to me in creating my logo. Very friendly and went above and beyond. Thanks so much girls.
  4. I had really been wondering what the bd photos were also. Im so glad someone asked. I love this idea!


    This is the best forum that I've ever found - tons of info. You're gonna love it here!
  6. You know I first thought ok, I'll only try on the mermaid style dresses b/c that's what I want. Then I decided no, I'll try on a lot of different styles, even the big poofy princess kind. Im going to just be open minded and have fun.
  7. today...Alone! I just want to revel in the fact that Im actually shopping for my wedding dress. I want to wrap myself in that feeling and have it for myself. Does that make sense? Did anyone else go alone the first time?

    Hello....I am new!

    Welcome! Im fairly new as well and also a Jamaican bride. You'll love it here, everyone is so nice and helpful.
  9. Your DIY skills are amazing. They look absolutely fabulous.

    "Marriage Day" pictures!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! Im a total sap and almost teared up from that story.


    Quote: Originally Posted by JessicaLovesBrian Oh, I was thinking of trying this line, but I was was kind of scared of it being so cheap. I might as well give it a shot though. Me too. Im glad someone has done a "review" now I can go crazy.

    MAC "Must Haves"

    trax is my number one mac must have also oh baby and prrr lipglass I use studio fix on the rare occasion I use foundation I also love the cake eye liner and the perfume with the white top, and crush and reed blush...wow I guess I love mac...heck I love make up period.
  13. OMG! I just signed on this morning and I LOVE THEM!!! Thanks Sarah!
  14. Ladies, thanks so much, Stephanie and Trisha have each found a different way to help me. I have to leave work now, but I'll be logging on at home. ttys