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  1. That slide show is so beautiful! Does anyone know whose it is or how they had it done? Does the EDR have a photographer that does pics/slideshow like that, or did they get the digital pics and then just make a slide show? I'm just starting to plan my wedding for june 08 at the EDR but we're having a big reception when we get home and I wanted to play a slide show like that for everyone that wasn't at the wedding.....Any ideas, please let me know:) Thanks soooo much!!!
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    I heard that Cabo can be more expensive...the Dreams resort just looked so beautiful (altho I don't really know what other good resorts are there). I also would like a place/resort where there are plenty of activities and things for us and our guests (not having a large grp tho) to do. I heard DR is beautiful, just thought it was expensive... Mostly everyone would be coming from Ohio. What about Belize? Have heard a little about that too.
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    Those are the places that i've been hearing the most about so far. Any ideas which are the best deals? (ie; reasonably priced, good weather, nice resort) Thanks sooooo much:)
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    Thanks! I'm looking for somewhere that's affordable, but I don't want to sacrifice a gorgeous location. Mexico is definitely at the top of my list; I was thinking it would be the most affordable for a DW going out of the country?? I just need some suggestions/somewhere to start.... Thanks for your post:)!
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    Hey everyone! This is my first time on here. I just got engaged about a month and a half ago (yay:)), and since I've been so busy finishing up school (6th yr pharmacy student) I'm just now gettin a chance to start the wedding process:) The good thing is, I do have some time, we're looking at June or July 2008. Definitely want a DW, but still undecided where. I am hoping I can get some ideas from you all on this site:) I'm open to ANY suggestions or advice that anyone has! I'm feeling very overwhelmed and clueless! Looking forward to learning a lot:) Thanks in advance:)!! -ashley