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  1. I have been looking for the travel mugs as well. I have heard that it is impossible to keep your drinks cold unless you have the mugs. You are right though...it is important to find good quality ones or it defeats the purpose of trying to keep your drink cold. Apparently the cups are small and plastic at the resorts when you go to the beach so we want to ensure that all our guests are fully equipped with a travel mug each. I will give you two sites that I have been looking at. Hope it helps! These ones are double insulated with metal, while most of the others are plastic. These ones are 5.99 for 36-71 and the least expensive ones are $3.49 for 36-71 items. There is a 40.00 charge for the screen to do the personalized logo. They include shipping, but I'm not sure if this is only within the US. They also include all the clip art to make your logo. Travel Coffee Mugs - Promotional Printed Coffee Mugs - Promotional Mugs Custom Imprinted Mugs from America's Best Manufactuer - Buy your coffee mugs today. promotional products, imprinted promotional items, tradeshow giveaways, business, corporate gifts
  2. We are going to the same place for my daughters wedding. It will be May 2007. I have read so much info on the web but I looked forever to try and find pics of the actual ceremony locations that we have to choose from. Do you know of any wedding pics on the web for that resort showing the actual sites? How did you find the wedding co-ordinators with returning emails and info? I would love to see your wedding photos when you return and any info that will help us. I am going to give my daughter this forum site as I think she will love it!
  3. I have already looked at every single picture.....busy eh! The pics were absolutely beautiful and you are right with some great ideas.
  4. I will definitely try to help as much as I can. I have already spent a bazillion hours checking out web sites for favors...photographers...excursions etc. The wedding will definitely keep me busy and I love projects. I have spent some time tonight reading some treads and this forum has already given me some cool ideas. I love the palm fan idea for the ceremony program.....I will get big brownie points from my daughter for that one. Thanks again!
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    Hello everyone This web site I am sure will be a great support for me to share ideas. I am looking forward to chatting. I am actually the Mother of the bride. My daughter is getting married in May 2007 at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. I can hardly wait.....yahoo! Cheers Ruth
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