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    St. Thomas photographers

    I did not read through all the post but here is the guy that did mine... Through Angela with paradise bridal consultants: Wedding Portfolio Index My wedding is shown in the Megans Bay pics...
  2. Ashleigh

    New Vendor

    Hey Angela!! Its Ashleigh!! I am SOOOO glad you decided to sign up!!! Hope all is well!!!! I have been talking you up!!!! Hope business gets good!
  3. Ashleigh

    Which US Territory to get married?

    I have never been to PR, but I do have a few friends that went to a PR wedding that also went o my wedding in St. Thomas, that loked St. Thomas better......
  4. I will be telling you all a little more about it...But go to my wedding website below and look at the photo album under Wedding day!!!Angela with Paradise Bridal Consultants, st thomas weddings, st thomas wedding, st thomas wedding packages, us virgin island weddings, did an AMAZING job!!! She comes HIGHLY recommended!!!!! Enjoy the photos!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Galit I am just seeing this thread now for the first time... WOW!!! I love those pictures... like many of the girls, I have never heard of bridal portraits, but I think it's SUCH a great idea! You look beautiful and that dress is gorgeous!!! On a side note, I LOVE your shoes... can I ask where you got them? Ebay for $20! I love them too!!!
  6. Ashleigh

    Veil for sale!!!

    I have it on ebay too... I am doing my hair with a flower and I had a shorter skirt made for the ceremony on the beach..the veil is almost as loon as the skirt and it looks funny to me...so I am selling it...And I really dont feel like dealing with the veil for the AHR...I know I will be a Mrs. in less than a week...Its an awesome feeling!!!
  7. I only wore the veil for the pictures...I am not wearing it for the wedding...It is a $150.00 and I will sell for $100 obo....It matches Maggie Sottero Diamond White....Let me know if you are interested! Thanks!
  8. Ashleigh

    Sand Ceremony

    I got my sand from moonglowcandles.net. the containers have lids and they said the sand when poured into the largest goes to the very top. (when two colors are used...
  9. Ashleigh

    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    Ashleigh Lumberton, Texas Megans Bay 1-12-08 Angela Callwood with Paradise Bridal Consultants! she is great! I have not been on here for a while!!!! But I will be letting all of you know how it goes!!!!! Wish me luck!
  10. Well hello ladies, I have been MIA lately, but this planning a DW is stressful!!! Just thought I would let you know that I shipped about four boxes of oot bag stuff to my wedding planner Angela in St, Thomas....Wanna know how much is cost me?? $430.00....I was stunned! I have never shipped internationally before and that threw me for a BIG loop!!!! Just though I would warn anyone wanting to do this! My FH told me that was the last thing I was doing for the wedding....The shipping came right after my $350.00 trip to walmart to buy the items for the oot bags! lol!!! Wish me luck ladies I keave Tuesday!!!! muah! Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Julesr I have never ever heard of it. It looks like a lot of fun though and I kinda wish I did do it, but I am not sure I would want the pics up at the wedding though, unless you walk down the asile first. I think I just wanted people to see me in the dress for the first time as I walked down the asile. I know everyone is different though, that is just my opinion. But I do love this picture, looks like a magazine ad for sure. They are not up at the actual wedding...just the reception....
  12. No one really sees these photos until the wedding day......I just wanted to show yall bacause I was so excited!!!! I am making a slide show of all the photos for my FH and my mother.....That is crazy that this is not done everywhere!!!! I would have never thought all brides did not do this!!!!! It is a maggie sottero...the Brittanya Lynette dress....
  13. I had pics done in my wedding dress before the wedding.....We put it in the paper the day of the wedding and have the bridal pics set up at the actual wedding and reception.......It is kind of confusing I guess if you have never heard of people doing this.. Brides do it all the time from where I am from....Its kind of a big deal!
  14. The photog just got done editing the engagements pics, but slipped this picture from my Bridal portrait in with edited engagement pics!! I love it so much, just had to share!!!!!!! The rest of the pictures are in the thread, I think they are on the 3rd page.....