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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by MarlaB Jamie, Awesome pictures. Did you and your hubby go over on the earlier catamaran? Was Franco Gonzalez your photographer? (you may have already responded to this so I apologize in advance). Someone on this forum mentioned the photographer's daughter shooting the pictures. I wonder why? I assume she is also a professional photographer and everyone's pictures of Las Caletas have been amazing which eases my mind!! Was Brad the officiant? Do you have any special tips for future LC brides I went over with my three bridesmaids in the morning; which was great! I was in the ocean until three in the afternoon! My husband went over with everyone at 4pm; no problems. Brad was our officiant and he was great. SOooo easy and comfortable. My one piece of advice is don't get caught up in too many details...the environment is beautiful, take a breath and look around on your way down the aisle. It is the best moment of your life, try to take it in.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MarlaB Ah, stupid me. I just had to back up a couple reviews. It was Jamie who had Roberto's daughter taking the pictures. Was Roberto ill that day? Which LC wedding did Franco shoot? It must have been Melissa's by default!! It was Roberto Aceve's daughter, Erika who did our wedding. J
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MarlaB Jamy, I didn't realize an exta 1/2 hour was an option. I thought it was by the hour with one hour being the minimum. I saw that it is $10 per person per hour with I believe a minimum of $300. How did you get 1/2 hour? Did you pay $5 per person? Sorry I'm being so nosy!! No problem! We had an extra hour at $10/head, but totally worth every penny.
  4. Hello Ladies! I haven't posted in quite some time...busy being a newlywed! Married at Las Caletas on May 5th! It was amazing. I know I was super anxious to see pictures, so thought I would share mine. Roberto Aceve's daughter Erika took the photos for our wedding. We were very happy with the results. Have fun planning and feel free to fire some questions my way. Oh, and noticed you guys are chatting about the extra time out there. I strongly recommend it. It is over before you know it; we did have a bit of a party crowd, but even those who weren't tearing up the dance floor were enjoying hanging out in the sand. Saludos, Jamie http://www.twojamies.weddingwindow.com
  5. Oh yeah, here is the link to ours... http://www.twojamies.weddingwindow.com/index.html
  6. Hi Laura, I wouldn't wear heels, the aisle is thatch and the walk down from the bridal suite is steep. My bridesmaids were going to wear heels, but now are wearing either a short wedge or flats. We chose the trio for drinks and apps and then the verstile band for dancing. We really wanted the Cuban band, but they are not contracted with the company anymore. Nicole recommended these bands for a variety of music that everyone will like. Jamie
  7. Hola, Amigas! Just returned from Puerto Vallarta to check out the area and tie up some loose ends...we went out to Caletas! Fantastic!!! Nicole is terrific, so helpful and accommodating! Let me know if you have any questions; would love to help. I just have to say...I think it was Marissa who said that a lot of details or flowers weren't necessary; it's true, there is so much natural beauty there..words cannot describe. Too many flowers/details could even take away from the amazing natural layout. SOOO excited! May 5th is right around the corner! Jamie
  8. j&j

    Ali's Las Caletas wedding

    Ali, Thank you for getting back to us all. This is so very helpful! Everything sounds so easy, such relief. The cake was beautiful! Jamie
  9. j&j

    Ali's Las Caletas wedding

    I am so excited! Your pictures are beautiful! Where did you guys get your cake from? It is perfect. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Thank you so much! Jamie
  10. j&j

    Ali's Las Caletas wedding

    I am so excited! Your pictures are beautiful! Where did you guys get your cake from? It is perfect. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Thank you so much!
  11. j&j

    Ali's Las Caletas wedding

    I am so happy everything went well for you! Great news! Congratulations and can't wait to see photos..Thank you so much for the update. Jamie
  12. I was wondering how you set your brunch up at La Palapa? Did you have to go down there or did you do it via phone/email? Thank you, Jamie
  13. This is copied from an email I sent Nicole a month ago... Will I go to the island earlier in the day to get ready and is there a place on the boat to hang my dress? You may go out on the morning boat that takes the Caletas Day tour out. The boat typically departs from Vallarta around 9am and arrives in Caletas around 10:30. If you decide to do this, you and 3 other of your ladies are invited to come out free of charge. With this option, you ladies will be able to enjoy the beach, the open bar (!!), full lunch buffet and optional spa services. You will also have full acces to our newly remodeled bridal suite all day - which includes a full vanity, double shower, lounge area, queen size bed and is located footsteps from our hilltop spa. This is a great way to start your day and it gives you plenty of time to get ready before the ceremony and before your guests arrive. There is a place to hang your dress on the boat, as well as in the suite.
  14. No extra charge for you and I believe three of your guests (bridesmaids). Jamie
  15. Thank you for the pics Ann! Great seeing actual photos of a wedding. I am so excited.