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  1. We both got each other pictures. He framed a picture of us with our names and the saying "Through thick and thin" which is our little motto and I gave him the B-pics. It was so ironic though because usually I would get him something sweet and thoughtful, but he gave me it instead and here I am with the B-pics which is something that I would never had done before joining this forum :)

  2. Welcome to the forum! Let us know how we can help. Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort? Will children be coming? You'll find lots of ideas and help on this board.

  3. Hi,


    I'm not a Dreams Cancun bride, but I did get married in March at Moon Palace and a few of our friends stayed at Dreams. I was there until March 9 and didn't see Spring Breakers until we were about to leave (not at Dreams, but out and about). I think you will be ok there. Dreams seemed to be more couple oriented with some children too, but not college kids.


    It's alot of Dreams brides here that could give you more information. Good luck.

  4. Welcome to the forum! I've never been to Cozumal Palace, but I got married at Moon Palace and we honeymooned at LeBlanc (the sister resort) in Cancun. If Cozumal Palace is like it's sibling resorts, I'm sure you'll love it. Happy planning!

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