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  1. Hi, Those pictures are great. Does anyone have any prices? I was quote $350 for the bamboo one (i think). Thanks! Jennifer
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by A10CALGAL Hay Tammy, I am getting a canopy w/fabric only (read: no flowers) for $250 from Maye. It's a bamboo chuppah type thing - just pretty & flowy, light & airy. Just what I wanted! I got a horrendous quote for the same thing from Fun & Motivation some time ago, it was like $800 plus delivery, plus set up, plus tax & service. Total came to over $1K. Fricking rediculous, huh? Anyway, I think $300 should be about right. Hi A10CALGAL, I think my coordinator is charging me $350 for exactly what you just described (bamboo, no flowers). Do you think you could find out from whom Maye ordered yours? Thanks!
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    Hello, Name: Jennifer W.Date: Jan 6, 2007 W. location: san jose del cabo
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