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  1. I canceled the honeymoon but will do the first week. I feel better now.. the first week was bad and I couldn't do the parties- I was miserable! But I feel more positive now. It will still be fun.... I am having a welcome home reception on Oct 7th for everyone- so that will be fun- make up for the bachelorette party.. I am planing a girls and guys night out in mexico. I sent my letter and luggage tags out- thanks for the help! Thanks for all your love and concern!!! Andrea
  2. I think I will skip the welcome bag iron on's.. that will help.. I am mailing out DIY luggage tags now with an info letter.. any suggestions what I should say.. thought I would give tips on the airport (like stay away from time share guys giving out "free" tours) what to pack- I can't think of anything else- it's the pain meds.. I have all this time off work but hurt too much to get stuff done!!! Had to cancel my shower and bachelorette party it would have been saturday.. Are all these warning signs the hurricaine, surgery... hmmm Thanks girls for your support and suggestions! It really helps! I feel better about going and spending time with everyone there! Water is really over rated anyway
  3. Thanks for all the advise!! I'm going to cancel our last 6 nights at our honeymoon hotel.. We were staying there just to dive.. I have been diving for years and Brian just got certified and dosen't want to dive without me.. Maybe we can take a trip just him and I in Feb or something... My "female surgery" incisions won't heal for 6 weeks total and long periods in the water slow healing and re- open wounds and tons of bacteria in mexico. After I calmed down a little I feel OK about going and having a great time with the kids and family- there will still be a ton to do. We will be at teh wedding hotel for 1 week... Thanks!! FYI: I still havent done welcome letter, OOT bag iron on's, vows, sand ceremony stuff, pretty much everything.. too many drugs cloud my head My 8 year old is my bridesmaid so - no help
  4. I need advice!! I had emergency surgery 5 days ago and the doc today said i can't go into the water in mexico either pool or ocean.. We are supposed to leave on the 19th.. I'm gonna cry. What do I do. We have 40 guests coming. Too much of a hastle to reschedule. I'm thinking of going (but I spent all this money to go diving and play in the water) Or do I cancel? Help!!
  5. mine too.. I spent an additional $60 and ordering stickers that didn't work..trying to get mine to the right color- I gave up and are using it anyway.. i love the logo
  6. I'm having my wedding there in a month.. I am having a reception after dinner on the beach by the beach bar instead of the disco... They are open to what ever.. I am bringing christmas lights to hang.. more of a casual resort wedding but very nice.. The beach is fine and no sandbags.. It's on teh south side by the fence for the ceremony or you can have it in the jungle area.. I am moving mine down by the water.. they will work with you on that also.. I will let you know how mine goes..
  7. Heligirl

    Iberostar Tucan

    Where are you doing your reception.. I thought of that too... What resturaunt do you recommend for the dinner at the hotel.. I picked the steakhouse but it's open air and not really fancy, not that I want fancy, but maybe a little nicer. An off site reception might be nice related to only having 1.5 hrs to do it at the resturaunt. Thanks Andrea
  8. CNN has coorspondants in all of Mexico.. They have been showing good pics.... So do you try and reschedule in a different month or move locations?
  9. I may be asking for help come Tuesday if Playa is destroyed.. I don't have a plan B.. What do you do with 40 guests? I'm not sure they all have the trip insurance.
  10. My wedding is in a month in Playa.. has anyone thought of an option B.. I of course have travel insurance but have 40 other guests coming. Hmmmmm Good luck to everyone out there and be safe!!
  11. I just put a link on my web site .. I registered with the I Do Foundation. A percentage of gifts bought will go to your charity of choice. Guests can also make a donation in your name for a gift. it was easy and they make it easy for your guests.
  12. I just put a link on my web site .. I registered with the I Do Foundation. A percentage of gifts bought will go to your charity of choice. Guests can also make a donation in your name for a gift.
  13. Heligirl

    Iberostar Tucan

    Yes.. it's the same location.. I just like the set up.. very casual.. Give me your e- mail address and I can send you the e- mail from my travel agent who went out there..I shoud be getting pictures soon. I wanted the tropical resturaunt because of the location also but didn't like the menu choices for the reception. i don't like the disco idea so I'm doing a set up on the beach by the beach bar for the reception with some x mas lights, tables- casual- we will do the cake cutting out there and then play music. I have some of the 36 inch wedding sparklers for guests. Not sure what else. we have been married before and both did the traditional reception thing and don't like to dance.