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  1. Yes the area next to lobby is foyer area and a great spot. It is private so don't let foyer area scare you. We had 33 guest. Beach ceremony, Beach reception with passed hors', bar, caribean trio. This is the time we had most of our pictures taken. Since it was very hot we were happy to go under cover in foyer. Food was great!! We had soup, salad, trio entree, dessert & the most delicious wedding cake we've ever had. Tres Leche, Highly reccomend.... If you go to tripadviser.com, look up my review that has some photos. It's labeled "a perfect wedding" and is dated around Sept. 1, 2007. You won't be dissapointed. Everything was just as we imagined, even better. Our guest LOVED the property.....
  2. Reception areas are on the beach or off the side of the lobby or in a banquet room. We were married at noon in September and of course was very hot. We had the ceremony and reception on the beach then moved under cover just off the lobby which was beautiful. Nice breeze, beautiful spot for pictures etc. Our wedding was perfect at the ERC. Best of luck to you on yours.
  3. We arrive in Cancun on August 29th getting married on Sept. 1st at the Excellence Riviera... Please keep those fingers crossed for us.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MikkiStreak As a suggestion--- if you are able to pack the OOT bags in your own luggage (and other guests if traveling together), I think a cool thing to do would be to hand deliver the bags yourself. You can greet each guest personally at their room, hand them their bag, and if you take a third person with you and your FI to deliver them, the third person can take a picture of the two of you with each guest. That's what we plan on doing---- I think it adds a really nice personal touch, and you make sure you have a photo of yourselves with each guest for your photo albums too! I think this is a GREAT idea!! And will do this, Thanks.... I'll let you know how it works when we return.
  5. I'm definately not shipping them to Mexico. I'm gonna try packing them and taking them with our stuff. I'll ask family members to take along an extra piece of luggage.
  6. I ran into my first problem. I went to Fedex yesterday to ship 7 out of 19 bags. We live in PA and was told that to ship anything into Mexico you'll have trouble. NOTHING can be made in China and most likely customs will open and go thru everything and confinscate items and you can be charged anywhere from 100 to 500%. Plus your bags may be held on not delivered on time. I'm devistated cause I really wanted my guest to receive these bags when they check in. The 7 bags are for the guest that arrive on the same day as we are. So double check with your shipper before your all packed up and ready to ship.
  7. I got my surgery at Kremer over 7 years now. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. Be patient, You'll be fine.
  8. We're getting married there Sept. 1st this year at the excellence. Rates are cheaper for our guest and it's over labor day so they'll have the extra day off from work. Chances of hurricanes are slim. We did not go for the insurance since airlines would honor change with inclimate weather and the hotel will honor your stay up to a year. We're take the gamble...
  9. oh, that's a beautiful dress to, thanks. We're going to David's next week.
  10. We have stayed at the Westin right next door as it was being built. It looks amazing. What a great introductory rate, would love to jump on it..
  11. Oooppss, I was referring to the version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as I walk down the isle.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Just Martha This is ours! Will it have the lyrics or just instrumental?? I really would like this song too.
  13. Wow, great dresses. Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the one from David's.. This has been tough for us.
  14. We're having a hard time finding a dress that they'd be comforatble in. Any suggestions or pictures handy?
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by mkdela Where did you get the tequila - did you find little bottles? I am considering shipping some stuff to my WC. At the liquor store here in Pa. I was lucky and not even out looking for them. I've also added the fan that everyone has been talking about to my bags this week. I think we've decided on shipping the # of bags of guests that will be arriving the same day as us (7) and then trying to take the other 13 bags down with us. This way our guest traveling with us will be surprised when we check in. This shouldn't be to bad?? And yes, the hotel (ERC) said they would issue the bags to our guest as they check in. I'll have to find out if that's an adt'l charge, she never mentioned it.
  16. Sorry I haven't quick to answer the questions because we just got back for cruising the Thousand in Islands on houseboats... I bought the towels from Beach Towels wholesale manufacturer of custom embroidered monogrammed bath towel for corporate events they are 34X70 Velour beach towels costing 9.75 each which inludes the custom embroidery. You can buy smaller ones that arn't as costly or even the cotton ones, though we are very happy with the ones we purchased and I was very sattisfied with their service. I bought the cooler bags at target for about $10 a piece. Yes, I realize that we've spent a small fortune putting 20 of these together but we really want our guest to like and to use the things we give them. Great idea about putting things in the additional childrens luggage. But unfortunately we are going to an adult only all inclusive property. ERC.... Thanks everyone and good luck to us all getting the stuff there.
  17. OK, I can't buy anymore. I'm worried about getting things to Cancun. This is what's in my 20 bags and I just love them and hope our guest will to. Cooler Bags (hold 18 cans) but can be used just as a beach bag. Logo Beach Towel Welcome Letter Spanish Phrases Stamped Riviera Maya post card Koozie Tequilla Candle Tylenol/Pepto Bismol/Alka Seltzer (moring relief) Shout wipe, bandades Sunscreen Lip Balm Bubble Bath Custom CD flip flop playing cards Seashell Bookmarks The towels alone are 40lbs and looks like will cost $356 to ship fed ex. We have 7 rooms worth of guest arriving the same day and thinking I will only ship their bags and try to take the rest (another 12 rooms) down with us? The wedding coordinator said she would assemble the bags and hand out when guest check in. This is why I thought to ship only the ones that arrive when we do?? Any suggestions.... We are also giving a bag to the wedding coordinator and her assistant.
  18. I've been watching this fare for a year now and was so worried since the price has not dropped that we booked a week ago and today it's down $100 a ticket. We're paying for 5 people and that sure would have helped.... USAir no longer gives credit vouchers for future use if the rate drops, DARN.... So if anyone is looking for non-stop air out of Phila to Cancun USAir is now $377.70 including taxes.. This was quoted from Aug. 29th thru Sept. 5th.
  19. Beautiful pictures, Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading your full review of ERC. We're getting married there Sept. 1st. and after seeing yours & Loreta's picture's I'm so confident everything will be perfect...
  20. Loreta, wow, I'm am so excited about ERC after seeing your pictures. You sure did it right. I would love to see your full review, Thanks for sharing your experience. Darlene
  21. That's funny!! You really could tell they were taken by a professional! How fun it must have been having him take the shots of you with all the friends and family.
  22. Loreta, the pictures are beautiful!! You both are beautiful together. Thanks for sending.. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures.
  23. OMG, thanks for telling me that. I was planning on having my hair done there.. Did you have their Mariachi or carribean music? I'm still undecided on that. I may go with one for the recept. and other for dinner Thanks Loretta, I'm so glad everything was perfect for you.
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