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    Newbie..playa del carmen wedding

    Quote: Originally Posted by tsizemore Hi Gloria I'm a newbie too. I am planning my wedding in Playa del Carmen for may 16, 2008. I have already picked my photographer and videographer because I have heard nothing but great things about them and so far they have been great, Matt and Sol from Del Sol Photography and Paul at playaweddings.com. Check out their websites. You'll fall in love. Good luck with your planning! HOLA Tobie, we look forward to seeing you!!!!!!!!! Gloria, welcome to the Forum! For newbies getting married in the RM, I highly recommend you check out this post "wedding slideshows" This should help you decide on a location or research the location and how it actually feels with real photos Cheers! Cheers
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cheese_diva Here's our time line. 4:00-4:20: Ceremony and well wishes (may end sooner, but would like for Trio to play until DJ takes over) 4:30-5:30 Photos with family/wedding party + group photo (all guests) immediately to follow well wishes- romantic sunset photos for couple First off, this is WAY easier than you think, if handled by a true professional. If you want to have a group shot, TELL THEM prior to the ceremony date that you want everybody on the beach prior to the cocktail hour but just after the congrats and hugs you will get after walking back up the isle. you and your photog should be on the same plane with this. If he or she is one their game, they will make an announcement and call EVERYBODY to a location close by and set up the shot...likely shoot 5 or 6 frames to get 1 good one and then all your guests (except fam & bridal party) can jet to have drinks. My formals are 10 minuets on average. 2 min per group. (usually 3-5 shots per group to get 1 good one)... You shouldn't need to budget 1 hour for them, for sure! If so, get shots with your immediate family on each group The group first has siblings & g-parents and then whittles down to mum's & pops... then switch sides and do it again.. Her family then his Fam. If everybody knows whats up, then its ON. Then, a few minutes with the bridal party ( a few poses )...and BAM, they go have drinks. EASY as it should be. Then, the residual time is spent with b&g chillin on the location, hot shots in and around the resort while the group is chillin on cocktail hour... If it were us, you would end up chillin with them on a few cocktails... Answer to your question: 30 minutes MAX to have fam & bridal party away from coctail hour. Formals are easy, and if planned, easy does it. I am a firm believer of simple groupings. B&G in all of them. Pre ceremony formals with bride & groom apart with their respective groups help minimize the post planning Its all about an organized pro's plan and the wedding going along with it hope this helps Cheers, matt
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by itsme7396 Sol... jeff and i can't wait for our photos... the photos you and matt took were amazing... we've had so many people tell us that looking at the photos brought tears to their eyes... i cannot thank you enough for capturing such incredible pictures... thanks again... Julie Julie, thanks for the awesome words... I hope that you love the disk with all the images... hopefully we can get your album cranking soon!!!!!!! I love the emotional ceremony...we got some great tearjerkers at Al cielo Cheers! matt
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Kevsbeachbride So I could share my wedding photos & not jack Julie's thread, I made my own. We got married at El Dorado Royale in Mexico on Feb 2nd. Having a DW wedding is w/o a doubt the best WR decision we've made. I couldn't imagine doing it any other way. The resort is incredible... immaculately maintained grounds, delicious food, unbelievable service & the casitas were so romantic. We have no complaints. We had 25 guests join us. Everyone is raving about what a great time they had... We hired Sol Tamargo & Matt Adcock to shoot our wedding from DelSol Photography. del Sol Photography. There are no words to explain how amazing they are. Individually, they are both topnotch photogs but together their work is mind-blowing. They completely capture the emotion of the day in their photos. They were a dream to work w/ & we are more than thrilled w/ our wedding photos. I can't recommend them enough! Here's our slideshow: del Sol Photography I'm happy to answer any questions about EDR or our photogs! Sol Tamargo Photography Matt Adcock Photography Blog Its taking me some time to dig through this forum, today I noticed this post... April, thank you for the kind words... Thank you for the recommendation. There is nothing more powerful than a testimonial such as yours!!!!!!! Obviously we had a blast with you guys....we loved your images day of and as well, the after wedding shoot....hot stuff.... I was actually on the plane coming to mexico last week and showing off some after wedding images to an engaged flight attendant...she stopped on your photos laying on the beach in awe... pure hotness!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you around here more!!!!!! Cheers & thanks again, Matt
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicobride Hi, everyone! This might be a stupid question, but I have never been to Mexico before and I'm confused about this... I have heard two differing opinions: some say it is safe to use ice cubes and eat fresh produce washed in local water at the AI resort, and others say it is not. I don't want my guests to get sick, and I want to be able to advise them well on this issue. But I also don't want to go overboard with avoiding these things if it's not necessary. What are your experiences/opinions? This comes from a guero who has been to the Riviera Maya on probably 30 or 40 times in the last 12 months (i really dont count anymore)... I spend lots of time here, 2 -5 weeks at a time. My first trip, i got sick because i ate the wrong food... Staying at a resort, you should be fine. I recommend bottled water and not worrying about the ice. These hotels do have filtered water and have your health in their best interest! Also, I am a firm believer of mind over matter. Think positive about your health during your stay in Mexico and you will be in TIP TOP shape the entire time! Plus, your body will have lots of adrenaline and endorphins running through your body due to the excitement and RUSH of your wedding experience! much love, mateo
