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  1. I agree - $245pp is a lot. What dates are you looking at? My wedding was at Dreams in June of this past summer and I think our guests paid around $150 pp. Your budget is great - absolutely doable!
  2. Kseif

    Dreams hotel fun slideshow

    That is awesome! I love the song you put it to :-)
  3. does kodakgallery.com work? i just tried that and nothing came up :-(
  4. I forgot we had Mariachi band (booked through Marianna) They played during the cocktail hour - Its definately a must have!
  5. I have to first say THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies for helping me out through this process. I did not post very much, but I was a silent observer :-) I read a lot of your posts and got so many great ideas from all of you - Thank you and i'm totally going through wedding withdrawals now!! I'm helping plan my husbands sisters wedding to help fill the void. I had the best time of my life!! For those getting married at Dreams Cabo, sit back and relax - it will be a perfect day for you too. Thursday night Welcome Dinner - Ediths A++ This was a nice getaway from Dreams. Food was unreal!! My husband really wanted this - I was pushing for a welcome dinner at The Office, but I had to give him one decision in this whole thing. We went to the Office on Thursday night after dinner and it was the best time, live music and dancing. We paid $4k for 47 guests. Dreams Cabo A- This is really an amazing resort. Not only was it the perfect setting but the staff was all very nice/food was great/fun atmosphere. The Honeymoon suite is huge. I absolutely would recommend it to anyone. I had very critical guests in my party that were pleasantly surprised at how great dreams was.......We did have an issue with security though....***Please note if you are staying at Dreams, DO NOT put anything in the safe! We had $600 stolen out of there. Thank god it happened to us and not one of our guests. When we talked with security and hotel manager, i was not impressed at how the situation was handled at all. They offered us a free massage in the spa to make up for it. I had to laugh at that.......oh well. We got married at the Gazebo, had cocktail hour on the patio right behind it -then had reception at the Oceana Terrace. I wouldnt have had it any other way. I loved the seclusion of the Oceana Terrace. Marianna (Wedding Coordinator) A+ She always responded quickly to my emails, and the day went smoothly. DJ Ricardo Patino B+ He asked for music suggestions before I got down to Cabo which was great. But he didnt say anything at the wedding! he was very quite, I could have just played an Ipod with speakers. I wanted to hire a DJ for the entertainment value. We paid $650 for DJ Photographer Daniel Jireh (works with Manuel Burgoin) A?? I havent seen anything yet - but he took a million pics. I will post once I get them. Videographer (also works for Manuel) A?? havent seen it yet, but both were very nice. We had the photographer/videographer for 5 hours....I think the timing was perfect. We paid $4160 for photog/videographer Cigar Roller (Marianna hired them through the resort) A+++ This was a huge hit.....everyone loved it. But it got kind of pricey b/c we paid $15 per cigar and our guests did not realize we were paying for each cigar so they were walking away with bags of cigars! i had to laugh at that....in total we paid $860 Desserts - French Riviera Bakery DO IT! We had eclairs/cookies/brownies brought in.....this was truly great. $400 Dreams Spa - A+ Loved my hair! $65 ATV Rentals - ok, i know a ton of people said this was dangerous - but I had no idea! My father in law got hurt pretty bad - and had to pay $500 because he damaged the ATV.....plenty of other activities in cabo. Video Montage - A I made it on my own through photo story 3 (which was easy) but had a huge problem right before I left and couldnt add music to the DVD. I just had the DJ play music in the background which was fine. We paid $500 I think to rent screen/dvd DIY Projects Candle Placecards - huge hit! But bring extras with you, 3 of my candles broke in transit. FANS for the ceremony. (from OTC) These were actually very nice. We had our ceremony at 6pm, sun was still out and the fans came in very handy. I wrapped the handles in our colors. Table Numbers - I did the pictures frames that light up with the candle - this was the easiest DIY ever and was a nice personal touch. COASTERS - Had monograms made through creativemontage.com and ordered coasters on the site. Loved these. Welcome Bags - Jiffyshirts.com A+++ Harriton Poly Zipper Bag I had a logo printed up on them....the bags came out really nice. They included: Welcome Letter Pashmina travel tin candles matches sunblock lotion cosmetic bag hand sanitzer wipes chips candy crystal light Regrets/Suggestions: *I wish there was more choreography for speeches/dances. I had to keep running over to the DJ to tell him to play our song/father daughter song. A day of coordinator would have been very helpful. *We had about 13 guests (out of 50) stay at different resorts. I wish everyone stayed at Dreams b/c it was a pain in the ass trying to meet up with everyone. *We rented a van for the week and only used it once. huge waste. *I didnt look at my table set up prior to the reception. I wish I did b/c I would have changed a few things. *I didnt know this going down there, but Marianna had menu cards printed up for us. It was a nice surprise. I ran into Janetta and her crew the whole week - she was a BEAUTIFUL bride!! Her wedding was truly amazing. I need to figure out how to post pictures!!!
  6. The office is an amazing time on thursday nights! I had my welcome dinner at Ediths on thursday then went down to the office and it was unreal - live music, guys walking around with free shots. ediths food was really good, but i kind of wish i would have saved $$ and had my welcome dinner at the office. total party atmosphere.
  7. We got there on Tuesday (wedding was friday) we had about 8 people get there on tuesday......we stayed until the following tuesday (so did my parents) i REALLY wish we had at least 2 days to ourselves
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    Dreams Los Cabos Day Pass

    $50 was for the dinner and set up. Marianna quoted us differently over email, but once you're down there - you can negotiate. before i got down there - i had asked girls on this board about getting in and they said it was hard.....but we had a ton of people sneak in, and it was really easy. all your guests need to do is give a a room number - that's it. the best thing to do is give a room number of someone you know staying there. But for the day of the wedding they knew better and charged our guests i will write a full review tomorrow!!
  9. Kseif

    Dreams Los Cabos Day Pass

    I had guest sneaks in during the days that were not at the wedding. Dreams was really not strict with this....I had about 6 guests that came in everyday with no problem. They just gave a room number from one of my other guests that were staying there. they were not strict at all which was awesome.
  10. Ok, so the SAME thing happened to me 2 days before I left for my wedding. We found out that Itunes and Napster had a protected file where I could not copy it over to a disc () Anyways - I was under the gun and just didnt have the time to play around with it, so I had the DJ at the wedding play my background music - which actually worked out very well. If you have the time, this website can probably help you out - it can answer all technical issues with photostory. Movie Maker Another option would be to bring your computer down (get speakers) and play your music through that, or an ipod. Good Luck!!! I just got back from mine at Dreams Cabo and it was SOOOO much fun!
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    Dreams Los Cabos Day Pass

    I just got back from my wedding there - and we had about 10 people at the wedding that did not stay at the hotel. They didnt come and hang out by the pool during the day, so we only had to pay $50 per person. I need to post my review - but I was SOOOO happy with choosing Dreams Cabo, you're going to love it!
  12. I love the "man whore" bags!! I have 5 single guys going and now I totally have to do this too - thanks for the ideas! I found travel size lotions/after shaves for men on Ebay from Lab Series and Zirh. Gotta love ebay!
  13. Yep those are the same ones - thanks for posting! I bought the Kiwi Strawberry