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  1. Here's my engagement ring, it's a 3.5 carat princess cut in platinum, I love it!
  2. The RPR only does one kind of basic cake, I was interested in maybe having a more elaborate cake or a grooms cake, I might just take another scouting trip down there a little before the wedding and see what I can do. My photogs website is Tamm's Photos - Wedding Photography Intro How do I post pictures on here?
  3. I have my dress, it's Lia by Melissa Sweet, and I have my photographer, Tammara Terry, she's American. I am looking for a baker, and possibly and American wedding planner, any recommendations?
  4. Hi, I am looking for a baker in the Playa del Carmen area. I am getting married there in July and the resort only offeres 1 kind of basic cake, I am interested in having a more elaborate cake and a grooms cake. Does anyone know of any bakers in the area that I could contact?
  5. I am getting married here on July 6, 2007 and I was there on my scouting trip last July, it's fantastic! Let me know if you have any questions. The name is changing on December 26 to The Royal in Playa del Carmen, just FYI.
  6. Hi! I am new on here, I am getting married at The Royal in Playa del Carmen, currently known as the Royal Porto Real, the name is changing on 12/26. We are getting married July 6, 2007, just wanted to say hi!
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