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    Hi! I’m a destination photographer

    Hi Cooper!!! OMG .. your photos are amazing!!! We are getting married in South Lake Tahoe on a mountain vista and reception on a paddle wheel boat. I can only imagine what wonderful images you would create. Contact me to discuss if you are interested. kcbmarek at cox dot net
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    Newbie here!

    Here is to online loves!!! Congrats on finding your FI on match.com Jessalyn!
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    Newbie here!

    We are not doing a traditional wedding party. Instead the three kids will stand up with us. Being we are older and have kids, it was important to us to do this. Our invitations even reflected the names of the kids - they are our lives and part of this whole wedding which is another reason we opted to have them stand with us instead of a bridal party. Thanks for the welcome!
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    Newbie here!

    I found this board this morning and cannot wait to sit back tonight and read all about everyone. Being a newbie, here is a bit of info on me: This is a second wedding for me and a first for my fiance. We met almost 3 years ago on matchmaker.com and have been inseperable since. We are older and have three teenagers between us (me - 2 boys (14 and 12) and FI - 14 girl). He is truly the love of my life and I could not be happier. It is a shame that I had to go through a bad marriage for 12 years to find him but in the long run, it is perfect and I can so see myself growing old, enjoying grandchildren and all that good stuff with this man. We are planning a small DW in Lake Tahoe, NV with family and close friends only. Our ceremony is being held on a mountain vista overlook of Lake Tahoe with the reception on a paddle wheel boat dinner/dance cruise. Guest count is 30. In my other marriage it was a justice of the peace situation so FI wanted me to have a real wedding this time. We are bypassing some traditions, but I did buy a white dress with a small train. After our wedding, we will return to our home in Las Vegas for a couple of days while we disburse kids to their father or back home to Michigan at which time we leave on a 12 day honeymoon to the Olympic Peninsula and Alaska. I look forward to learning about everyone and picking up some valuable tips before my wedding in a little more then 3 months