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  1. Pick #4 !!! They are all beautiful, but that one looks the best.
  2. Yes, I had my wedding at the Church June 27, 2008. It was beautiful. The priest was mexican but spoke english, but he was still a little hard to understand. But everything worked out. When is your wedding? I can can you info and let you know what you need to do before you get down there.
  3. We had our catholic wedding in mexico & our civil service at home - after mexico. Looking back, I wish I had the civil service first. Just some advice- Request from your local priest that you want copies of all the documents that they are sending to Mexico along with the tracking number. I verbally told and gave written instructions to our local diocese where to send the paperwork (direct to the hotel and our WC would hand deliver to priest) and they ending up sending our original documents to a Church in Cancun (not the church we were getting married in)! They promised they would send to our WC and somehow that didn't happen. It took our WC 4 days to find our original paperwork. I was a nervous wreck! Make sure you tell them exactly when & where to send your docs. Good Luck!
  4. I'm assuming you're staying at an all inclusive resort? If yes, that sounds like an appropriate price, if it's not all inclusive, that's A LOT! We had our wedding at the Barcelo Palace (a 5 star beautiful resort), Riviera Maya June 2008- Our 7 nighters paid $1,300-1,400. 5 nights $1,100, 4 nights $450 etc... The price included resort, taxes, transportation to & from hotel/resort and airfare. The all inclusive food & alcohol (a lot of top shelf) was worth it. All guests booked their own air, but at the time it was $370-400 range for roundtrip (most guests flying from Pittsburgh). Our guests thought the price was right, we had 60!
  5. Kathleen, thank you so much for the clarification! We thought that was the case, but I wanted to hear from someone else who actually lived through it. We are going to apply for a PA marriage license. Our WC wasn't very helpful in explaning the logistics to us. We should've researched it more before we got married!
  6. I know this is an old thread... but i recently got married in a Riviera Maya Catholic Church and received a marriage certificate (in spanish). First question- how do i get it translated to English and 2) Is it considered a legal wedding in the U.S.? I'm running into problems changing my name and we never had to sign anything for a marriage license. We did all the Catholic things in the U.S. beforehand and got our certificate after the ceremony, I just feel like we should have more docuements form Mexico? Help, did anyone else go through this??
  7. I've been to mexico a few times and i noticed that A LOT of people smoke while laying on the beach. Sorry to offend any of the smokers, but i think its gross laying in 100 deg. weather sweating your butt off and smoking!
  8. mjm160


    Welcome, good luck planning. this site is amazing and everyone is so helpful.
  9. I feel like a loser, i havent seen it yet!!! I cant wait
  10. wow, i would be P.O.!!! Tell her to start saving her money and deal with it. She should be excited that you chose her to be the MOH. She can plan her own wedding the way she wants it when it's her time. You stick with what you want, it's your decision and it's you who will looking back on it 30 years from now. When we booked our trip, our TA didnt need the money for the entire trip until like 60 or 90 days berfore we left. Everyone put down a small deposit and either went on a payment plan or just saved money until the day full payment due.
  11. Ok, I need ideas! My wedding is in 27 days and I still don't have a gift for my fiance. He bought me gorgeous diamond earrings, how can i top that?! He already has a new watch, a new i-pod, a new tv, new laptop, new camera.... I want to find something sentimental. What did everyone else buy??
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