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  1. Welcome and happy planning!!
  2. I think we'll be arriving June 26th for our June 28th wedding at Dreams. We're staying a week.
  3. I agree that if people choose to stay elsewhere and you mentioned that it will cost $ to enter the resort if you don't stay there, then that is their choice and they should pay. We've just told people if they choose a cheaper place to stay that's great but there is a charge to enter. I would love to be able to pay, but we would go broke and it's just not an option for us.
  4. Welcome and happy planning!
  5. Congrats on the engagement and welcome!
  6. Thanks Shelley! Now that I've cried at work, I think I'm going to go with the "We thought of you with love today..." poem to honor my Mom and Dad. This has been so hard planning a wedding without my Mom (My Dad probably wouldn't have been much help with the details!) I will be thinking of you on your day
  7. Originally my FI wanted to do the legal one in Mexico...but we have since changed our minds because I don't want to deal with the blood tests and spanish docs, etc. We are going to do the legal courthouse deal here about a week before we leave, or I may make it more of a "ceremony" for those that can't come to our Mexico ceremony and are complaining. All depends what I can organize and have time for!
  8. My fiance has an 11yr old daughter that will be my junior bridesmaid. Not sure if we'll include her in any other part of the ceremony at this point, but she's so excited just to be in it and coming to Mexico to see it:)
  9. Welcome! There is a ton of info on here to help. Good luck in deciding....once you do all the fun begins!
  10. Do what you want!!! It's your day. I'm getting a ton of pressure from my family since I'm the youngest and my parents have both died to have my wedding here so everyone can make it. I'm torn, as we are all pretty close and I'd love to have all my family there. We are going to do the legal part here and have a symbolic wedding in Mexico, so I'm trying to think of how I can make a courthouse ceremony into something they can come to and be satisfied. Although our "wedding" in Mexico is the day we will celebrate as our anniversary. I would resent my family if I changed our dream plans to please them, so it's not worth it to me!
  11. I think our families are forgetting whose wedding it is!!!
  12. I feel your pain!!!! My family was all for a destination wedding and suddenly it is too expensive to come so they are trying to make me feel bad (It's working!!) and change the location. We have guests that want to stay elsewhere and I just told them to look up hotels on trip advisor if that's what they want and they are responsible for the day pass. We'll be at Dreams!
  13. I originally wanted 8.8.08...but then when we started talking about a destination wedding I was worried about hurricane season (before we picked a location). So I started looking at dates with an 8 in them and June 28th it was. It also turns out it would've been my parents 50th anniversary if they had lived. They made it to 45, almost 46 years before my Mom died so I figure it worked for them!
  14. Can't help with cancum, but WELCOME to the forum!! Good luck with your planning.
  15. nellieboo

    Hi there

    Welcome & good luck with your planning. This forum is great!
  16. nellieboo


    Welcome and good luck with your planning!
  17. Welcome! Happy planning!
  18. nellieboo


    Welcome to the forum!
  19. I've heard so much from my siblings as well...I'm the last of 7 to get married, and with both of my parents gone they all have their own ideas of what my wedding should be like. I cried a lot at the beginning, got in a huge fight with my sister and since have ignored or smiled politely when I get comments of, you could just do it at a beach here? I'd love to have them all there, but in the end it only matters if the 2 of us are there to celebrate our special day! I take a lot of deep breaths as well
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    Welcome and good luck!
  21. Welcome and good luck in your planning!
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