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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by SASSYGIRL THAT's TOO FUNNY - what are the chances! BTW are you worried about the boobs showing too much? Janet's sisters veto might be the same reason I don't end up wearing the 2nd one...my family might be shocked! I am pretty averaged sized boob-wise, so I'm not too worried about showing too much... there's a little side-boobage, but not too much (and I typically don't dress very flashy). I'm going to get one of those stick on bras for a little added control though. Just go with the dress you feel like a bride in! I ordered the dress, tried it on, and decided it was the one before I asked anyone else what they thought! Can't wait to see the pics!!
  2. I actually have the second dress you posted. It is so gorgous and perfect for a beach wedding - I love it. However, the first dress looks pretty on you too. I guess it's just whatever you feel most comfortable in. What's great about Nordstroms is you can return the dress if you decide to go with the other one. I ordered it late one night in a moment of weakness too, but it worked out, because I love it! Here's a funny story - I was sitting next to my fiance on the laptop when I opened your post. I told him "Help this bride pick out her dress. Which do you like?" I hadn't scrolled down, but I about had a heart attack when it was my wedding dress that was your #2! I muttered something and kept scorlling down and said "Never mind." He wasn't paying much attention anyways, but what are the chances!?! I'm sure whatever dress you choose will look great! Good luck.
  3. Hello! My fiance and I have been looking at wedding coordinators in Puerto Vallarta. We're getting married at Dreams PV. We contacted Kristin from Dazzling Details, but she is just a bit out of our budget, but I think her service would be great. We just contacted Lucie from Incredible Weddings and Events and she said she could offer us the Sunset Package for $1095. However, we don't know if it's worth it, because it's basically the same thing that the hotel would provide, we've just been a bit irritated about how long it takes for Marilu to get back to us with good information. Has anyone used Incredible Weddings? Has anyone had a wedding with Marilu as the planner, and if so, how did it go We're having 65-75 guests. AAAHHHH, this is driving me crazy! And I just realized that our wedding is less that 7 months away!! Any advice is appreciated!!
  4. Wow, that sounds like a great deal... her pictures look nice too. I'm still searching for a photographer, so I'll keep her in mind. Thanks!
  5. I'm glad to hear that you were impressed by Carlos Melnik. I found his website and I love his artistic pictures. I was a little concerned to hire him without any recommendations, but I feel better now. I am not a particularly artistic person, but since I've been looking at photographers online, there is such a difference! Thanks for the info!
  6. I'm getting married at Dreams October, 2007. I am feeling a little concerned that nothing seems planned. I don't want to end up having to spend the days right before the wedding making all of the decisions. Are any of you using an outside wedding coordinator? I am hoping that Marilu will give my wedding more attention when it gets closer... It would be comforting to know anyone who has had a wedding at Dreams and that Marilu comes through in the end!
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    Dreams PV Bride

    Thanks so much for the welcome and all the replies! And thanks for all of the links, Amy. The pictures you posted of Dreams help a lot... It's a good thing I don't have a desk job, or I would never get any work done! This site is GREAT!
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    Dreams PV Bride

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself. We're getting married 10-12-07 at Dreams Puerto Vallarta. I'm so glad I found this site - there's so much good information on here! We're in the process of searching for a photographer, and we're considering hiring a wedding coordinator. I can't decide if I think we really need one, but I feel like if we don't, the 3 or 4 days before our wedding will be filled with all of the wedding planning instead of relaxing on the beach and enjoying the city. What are you all doing?? Thanks and happy planning to everyone!