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Hmmm... I was planning on bringing in my Uncle who just happens to be a nationally known photographer to do my photos as well as a good friend who is an amazing makeup/hair artist to do that for me. These two people are obviously guests of mine as well and would be invited regardless. Do you think I'll have a problem with this...? I'm planning on having the wedding at one of the Iberostar Resorts. This is a perfect example of how insane the rules actually are... if you told them My uncle is coming to photograph my wedding. Seriously, do you think they will lift a finger and say anything? not a chance. you will be fine! Elizabeth, HOLA Amiga, I hope things are going well for you... Glad you like the advice here.. Keep in mind that my friend Paul had the wherewith all to compose it... he is a smart dude! I hope to see you soon! Cheers! matt
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by TAMMYM Gosh this is really sad that they are doing this. I'm having somewhat of a similar problem at the Sheraton in Cabo, After I booked our wedding their they are now telling me no salon outside service vendors are allowed since they opened their new salon. I'm pretty pissed about this because I had already set up a hair and makeup person to come to my room. This really makes it difficult for people wanting to get married at a specific resort if they have all these stupid rules, kindof makes wanting a DW not as much fun. I'm sorry they are making these changes on you too. When you look at the big picture, everything is going to work out..it always does. Your destination wedding will be a positive experience and the goal here is to use hotels that focus on a perfect experience. I don't want to organize a mob here against any specific resort, but I do want to raise awareness. Together as a voice, we can slowly impact their choices with this no outside vendor gestapo stuff. Awareness is the key. I think most of us have heard the words "the customer is always right" and I think this can apply... Specifically speaking of photography / video, Paul's words are right on: Tell them you'll be bringing in photographer(s) and/or videographer(s) as invited guests. Expect them to be treated as all your invited guests from outside the resort and don't tolerate any additional fees or penalties for choosing not to use their services. Nobody wants 40 American/Canadians complaining on the Internet, on message boards like this. You the consumer have a right to demand free market competition. They have the right to expect you to purchase a day pass for outside guests. Cheers & prepare to have the best destination wedding experience on the planet! Matt
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by leigh miller still waiting on darn model! models!!! i so would have rather found an excited bride to be or someone. im sitting here in a room with 5 wedding gowns and no one to put in them i dont think sol and matt are here. i think matt and i emailed about it a week or so ago and he said they werent coming. i could be wrong though. matt if youre here were going to the double down salon tonight! home of the bacon martini and something called "ass juice". tammy feel free to censor! HOLA, nah, we couldnt make it to Vegas this year... We had 15 weddings in March.... I'm curious to see photos of the double down salon!!!!! Cheers! Matt
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Susan101207 Your pics are amazing!!! They do such excellent work. I'm tempted to find a second job this summer, just so I could splurge and hire them (or leigh) for our wedding You two make a beautiful couple. Welcome! THANK you for the nice words. Keep in mind that we do not charge ANY travel fees for photography in the Riviera Maya Sometimes a hotel room may be required to have an outside vendor, but in most cases, all the money you spend is on the photographer package, not half of it to get them to your location when you book either of us... much love, mateo
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by scharke I know this sounds like sour grapes, it can be frustrating. The only way it will change, is if consumers demand a free market. It's a shame to say out loud, but don't assume that your happiness and satisfaction is paramount. The motives are often cash-related. There are many vendors and hotels/resorts here that are sincerely concerned about your happiness and satisfaction and who will insure that you get the finest quality service available. I don't want to burn bridges by omitting anyone from the good list or naming anyone on the bad list on a public forum. HOLA AMIGO PAUL... .Paul is SPOT on ladies... Paul is also a friend of mine. WE have been fighting this here... and, i'm also an American and a local vendor, so these resorts let us in there... We were at a wedding at the Moon Palace on March 9th. If a room is purchased, you are considered a guest of the hotel... we were smooth sailing... In regards to hiring outside vendors, there is also a stigma that photographer / videographers in Mexico just don't cut it.... so brides pay $1500 or so to fly their photog down there... well, I say spend that money on the local talent... it exists... plus, local vendors do not charge travel fees... (sorry leigh) *leigh's work is very worth it* some brides can afford the additional travel fees, just stating this as you mentioned you were on a budget... DEMAND outside vendors... soon, we will win! Cheers! Matt
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LEIGH Matt, that brough tears to my eyes! You guys have to be the cutest couple! (other than me and Bryan of course!) I just realized that you lived here in ATL. Where are you two locationed now?! Great story, and thanks for sharing!! Leigh, we are very happy together and every day is filled with adventures!!! Currently, we have 2 studios. I am still in Atlanta. We are in the Paces neighborhood off of 75... and the other in Playa del Carmen. Yes, to all, thanks for taking time to read our story...we feel lucky to have found each other and are very happy to tell the fairytale of our story... We have been pretty busy today...dang, this forum stuff is addicting... somebody warned me of this.. Nrvsbride, HA, so you are dying to know our photographer...well, at this point we are going to be keeping that one a secret. There are 5 amazing photogs invited...so we should be filled up with awesome images...for sure! At this point, we havent planned anything for our Dec wedding...this is lame, but we have been busy... added up, we have already covered 40+ weddings in 2007 and we are still in march!!!!... We are closing on a condo next week here in Playa, and hoping to close on another one on Lake Martin/ in Nov... I am traveling ALL over for destination weddings in April, May & June...so, we have put things on the back burner up to now... We are still debating on the Dec wedding date...so, when we have more info, i'll keep folks posted... suspense on seeing our wedding photos may be a while cheers! matt
  12. Matt Adcock

