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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by leigh miller jen awesome! i was just looking at andrews blog and didnt even know that was you. congrats. you look gorgeous! and i love your venue. im glad it worked out with andrew. hes a great guy isnt he? i think hes going to be down here in a week or so. He is SUCH a great guy....everyone just loved him! The pictures are amazing and he's just a good person.... Quote: Originally Posted by akh awesome pics - love the barn! oh, and your hair rocks - very cool. Thank you!!! I've gotten ALOT of compliments on my hair! It was a big hit Quote: Originally Posted by Christine you looked beautiful and such a great location the pictures turned out great! THANKS!!!
  2. Hey everyone! So, again, I've been MIA.....but the wedding is over I can't believe it! Most of me is REALLY happy though! We had such an amazing day, I enjoyed every moment of it....the ceremony was truly perfect and I wanted to let everyone know that Andrew Reilly is AWESOME! Seriously, he did such a great job, I couldn't be happier! Here are a few pictures he has up on his blog.....I can't wait until all of them are ready!
  3. Ohhh....good to know! I'm really interested in having them done....they would have to be an anniversary or B-day present now, but she sounds awesome! Thanks for the info
  4. Check piperlime.com: Your insider’s guide to casual shoes, sandals and more for women, men and kids. I am OBSESSED!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by leigh miller how did it go with andrew? i actually shot his BFs wedding with his bro jay. the times ive been around andrew hes been a gem. as is his bro jay. hope it all worked out It went really well He's gonna be our photographer! I'll have to post pictures
  6. THANKS everyone!!! I DID try it on and I really love it Its a little more money than I wanted to spend....but OH WELL!!! I was unsure at first, I think because when I picture a "wedding dress", I think of the more traditional styles (big and poofy...hahaha!) but those just aren't "Me", ya know?!?!? So, anyway, I figure I'm not gonna be a size 4 for the rest of my life, so I might as well take advantage of it now! I have to make a decision pretty quickly though, because the woman at the shop told me it would take 3 months to get the dress in....and my wedding is in 4....uh oh! Yes, we finally did pick a date....its October 7, 2007 I might just have to order it before anyone sees it on me! I wanted my mom and my sisters to see it, but coordinating everyone to get to the same place at the same time is a nightmare! My mom is out of town until tomorrow, the bridal shop is closed on Sunday, and my sister is being induced on Monday (in Delaware!) if she doesn't have the baby before then! CRAZINESS!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride it is very pretty! will you have the stole too? I think it comes with the dress...... I'm not a huge huge fan of it.....I guess we'll see
  8. I may have found my dress I tried this on yesterday and really like it....what do you think? Venus Bridal (I can't get the pic to show up...only the link)
  9. Okay....I have an appointment with Andrew on Sunday....WHOO HOO!!!! Thanks again Leigh!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine I am having my wedding on a friday and I think as long as you have it a little later it's fine. but you could always do your rehearsal on your parents anniversary and then have the wedding on the Sunday? Now there is a good idea The wedding is in the morning (10:30) because we are doing a brunch.....omlet station, waffle station, bloody mary bar, etc. So, Sunday will probably work best but I really love the idea of having the rehearsal on my parent's anniversary, THANKS!
  11. AHHHHH.....I am going crazy....I CANNOT seem to pick a date! Originally, I was planning for a Friday, because I figured it would be cheaper and since we bumped up the wedding to sometime the end of September or beginning of October, I thought we would have trouble finding Vendors for a weekend. I didn't want to do a Sunday, because people have to work the next day, etc. SO, we narrowed it down to September 28th or October 5th.....well, the wedding coordinator at our venue will be gone on vacation up until the 27th...the makes me nervous, so the 5th it was! Of course, I have heard MULTIPLE complaints about doing it on a Friday morning and people having to take off work...blah blah blah....didn't care much really. Now comes my current dilemma......that weekend is Columbus Day weekend, so most people have Monday off.....Both my venue and Caterer are available on Sunday, October 7th....now I find out that the photographer I may use is ALSO available on that Sunday and its not any more expensive than a friday. SO.....Do I do it on Friday the 5th or Sunday the 7th?? The only thing really making me want to do it on Friday is that its fun and different and a great way to kick off the weekend, plus its my parents wedding anniversary and I thought that would be cool....but I do realize that its very inconvenient for some people. Sunday is better and more considerate for guests and its not really a big deal to have it then, just pretty standard. Okay....sorry for rambling....what do you girls think?!?!?!
  12. Well, I heard back from Andrew Reilly, VERY quickly! Probably because I name dropped (hehehehe!) but he IS available on BOTH dates that we are trying to decide between I was hoping he would make the decision for us, but oh well! Hopefully we can use him, his pictures are AMAZING! Thank you Leigh for the recommendation!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jthrasherphoto.com There is a forum for photographers that Leigh Miller and I are a part of. She or I could post a message asking for photographers in that area to respond and who have your date open. PM me with your details and I'll post a message for you and I can email you list of photographers that reply. THANK YOU! I'm on it Quote: Originally Posted by leigh miller yes! here are a few - laura olson - really nice gal - In His Grace Weddings and Kids Photography, serving, Maryland, Washington DC and Philadelphia joe G - good friend and great guy - JPG Photography - Professional Digital Photography allegra - another great gal - Allegra's Studio the hollands - awesome couple - Holland Photo Arts : Home : Washington DC and Virginia Wedding and Portrait Photographers andrew reilly - love him! - Andrew Reilly Photography keith cephus - great guy - Keith Cephus Photography all great photographers that i know please tell them i sent you. if they dont work out or arent in your budget i would trust all of them to send you to someone good. best wishes - leigh SWEET! Thanks Leigh....this is great!
  14. Hi Everyone! I have been totally MIA....I explained in another thread that we decided not to have a DW after all....I'm still not happy about it, but I'm starting to get a little more excited about the wedding here BUT, unfortunately its back to square one with all the planning I was wondering if any of the photographers (or brides!!!) who are on here or visit here would have any recommendations for photographers in the Maryland/D.C/Virginia area? Pictures are really the only thing I care about at the end of all this and would like to have a reliable and recommended photographer Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!