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    Ricardo Patiño ?

    I did use Ricardo for our DJ. He was good - very eager to please and be professional. He's a little suave, but I think he's just trying to build his business and doesn't understand the boundaries with that. He's inexpensive - $120 an hour and that included a wireless mic on the beach. I gave him my IPOD and asked him not to go off on his own. He did that, and he did a good job of introducing the speeches, etc. Definitely be clear with him about the timeline. Let me know if you have anymore questions about him. Bummer that he posted on your website - just let him know that that isn't cool, and I'm sure he'll be apologetic. Nicole
  2. JANE22

    Mariachi & guitar player info

    I booked David Flores for one hour at $350. He was definitely open to negotiation, so just tell him you only want an hour. Nicole
  3. Tammy! I am so jealous - that is my dream dress! I loved it so much, but just couldn't stomach the cost. I ended up getting a Melissa Sweet dress that I love too, but the Carolina Herrera dress was incredible. You will look amazing!! Congrats.
  4. JANE22

    Lunas de Fuego (firedancers)

    Hi April.... I'd try these people http://www.funandmotivation.com/sectional.asp?id=6121 They book entertainment and have pictures with firedancers on their website. It's worth a shot.
  5. JANE22

    David Flores (guitar)

    Hi Lauren, I also booked David Flores. He said the same thing - he doesn't do contracts, just puts you in his calendar. Makes me nervous too, but I'm just planning on following-up with him when I get to Mexico for the wedding. Nicole
  6. JANE22


    We're getting married at the Melia Cabo San Lucas. Claudia is the wedding coordinator, but she does anything BUT coordinate. I've basically written her off as any sort of help. Actually, Manuel Burgoin, who I booked as our photographer recommended Gabriel Fonseca as the DJ. If anyone wants the contact info, let me know. Hopefully, he'll be a good contact....I'll keep everyone posted.
  7. JANE22


    Hi Tara! Does Arturs have a website? I am desperately searching for a good DJ for my wedding in July. Any information you could give me would be so appreciated! Thank you. ~ Nicole