    I'm a lucky man

    ...because Sol Tamargo is my fiance!!! And, she told me I needed to join so here I am!!! HOLA. We are going to poke around and continue to post our slideshows in the RM and throughout our destination wedding locations. We are happy to answer questions and provide any info needed to help plan your wedding. Cheers, matt HOLA from a NEWBIE
  13. Matt Adcock

    I'm a lucky man

    Quote: Originally Posted by MarlaB Matt, I am officially addicted to your website!!! Wonderful photos. Where is Lake Martin located?? Just curious. I've been out of the loop for most of today... sometimes I need to be careful, if I blink I may end up opening my eyes in the RIVIERA MAYA...I landed today here in Mex for a few weeks... Sol & I are headed to a few weddings! This thread has grown and to all that have the wonderful things to say, i'm flattered. We love our jobs and it is so gratifying to see your kind words!!! THANK U ALL! We will continue to post tips, ideas, and slideshows. To answer the question about Lake Martin... This lake is in central Alabama in the at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. It is 44000 Acres of amazing beauty. My parents have a place there and I have pretty much grown up going to the lake... We keep my ski boat there and get to visit a few times every year. The lake is 100 years old and every view there will take your breath away. About 7 years ago, I became a volunteer fire firefighter and continue to this day to hold my certification and serve the community when I'm there, along with my father and mother, who are both active members of the board...my dad is a captain... All volunteer! Anyway, the place is amazing. We are closing on a condo there in NOV Here is some of my nature photography of shots taken ALL from my parents place... I'm kinda sad that I didnt post photos about this place earlier on in this thread... THIS IS A MUST SEE LINK! Lake Martin We are having a judge marry us on June 2... lake chillin party to follow much love, mateo del sol
  14. Matt Adcock

