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  1. FYI- I just went to my dr yesterday and told her we were planning a cabo wedding in April. She recommended the Hep. A shot for anyone traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean. It is a 2 shot series 1 now and 1 six months later. She said it protects against Hep A. which is passed from (fecal matter) people not washing there hands properly. She said even if you are staying at a 5 star resort it is highly recommended due to workers that are preparing your food. I know it is disgusting but I decided to play it safe. She said it is worse than montazumas revenge.
  2. Great pics. I am ready for Cabo Now!
  3. Congrats Sarah! Your pics are beautiful. the arc in the background is perfect. It is making me totally reconsider the gazebo. Cant wait to read your review. Love the shark.
  4. Great pictures cant wait to see the rest and get your reviews. I am using the same colors I think the red and the blue are gorgeous.
  5. these are sooo cute. Combo order would be great
  6. Glenda, No wonder you are member of the month! I would love 20 in Tiffany Blue or robins egg blue. Thank you again!
  7. Jolene

    Site visit to Hilton and Dreams

    Thank you so much for the info. Reviews are sooo helpful. Everyone is wonderful on this site!! I think I would have many panic days without the shared info.
  8. Jolene

    re: vegas restaurants

    We would love to do it at Nobu since my fi and i are huge sushi fans! i think the price may kill us. we are thinking $100 per person including dinner, app, and we will buy some bottles of wine. No heavy meals-I don't want everyone to stuff themselves and not feel like going to the clubs. We want to keep the alcohol flowing and the good times rolling. (i am so corny today)
  9. love the koozies, love the bag love it all.... please post info on bags and koozies
  10. Need an idea for a restaurant in Vegas for a fun dinner with about 20-30 friends to celebrate our nuptials.
  11. Jolene

    Vegas Hotels: the good & BAD!

    We haven't decided on chapel or resort. I have seen the little brown chapel it is cute. I think it is called the little chapel of the west. We just want to have fun.
  12. Jolene

    Vegas Hotels: the good & BAD!

    Do to stress overload my FI and i are thinking about getting hitched in Vegas and hosting a dinner (not a reception) at a restuarant in vegas any suggestions? not too pricey since we are paying but not cheesy either. Looked at some of the restuarants at the Venetian pretty but may be a little expensive. Any locals have an idea nice steakhouse 20-40 per person for dinner?
  13. Jolene

    Vegas Hotels: the good & BAD!

    Golden Nugget- nice renovations, cleanest in old vegas, nice pool Monte Carlo- small, yet clean The Palms- Beautiful people, great pool, a bit off the strip
  14. Jolene

    Cabo in August 2007!

    Welcome to the forum!! There is a wealth of info for Cabo and Riu on this forum. I am getting married at Riu Cabo too. Nov. 21 2007.