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  1. I just got back from Cabo yesterday and was looking for the same thing! There is one Catholic Church iin the area, it's located in Jose del Cabo (about 20-30 mintues from the hotel zone) and I believe it's called Iglesia de San Jose. There are pictures posted somewhere on this forum, or you can always do a good search for it (that's how I found photos). I didn't particularly care for the church for several reasons, but mainly because it didn't have air conditioning and it was almost 100 in Cabo this week! I would highly recommend that you go to see the church in person. The other place I would recommend is the chapel at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. It's small, but beautiful. The staff at the Shearton has fit up to 110 people in the chapel, but said they could accomodate up to 150 by setting up some chairs outside of the chapel (there is a sort of patio there). The downfall of the chapel is that the Catholic priests in Cabo will not marry couples anywhere outside of the chuch - I've been told that's a Mexican diocesan rule. However, my family priest is willing to marry me anywhere I would like (it doesn't have to be a church), so if maybe your priest would be willing to do this too. If not, I've been told a minister would marry us with no problem at the chapel. There are a few other chapels in Cabo. Capilla Josephina (which is in Jose del Cabo near the church), the chapel at the Palmilla and the chapel at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach hotel. The last two are esepcially beautiful, however they are all small and would fit around 40-50 people from what I have been told. Let me know if you have any other questions. I have pictures of the church and chapel at the Sheraton if you would like them. I can either upload them or send them to you via email this weekend.
  2. I'm a cake lover (especially for wedding cakes...I think they are so beautiful) so this is a huge deal for me! I have fallen in love with a cake I saw in a magazine and can't stop thinking about it...I must have that cake! Did Dreams let you give them direction on the look/style of the cake, or do they just have a standard cake(s) for you to chose from?
  3. Don't we all wish money was no object! Yes, by the sounds of what I hear, it is very, very expesnive, but I think I might check it out anyway (I'm intrigued)! Jesus and I have also talked about honeymooning there too, probably for 1/2 of the week. You'll have to let me know how your anniversary goes if you stay there and if you like it. Especially since your best gf was bored! I would hate to spend all that money (I checked it's about $500 a night) and not have fun!
  4. Has anyone been to a site location called Capilla Josefina? It's a chapel. I saw a picture of it online and feel in love with it! It's so quaint and beautiful! However, it looks small (especially since we're planning on 100 guests). Also, any idea where it is located - is it part of a hotel? Any info you could share would be great!
  5. Does anyone have ceremony & recption prices that they could share with me for the One & Only Palmilla? I have heard amazing things about the hotel, but I have also heard that it is very expensive. Either way I am still curious! Also, has anyone stayed at the hotel, or honeymooned there?
  6. Bakery vs. Hotel Cakes... Does anyone have a recommendation of a bakery in Cabo that does wedding cakes? From the sounds of it most of you are getting cakes from your recpetion venues. How have the cakes been at these sites? Do you get to give direction to the bakers on how you want the cake to look?
  7. Maria Elena your pictures turned out great...You make a very beautiful bride! I love #51!
  8. Tammy this is so very helpful! Thank you! I am leaving for Cabo in the morning and I'm sure this will come in very, very handy!
  9. Thank you ALL for your great reviews! I feel SO much better knowing that all of you had such good things to say about the Sheraton! Now I'm getting excited! We're definetley thinking of having our wedding there, but want to check out some other places too: the Hilton & Dreams for sure. I also wanted to check out Casa Natalia (since I heard the food was so good) - but we are planning on at least 100 guests (althougth I'm hoping for less) and from what I've read it's a smaller hotel and they haven't done weddings for that many big groups.
  10. Have any of you stayed or visited the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar? We're traveling to Cabo this weekend and have reservations there, but my fiancee has heard mixed reviews of the hotel from a few people. Any thoughts about the hotel?
  11. After dating 7 years (5 years long distance) Jesus and I came to a mutal decision that we were ready to take the next step in our relationship and get engaged. We discussed it a lot, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage, and we went ring shopping. In fact the only thing he didn't tell me was when he was going to "offically" propose to me. All of my friends were disappointed - saying that there was going to be no element of surprise for my enagement, and couldn't believe I knew about everything - including my ring. But I didn't care a bit, I was just excited and I knew no matter what way Jesus proposed to me it was going to be wonderful! And boy was I right! Jesus told me weeks in advance that he had a Saturday eveing work dinner at an airport hotel (which is located in the airport). He even went as far as sending me an email from his boss about the dinner, told me how to dress, and told me that we were going to spend the night at the hotel because we'd be drinking a lot so we'd need an overnight bag. I didn't question any of this because I had been so busy at work, that I just went along with the flow. But when we got to the airport, on our way up an escaltor he whispered in my ear that we were not going to his work dinner, but that instead he was taking me to dinner...in NYC! I couldn't believe it - I was shocked!!! In fact I hadn't even paid attention to the date...April 8, 2006 (exactly 7 years after our first date)! Jesus proposed on the top of the Empire State Building - with about 1,000 people looking on (including a group of ladies from Tennesse, who cried and took pictures with thier own cameras to share with thier friends)! We dinned & toasted at a great resturant afterwards and then toasted some more in Times Square. We spent the next day touring around the city - horse & carriage ride in Central Park, Lunch at Rockefeller Center, shopping and sight seeing! It was great and we enjoyed every second! Jesus has never been an very romantic guy (he does well by my standards), but he out did himself with my proposal! It was the best day of my life so far! Even thinking about it puts an ear-to-ear smile on my face and gives me goose bumps! If my wedding day it's half as good as the day we got engaged I'll be the happiest woman in the world!
  12. Congratulations Salior. My finacee and I dated 7 years too before getting engaged in April. I guess 7 is lucky after all!

    I'm New!

    Thank you everyone for the welcome messages! We have not decided on a venue yet. However, are traveling to Cabo next week and hope to secure our venue and make lots of plans!
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