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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by BrideBarbie I'm a June 2010 bride! I have to start narrowing down the details because time flies and I have not done much because my date feels so far out! I am hoping to hold and outdoor reception on the beach for my June 22, 2010 date, but will it be too hot out? I'm hoping the ocean breeze will keep us cool because I really want it outdoors! I think you'll be fine! I've shot weddings in Cancun in May and June and they've been ok.
  2. amy martin

    Bringing your own photographer

    Yep, you should be fine if you say your photographer is a friend. From a photographer's point of view, just ask your photog to wear something similar to what your guests would wear. There's nothing that sticks out more than a photographer wearing all black at a destination wedding. Then the "he's just a friend with a camera" story might not work so well!
  3. I knew you would post these here! I was honored to be a part of the wedding and had a blast! I better hurry and finish the rest... there's lots of people waiting xoxo!
  4. Love your rings!!! And all the blue details
  5. Yay! Had so much fun Courtney! You were beautiful, of course... and Family Feud was definitely a highlight
  6. open, open, open! we're all chanting!
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    Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica

    Hi!!! Welcome!
  8. amy martin

    New and Planning a Vegas Wedding!

    Welcome!!! Happy planning! I love a Vegas wedding!
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    Joining the mommy club

    Congrats!!! The timing is perfect for you, huh?!
  10. Woohoo! Awesome Tami... too bad I'm going to ruin it. Hehe Only kidding.. it'll probably make it out alive! Both dresses are great! You definitely got an awesome deal for the TTD session.
  11. amy martin

    Hi! Photographer here :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! I appreciate it! This place is such a great resource and a wealth of info for destination weddings... I don't know why I didn't join sooner! Hey Jill and Tami!!!
  12. amy martin

    Hi! Photographer here :)

    Hi everyone! I finally went ahead and joined after directing a few clients here while they were planning their destination weddings. I'm a photographer based in Charlotte, NC and have shot in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. In addition to more Mexico and DR weddings, I also have St. John and St. Thomas on the books for next year, so I'm very excited! If you're bored and want to view some of my recent work, you can check out my blog www.amymartinphotography.blogspot.com And if you have any photography-related questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I'm friendly!