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  1. We are just going to be the two of us, we both have been married before so it is not a big deal (but still is a big deal). We will have something when we get home, not sure if we'll wait for summer or do it now in the winter.
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Here are some highlites and lowlites so far. We were originally going to book the middle of February but missed out because we didn't have our passports back. We missed out on that date and the only one left was the end of Janruary so we booked even though no passports or birth cert (which was with our applications). After phoning passport canada everyday for 3 weeks we finally received our applications back and had to get pictures retaken and fill out some other forms (signed outside the box oops). So we went directly into the passport office and stood in line for 4 hours but should have them by the 18th (cutting it too close for me). Other than that everything is looked after at this end, now we just have to get there and make all final arrrangements, location, music, flowers, etc. We are thinking on the beach weather permitting. I will definetly post pictures when we get back.
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    Darryn and Val, getting married on Feb 2,2007 in St. Lucia. We are leaving on jan 28, can hardly wait.
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