    I'm a lucky man

    Quote: Originally Posted by redwards Ummmmm, is it just me or is it entirely unfair that Sol and Matt have so much talent and cuteness between the two of them?! lol! Welcome! Your work is gorgeous and I've heard nothing but lovely things about you and your bride! Glad to have you here. Can't wait to see how your wedding develops. Good luck w/ planning! Seriously, i'm flattered by all the nice words... We are just normal people, doing our normal jobs...it is an amazing honor to be asked to shoot weddings.... Yes, it is unfair that I found someone as CUTE as SOl.... and as loving....and as talented.... the list goes on for light years.... We look forward to sharing our ideas with you all Cheers, matt
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaV Uh-oh, what do you mean Matt? Is there something specific we should be asking hotels on their outside vendor photography policies? The hotels I have asked so far have said they allow for outside photographers. I see you and Sol have decided on two wedding dates and locations! How exciting!!! If you asked and they said all is good to go, then you are in GREAT shape:) no worries. More on this topic later...I'm working on this topic and will have a VERY informative post coming soon. We are doing two dates (at this point) because the US Govt requires a 5 month or so process to deal with the paperwork of Sol's visa stuff...Legal marriage first, then marriage on the beach.... Hopefully planned for Dec 07.. but may change:) BUT, we will be WED legally on June 2... Cheers, matt
  16. Matt Adcock

    I'm a lucky man

    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome.. AQHARIDER.... thanks for the nice words.... we are happy to be on board with this forum... So glad we could help you choose to have a DW... BIG POINTS for that one! We will keep folks posted on our wedding plans... is how i feel about them, really...whew.. akh, HA, Sol is the boss, for sure! She has so many super great ideas....We are excited! BayBug... uuuuuuuuuooooooooooooool....costa rica... I'm jealous! Tammy, thanks for the warm welcome....we appreciate the nice words... Our work is a passion and we thank our lucky stars to be able to do what we love! Cheers, matt
  17. Sol, you are a genius. Great idea to start posting tips like this. I think you are spot on about the gazebo advice. Move everything closer to the guests so they can actually see the wedding.... I'm eager to see your post about how to handle hotels with NO OUTSIDE PHOTOGRAPHY policies... whew, when are they going to learn! Cheers, matt
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by mauriciom Here are few engagement pictures from Playa Del Carmen that our friend and Photo Journalist, Mat and Sol took of us in Mexico the weekend of Feb 4th. We had such a good time. Their work is amazing. Jenny and I never expected us to be in such awesome pictures. I can't wait for the wedding. (03-11-07) I highly recommend them. enjoy! MM Matt Adcock Photography HOLA Mauricio, We very much appreciate the kind words. Having the best job on the planet is pretty cool. Top it off with the best clients in the world... aint life grand!!! Edited to say: That I get to shoot with the woman of my dreams.... PURE BLISS! Thank you for having us to shoot your wedding. We look forward to shooting your brothers wedding!!!!!!!!! Cheers, matt
  19. Matt Adcock

    Awesome Honeymoon Location

    This is a review of:

    Al Cielo Hotel

    Awesome Honeymoon Location

    Pros: most amazing beach ever, food is amazing, service 2nd to none
    We have a very special connection with this location because Xpu-HA beach happens to be one of our TIP TOP favorite beach spots in the entire Riviera Maya Coastline.  Situated about 20 minutes South of Playa del Carmen, Al Cielo is not to far and not to close either.   The property is actually land locked on the North beach side, sitting next to Esencia Hotel.  There are no other access points (public of private) further North of this hotel, which keeps everything nice and private.   Small reefs are also just off the shoreline, about 50-100 yards.  Water is always aqua and amazing.        
  20. del Sol photography Zoetry de la bonita | Site Visit

    Pros: ALL
    http://www.zoetryresorts.com/Paraiso/endless-privileges.html    We didn't spend too much time in the room shooting photos as we were eager to go outside and see the beauty this amazing property has to offer.   So, we spent the two nights and three days there just shooting our hearts out.  

