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  1. Helllooooo wellllll....i've booked my reception for The Amsterdam Manor as we were having sooo many problems with the Tamarijn, so we have had a great price from the AM 3 course meal for 25, private beach area, decoration, torches, dancefloor, private staff and open bar for 2 hours for $3000 so we are over the moon with that! My dress and BMs are all ordered i have all my accessories and i think that i'll sort out my BM shoes in the january sales...we're going to get the boys suits probably march time when spring/summer stock comes through...just want plain brown mens suits. Feel like i've got forever till september...but i'm sure the time will fly by after christmas we're going on holiday in may to France for a week so that will probably break up the year a bit! Still trying to decide on whether to have a second dress for the reception something simple like a strapless tea dress or something so that i don't ruin my dress as we are having a beach style party when we get home hopefully...a beach party in England in Ocober i must be out of my mind!!! Have spoken to the WC for the Tamarijn about flowers ect but she doesn't seem too interested in getting it organised just yet however she did say that they use a great florist that if i email a pic she can pretty much make it up to what i want...i quite fancy orange gerberas and Calla Lillies so i'll have to find out if they can get hold of orange gerberas...am sure they will..its a dutch island after all!!!! Right well i've spoken nonsense for far to long...as i do!! Have a fab christmas girls and i can't wait for 2008!!! Best Wishes Em x
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by paulinaj hi i am new to the board, my name is Pauline and i am gettting married in aruba at the renaissance resort and casino 5-31-08.....they have a private island that the wedding will be on........so so excited.......yet very nervous that i am not there for all the details and planning.......any and all info would be greatly greatly appreciated!!!!!! Hello!! Welcome to our little Aruba gang, theres not many of us so we can stick together!!! I'm getting mrried at the Tamarijn on 19th September 2008 Em xx
  3. Helllooooo!! oh my God, i've been waiting for so long to find someone thats getting married in Aruba as well!! The Bucuti looks lovely, we can't book that hotel as part of a package from the UK as we haven't been able to go to Aruba from the UK for very long. We went to Aruba last July and it was amazing!! We have been dealing with Lorraine from Aruba Weddings based at the Tamarijn, shes been ok but we don't sem to be getting where we want to as far as a reception is concerned!! it would be really good to stay in contact with someone who is going through the same thing as me, and hopefully we can help each other!! I'll PM you my email address E x
  4. Hello!! hope everyone is well, i haven't been on for ages as been so busy at work and stuff, but i have booked ny wedding we are still to have an actual date confirmed but it looks to be 19th September 2008 We are going to be married at the Tamarijn in Aruba! If there is anyone else getting married in Aruba it would be great to get in contact as we may be able to help each other along the way!! I am so excited an am ready to throw myself into wedding organising now!! Good to catch up with everyone Em xx
  5. Hello, I know ive hit this thread a bit late but i wanted to say that i am getting married at the Tamarijn Aruba next september- i went there on holiday last July and i had the most amazing time!! The island is truly beautiful, peaceful and not destroyed by tourists like Jamaica is, i went there myself a few years ago, and i found it quite dirty and we didn't feel safe outside of the resort. The resort we stayed at was full of loud bolshy people and i have a friend who is a travel rep in Jamaica and she agrees that most of the resorts are like that, Anyway if you need any info or would like me to email you any photos from my holiday let me know, also the picture above is a load of rubbish the hotel has been totally redecorated and all the bathrooms have been upgraded!! PS YOU WALK OUT ONTO THE BEACH!!!! Best Wishes Em xxx
  6. Hiya magsie, You are so right, i think we are going to knock the Azul on the head as my boyf sis is a single mum with two young boys and for her to go it will cost almost £5000, that is crazy money, the elder boy who will be 10 at the time and has to pay a £1700 adult price, madness. Looking into a few more ideas now, god help me!!!! PS September sounds awesome, girls night for me!!!!!!! xx
  7. Thanks guys, Its just so hard to choose a great destination, we are coming from the uk and it will cost about $3000 for two weeks per person so i don't think that too many people will go anyway (bless me!!) so i think the fact it is small might make it quite nice. How did you chose the right destination?
  8. Hey guys, has anyone ever been to this hotel or know much about it?? Its somewhere i am looking into getting married at, i think i'm on to my 100th hotel choice at the minute!! thanks
  9. Hey, I just want to see loads of amazing piccies!! I hope you have the wedding you always dreamed of! Best wishes xx
  10. Hello!!! Thanks for all your great advice!! Just going mad trying to choose a great destination! I i thought getting married abroad would be easier than marrying in the uk but its just as difficult! too much choice!!
  11. Hey thanks for that, i hadn't thought of that! Bit stupid i know! Its good to have some fellow Brits on here, its hard to find good info on Carribean websites from the UK. good to meet you all, you have all been so fab and welcoming
  12. Hey, Thanks for replying! We will have hopefully 4 kiddies with us ranging from age 1-10, and if all goes to plan there will be about 20 of us. I have heard moon palace is massive its got over 700 rooms i think, might be able to lose some of the more embarassing relatives! I know i am mean!! hee hee! Anywhy, thanks for replying, hugs em xx
  13. Hey, I was born in Chester but i live in Corby now which is in Northamptonshire, good to see a fellow brit on here! We are hoping to honeymoon at the EDR it looks amazing! we would have married there but we will have nieces and nephews coming ( dam sprogs!! ) Its great that you are managing to get your family to go to your wedding, i am having some problems with family politics at the mo but i'm sure it will sort itself all out eventually!! anywho, maybe good to keep in touch so i can sneak a peek at your piccies!! hugs em xx
  14. Hey, Thanks for replying. I keep hearing and reading so much about that hotel, i can't stay there coming from the UK none of our tour operators offers it. We get a right bum deal!! Anywho it looks fab and i'm sure you will have the best day ever! hugs em xx
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