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  1. lovely, kevsbeachbride!!! xoxo, honeylicious
  2. we had about an hour between the ceremony and reception. most of our guests either relaxed and had drinks in thie reception area or went up to their rooms to rest for a little bit. otherwise, i would say that family pictures took about 15 minutes (our photographers had asked us to provide them with a list of family groupings to take pics of) and then maybe like 15-20 minutes max for the two of us afterwards--which was more than enough time. and then we just relaxed for awhile before the reception! also, we didn't have any bridal party or groomsmen, so ours was likely quicker than other post-ceremony shoots, i'm guessing. hope this helps! http://dqstudios.com/gallery/jennifer/ http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/u...e=honeylicious
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    cancun bride intro

    thanks, everyone!!!! :) nini--no, i've actually never been to calgary! i found out about our photographers through a combination of blogs of other photographer sites that i frequent + the knowledge that they won an album competitioin last year. they're fabulous! if you're in that area, i would definitely recommend them. htey rock! lala--the blue globe candles are from our hotel! I thihnk they whip them out every so often for events. sorry i couldn't be of much help!!!
  4. along those lines, we flew in our photographers into cancun from the states as our "relatives" that offered to take photos of our wedding. however, the issue never came up and i don't actually think our coordinator (that we loved) could have cared less. perhaps this is just an all-inclusive wedding thing then?
  5. Oh and i forgot to mention that you can read full reviews about the Le Meridien inside my knottie bio as well. I highly recommend them!
  6. Hello, all! This is nearly my first post here. But just wanted to throw in a plug for 1) our venue, Le Meridien Cancun, and 2) our photographers, DQ Studios. I would post some pictures in this post, but it's not letting me for some reason. Otherwise, you can view my knottie bio by clicking HERE. I hope this helps somebody out!
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    cancun bride intro

    hello, all~ found this link through a link on theknot.com! a little about me: 1. name: Jenn 2: wedding date: 2.18.2007 3. Le Meridien Resort and Spa, Cancun, Mexico You may view our images here!: http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/u...e=honeylicious