    As wedding photographers, we naturally investigate each and every property and with camera in hand, shoot just about everything we lay our eyes on.  This helps us showcase the property and also gives us and our clients an idea of what to see virtually when they are planning the wedding from thousands of miles away.   After all, when I travel to an unknown region, the photo research on potential wedding properties is GOLDEN.

    These photos will give you a window into our personal vacation at Zoetry and the sites to be seen.... Get ready to drool, this property will blow your mind....

    Our Room.... This was a short walk from the lobby north up the beach, up a flight of stairs.  The name of the room escapes me, it seems that all the rooms are named

    The room is classified by Zoetry's website as:
    OCEAN FRONT ONE BEDROOM SUITE with terrace (Upper Level):1130 sq-ft / 105 sq-mts

    Before I get into the photos of different locations and short descriptions of whats happening... I just wanted to say that Zoetry Pariso de la Bonita is for certain on our TOP 10 list of favorite locations to photograph weddings at!    Coupled by the amazing customer service and the staff who helps contribute to the experience, zoetry keeps us coming back with smiles.   Needless to say, we have  been on this property more times than I can remember and each time, we are blown away!   Our clients also experience an amazing stay!

    To see our "zoetry slideshow" of this stay, go here  http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=187  ...way more photos than this review.

    There are a few elements at this property that will stand out at first glance.
    1. Architecture
    2.  COLOR
    3.  Birds
    4... Oh, did I mention the ocean is eye candy? 5.  Service... need I say more?

    The property is tucked away on a little road that winds its way next to mangrove swamps and the private gated entrance finally welcomes along your journey to this piece of paradise tucked away on the Riviera Maya coast.

    Gate photos, building photos with color, art shots of hotel architecture...     Lobby Entrance.     Hotel Colors   For any bride.... these colors will POP in your photography!    

    Birds....wow, they have lots of them.  Big parrot's too.  They even have a pet that is the "mascot" bird of zoetry Makita...his facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/people/Makita-Parrot-Zoetry/100000142276035
    These birds are in cages in one section of the restaurant and other locations and during the day, they are actually taken out to wooden perches that are located throughout the hotel property.   These guys are constantly talking and making big parrot screeches.  If you have a fear of birds, don't come here :)

    The main pool is very large, in fact it covers the perimeter of all the major buildings that overlook the ocean.  The principal pool is chlorine and the pool in front of the SPA is salt water.  Both offer amazing views! Sol is not in paradise.... :)     Spa Pool (this one is salt water).  The jets are really relaxing!  Ocean view to die for. Without wedding:   with wedding Whitney&Vaughn Garden Ceremony   This one makes me drool for several reasons :)         Ocean views... tip top.  

    There are 4 restaurants
    From the Zoetry website:
    Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya features four gourmet a la carte restaurants and 2 relaxing bars. Taste true excellence with the cuisine of our Executive Chef. In La Canoa, our AAA 4 Diamond Award Winning Gourmet Restaurant, you will experience Paraiso's unique "Cuisine de los Soles", a fusion of styles based on spices and chilies used in the cuisine of warm-weather countries.

    La Canoa Restaurant: Fusion of spices and chilies. Open for dinner

    This one, you better make sure you bring pants.  I had only shorts and due to the long pants dress code, I couldnt eat there..BOO.   Formal OK.  When I'm at the beach though, I'm not feeling too formal.   Sushi & Ceviche Bar: Sushi bar and Pan-Asian specialties

    Sol had some sushi from this spot, she said YUM.
    Restaurant Kaax: Savor à la carte Mexican cuisine in an authentic atmosphere. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    This is where we had our breakfasts... Cafe y juices y fruit plus some YUM bread...                                                 
    A wedding reception inside Kaax could look like this:
    More from this wedding here: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=99
    Hippo’s Pool Bar::

    El Chiringuito Beachside Grill:

    We enjoyed this spot. They also have a pizza oven there, very very good stuff.  Overlooks the ocean / beach.  LOVE this spot!  Our photo chilling out... Sol enjoys a beach cocktail :) Pizza is good here!     Wedding guest on the spa patio waiting for the garden ceremony.  Hats are cool here, keep the sun off our backs...at weddings, they are very fun props!
    They also have a Pier, amazing for wedding photos!  If you have a smaller ceremony, plan it here!     
    You may notice that the pier also has a few small boats and a big catamaran!  They actually offer a catamaran ride every evening at Sunset.  OK, sign ME UP!          
    Dinner for 2 on the Pier?  Sign me up!  

