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  1. We actually got married at the church downtown and had a simple dinner at El Dorado, so they did the food. Your wedding will turn out wonderful and the best thing is you won't have to worry about anything because they will take care of all the details!
  2. I used them for my wedding and they were great. I will agree that they do take longer to respond to emails and I had to call them a couple times to go over things. But in the end, everything turned out great. I did notice that I got better responses to my emails as the date approached. When we got to PV we met with Eva and Michael to go over everything. Michael was the only one that was there during the actual wedding day and he worked his butt off. If you have any questions about them let me know, I will be happy to answer them.
  3. I can't get my photos on here... I will keep trying to figure it out. But Azul y Rosa has 2 locations. One is on 26th Street, in the Little Village area (I think) and the one that I got mine is in Cicero, I am not sure of the exact address, but it is on Cermak Ave between Cicero Ave and Ridgeland Ave. I went with my mom and she drove. But if you go, they have a few on display, but they have a lot in back, so just ask them to bring them out. Good luck!
  4. Is there a hispanic area anywhere near you? I found mine in Chicago at a store in a highly hispanic area where they sell mostly baptism stuff, but they had lots of wedding things too. It was called Azul y Rosa, but I doubt they have a website.
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    Wedding Review

    I know I have not been very active with this site, but I wanted to share because I have gotten so much information from everyone that was so helpful. I appreciate it! (and I posted this same message on yahoo's group too..) **Disclaimer: The reason I had this wedding in PV was because I did not want to deal with the stress and time of planning a big wedding back home, so I came into this with a very carefree attitude and that absolutely helped me stay calm!** We arrived in PV 9 hours late on 10/18. US Airways canceled our flight out of Des Moines because of the weather, even though 6 of our friends were on different flights going out the same time and they were fine, but they couldn't get us on any of those flights. So we got routed to St. Louis, then Dallas and spent 7 hours in the Dallas airport. We finally get to PV at 10:30 pm where all of our friends and family are already there waiting for us at Dreams. On to the reviews….. Wedding Coordinator: Eva and Michael from Vallarta Weddings vallartaweddings.com. They were absolutely wonderful. I just found them online and communicated via email. I sent them photos of what I wanted and everything was exactly perfect. Michael was the one that stayed with us from the church to the very end of the reception dinner. I don't think he stopped for more than 5 minutes because he was running around doing so much. All of our friends and family commented about how great he was. Location: Our Lady of Guadalupe church- downtown PV. The church was absolutely beautiful. One comment, they are repainting all the trim around the entire church. We went there for a quick rehearsal and there was this enormous scaffolding in the back. They were able to move it to the side and honestly, the day of the wedding I didn't even pay attention or realize it was there. There is also plastic on the altar, but you can't even notice it any of the pictures. I did overhear them saying that this will be done by December. We had a lot of people coming in to watch and take pictures, but again, we didn't even know until the end when we turned around and saw all the people. We also did not get to meet the priest before the ceremony or know which one was performing it. Our coordinator told us there were 2, one speaks good English and the other one doesn't. And we got the one that no one understood…I am going to apologize because I don't even remember his name, but I asked my coordinator and hopefully I can let you know so you can try to request the other one! We were able to follow the mass because 90% of our guests were Catholic, but all you could do was laugh a little because the priest was about 100 years old. Reception Dinner: El Dorado Restaurant. We wanted to pick something that was on the beach and had an authentic feel, I mean we went to Mexico for a reason! So this was perfect. They had this little section for us and the trio we hired had their own little stage. There were only 30 people total, so we had a small group and I wanted an intimate casual dinner. We are having a reception this weekend in Chicago, so we thought we would save all the 1st dances, etc for that. Totally not the case! As soon as we got there, all the servers never left our side. We didn't even have to order a drink because they were so attentive. We didn't even notice that the appetizers never came out right away! The food was excellent and everyone loved what they had. We hired the Trio Jaque Mate (our coordinator recommended them) and they were amazing! They weren't your typically Trio that play soft music, they were like a mini-Mariachi band! They even played some music in English! Everyone got up and danced and I really don't think they would have stopped if the food didn't show up. Even when they took a break, Michael (coordinator) went up right away and played music from his I-pod, I didn't even ask him to do that. He even did that when the Trio was over and we stayed for another 45 minutes. We had so much fun and I can't imagine doing it any other way. When we were done with that, we went back to Dreams (all our guests stayed there too) and danced and drank there. Other services: Hair/make-up: Dreams spa- I don't remember who recommended Blanca, but she did my hair and make-up and I loved it and she was so nice. All of my bridesmaids and my mom got their hair/make-up done there too. Transportation: we got a charter bus to take everyone to the church and then to the restaurant. Me, my bridesmaid, and parents were supposed to get a suburban to pick us up, but we got a van. Hotel: Dreams- this place was wonderful. Great service, food, everything. All of our guests want to make a yearly trip down there from now on. Originally I wanted to have my reception there, but when I contacted the coordinator back in January she told me they only do one reception there a day. Totally not true, but I am not disappointed about it. I think it was nice leaving the resort for a little while. Photographer: Marisa Bridge- bridgecolor.com She was a funny lady. I got the package that included 2 photographers and a videographer. She met me at the hotel and she came to my room and the other photographer went to Matt's room and the videographer went from room to room. She was all over the place during the ceremony and stayed for the entire reception. She mingled with all the guests and made everyone feel very comfortable. Matt and I met her in town to pick out our pictures that Tuesday and she met us at the airport before we left to give us everything but the video, which she will mail later. Not only did she print 200 photos, but I got to have the photos on a CD (all 1100 that she took). I put all my photos on Walgreens.com, if you would like to see them. Here is the link. Walgreens Photo Center: Error Page 46550/cobrandOid=1009/otsc=SYE/otsi=SALB Let me know if the link doesn't work. Overall, we had a wonderful time and the little things that happened along the way were so insignificant that it is more funny to laugh about them now than be mad they happened.
  6. We are actually doing our legal marriage today. We went in last week to apply for our marriage certificate and we had to wait 3 days to get married. My FI's friend of the family is a judge and he is going to his grandma's house after work to marry us. Some friends and family that can't go to PV are going just so they are part of it. We aren't treating this day as our wedding anniversary, but we thought we should still do something nice.
  7. I am in the process of picking a salon to do my hair. I am staying at Dreams so I can use their salon or I have heard great things about Blu... Any feedback would be appreciated. :-) Thanks! Jessica
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    Lenita, where are you getting those made? Is it local?
  9. Has anyone heard anything on Dale Hansen? Puerto Vallarta Weddings, Family Portraits and Seminars
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    Have you exercised today?

    I need advise too... I am going tomorrow for the first time and I am worried that I am not going to look good in anything.
  11. I attached the requirements my WC gave me. I am going through Vallarta Weddings. We haven't gone to our priest yet, but I am hoping it isn't going to be too expensive. Catholic Requirements.doc
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    Hello from Chicago

    The church I am getting married at is Iglesia Guadalupe, which is the main one in downtown PV and it looks amazing.
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    Hello from Chicago

    Hello, My name is Jessica and we are having our wedding in PV on Oct. 20. We are having a catholic ceremony and have the church booked already, but we don't have a reception location yet. All of our guests (30ish) are staying at Dreams. We can't have the reception there because they already have a wedding that day. I'm looking for any suggestions for a place. My coordinator gave me a few, but I am open to anything.