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  1. Used Monique Lhuillier Miranda Wedding Dress; Size 8 Still pricey...but a lot less than $7000!!! It's a gorgeous dress
  2. stacy75

    How often do you and FI/DH ...

    Oh lordy..definate sore subject. If I can't remember the last time we had sex, is that a bad thing?? I understand he's stressed at work and he lost his father a year ago and still torn up about that..but the last time we did it he asked "why don't we do this more often??!!" Come on FI, just DO ME you ever think that's why I get crabby alot?? lack of lovin?? I suppose I could initiate it but dammit I want to feel wanted! Say a prayer for me ladies.
  3. stacy75

    Off Your Chest

    Dear self, Why did you just eat 2 bags of peanut m&m's just because you are bored? What is wrong with you?
  4. stacy75

    we lost the baby...

    I am so sorry for your loss..
  5. Ouch! That sunburn looks painful. Huge difference in the pics. I know with the before pictures I immediately focused in on the sunburn...kind of a distraction. The after pictures look great. I'm sure you're friend was thrilled that you did that for her!
  6. stacy75

    Our Disney engagement!!!!!

    Awww! What a romantic story.
  7. Oh WOW!! What a wonderful gift..and a wonderful friend!!
  8. stacy75

    I am A CHEAPO!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Stephanie 525 ...unless you re-use plastic food bags Haha..I'm guilty of that As long as whatever was in it was dry, why not Maybe you can get a cake at a local grocery store when you get down there??
  9. stacy75

    Weight Loss Success

    You look great! I know how hard it is to lose weight. Congratulations!
  10. stacy75

    Cheesy or Cute?

    I love it! I think it's a great idea
  11. stacy75

    Pink Dancing Elephants