    Upon your entrance to the beach, they have kayaks and small boats, boards, wind surfing stuff for use.     During turtle nesting season, Zoetry actually creates a nursery of turtle eggs on the beach and fences them in so they are protected upon hatching as the nesting turtles are endangered!  VERY COOL!
    The night views are ummm,  wow!       The pools at night, does this place get any more sexier!  

    We really enjoyed the hammocks... seriously ya'll, I did NOT want to get up!  

    Spa... we didnt actually have any treatments here so we can't testify :)

    Sunrise, you should wake up to see this!  7am or thereabouts in October.    

    For a few weddings at Zoetry, check these slideshows out:
    Aileen+David - Photos by Sol Tamargo  (Beach Ceremony)
    Melanie + Lance - Photos by Sol Tamargo and Vincent  (Pier Ceremony)
    Whitney + Vaughn - Photos by Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock  (Garden Ceremony)

    Wedding ceremony locations:
    Beach, obviously an awesome choice. more from this beach ceremony here: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=99     Want to get SUPER unique,  add a mayan ceremony to your wedding day!  

    Pier, amazing wedding location.  Remember, you can actually have a sunset from the pier during your ceremony.  I'm pretty sure ceremony size is limited here.      
    more from the pier ceremony: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=230  
    Garden Ceremony... The garden ceremony is located in front of the pools that are in front of the spa, on the South side of the property.  Very private.   * PLEASE ask the staff if they can clear the pools prior to the ceremony.    Garden Ceremony view is awesome!  
    We actually won an international photojournalism award from a ceremony on the garden,Whitney + Vaughn's ceremony exit shot.  Check out their slideshow for Whitney + Vaughn MAGICAL photos: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=284 Wedding Photojournalism Association Judge comments   Cocktail... ON THE PIER, yep, no brainer.  
    We prefer the reception on the beach location but also love the dinner spot "Kaax's patio area" and the patio area of La Canoa...   Beach reception... I think this is my favorite option: Staff makes a nice preparation for the beach reception..  
              I could probably keep going, but I think I'll put the brakes on for now.   Hope you enjoyed this review.

  21. This is a review of:

    Aguila De Osa Inn

    del Sol Photography Honeymoon Location

    Pros: amazing ,incredible, biology wow factor big time.
    Cons: nada
    Ok, here is my take on Costa Rica.  We traveled there in the first few weeks of August, considered HIGH SEASON FOR RAIN.  

    First, we made video documentary of our entire experience, so you can follow along with how amazing what we saw was all about :)

    We were there for 16 days and covered quite a bit of the country, but there are TONS of places we didn't get to visit, but those that we did get to see...totally awesome.  

    We flew Delta one way from Atlanta GA to San Jose.  We stayed one night there before the adventure began.  There is a small airport where we puddle jumped on a 30 or 45 minute flight south to the Osa Peninsula. We stayed here for 4 nights and extended our stay for 2 more  nights, being blown away by a place that National Geographic labels "one of the most biological diverse / intense locations on the planet"

    We went on both tours to the Corcovado park....  The video documents ALL of it.   Mind blowing WOW!   Loved staying at the aguila de osa inn!   Morning meals before the big day of lots of hiking.  late afternoon rainfall dinners.  SO YUM!   Aguila de Osa Tours: (we did both corcovado tours)

    We also went to Cano Island: http://www.aguiladeosainn.com/tours/cano_island/index.html
    We enjoyed the island for a quick lunch, and feeding the millions of hermit crabs... we snorkeled for a short time, sol got stung by jelly fish...so we got on the boat and did LOTS AND LOTS of whale watching....awesome.  not sure about the seasons for whales, they were mating in August when were there.

    We also did the canopy tour at http://www.aguiladeosainn.com/tours/canopy/index.html.  This was ok...the canopy tour is over 2 parts of the forest.  The primary (old jungle) and the secondary (jungle thats been replanted...   This tour was okish....just something fun to do in one afternoon.  

    We also kayaked up a little river near the INN... saw alligators, lots of wildlife, and other amazing sites.   The LOUD LOUD howler monkeys will BLOW your mind, just unbelievable.   My video shows all the wildlife we saw just everywhere... mindblowing wowser!

    Here is our video from Corcovado:

    For the 2nd part of our trip, we took the boat up the River Sierpe (serpent) on the way out of corcovado (there are 2 ways in and out, explained in this link)  http://www.aguiladeosainn.com/directions/index.html
  22. Awesome product

    Pros: all
    Cons: none
    We actually ordered some custom sets from Chelsea.    What is amazing is that we are able to be each others clients... it was our pleasure to photograph her wedding at Excellence Riviera Cancun in 2010.   
    We have had so many clients asking us where these come from so we decided to offer them to a few of our TTD / Boudoir clients.   Photos coming soon...   She was a pleasure to deal with and the product was as described.  OH, what I loved is that she will work with you to actually customize something... super specific to your needs.     Thanks Chelsea!
  23. Matt Adcock

    Awesome Artist

    This is a review of:

    Sara Tamargo Makeup Artistry

    Awesome Artist

    Pros: Beautiful work, awesome personality and amazing beauty!
    Cons: NADA
    I wanted to say that Sara has been a very solid choice for our clients who in the past, all asked for a professional and got amazing service.    She is prompt and to this point, has pleased every one of our clients!   Sara's website is http://www.saratamargo.com/
    Here are a few shots of her in action:       Recently, one of our clients made mention of Sara in one of the reviews.  Jennifer Onik's wedding slideshow from paradisus Riviera:   Jennifer Onik
    "I just want to thank everyone at del sol photography for the beautiful pictures that were captured on my wedding day. I explained to Matt what I envisioned on my wedding day and he took the time to ask questions and inquire about Keith and I as a couple. We used Vincent as our photographer who was so energetic and excited about capturing pictures on our wedding day. We had the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen in my life in riviera maya, and let me tell you, those pictures I will cherish for the rest of my life. I do have to give credit to Sol's sister Sara, who did my makeup that day and she did not let me, nor my wedding party down. Thanks again, I cant say enough good things about del sol photography!!!, our slideshow is here: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=130     And currently completed folios for Sara's brides through del Sol Clients can be seen here:
      Dani + Nicolas http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=382   Jennifer + Keith
    Ashley Freeman

    Cary + Gail

    Nicole Lenihan
    http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=166   Hope this helps!
  24. This is a review of:

    LM Weddings Mayan Riviera

    awesome coordination service

    Pros: Awesome
    Cons: NADA
    Leanne was thorough through the entire planning process and was always available for pre wedding phone calls or meetings to discuss details with us.  She provided recommendations to our clients as well as personally made sure the day unfolded without a snag.   After all our experience with her, we highly recommend her to all of our clients as an option for the wedding coordinator.    

    She planned the event to happen at 2 locations actually (ceremony at one Secret Jewel) and the reception at Casa del Secreto.   I love these locations at Playa del Secreto (this is where Sol and I got married)...  great choices Leanne!  Thank you for supporting our clients with your professionalism through the wedding process!   Recently, she has grown and added an associate (Maju) to help her offer her services to clients.  Leanne is American, originally from Texas so communication with her is CRYSTAL.  Her Spanish is perfect.   She has been living / traveling throughout the Riviera Maya for almost 7 years and knows almost everybody!   Here is a link to the slideshow from Rachel & Victor's wedding: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=288   here is the beach ceremony setup at "Secret Jewel"     and here is the dinner setup at Casa del Secreto:   here is a shot of Leanne making things happen:
  25. Matt Adcock

    Moon Palace