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    Riu Santa Fe

    Hi Sandra~ Did you just go with the reception that came with the package or did you pay for private reception? If it was with the package did u feel like u were on display? Was it kinda private? TIA!!

    Riu Santa Fe

    Hey Ladies~ I am officially a Santa Fe Bride, to be married April/09. We decided to go with the Royal Package. Hope to share experiences and Info with other Santa Fe Brides! ~
  3. Thanks so much ladies! Greatly appreciated~!
  4. OK, I apologize if this has been discussed before but it is confusing the hell outta me and hope sum of you's may be able to clear something up.... I am getting married at the Riu Santa Fe in November of 08, what I don't understand is the reception part. We have around 70 ppl joining us and we are paying for the caprice package. I suppose my question is, the package includes a private dinner reception correct? Is it buffet style? What I don't really get is we are already paying for the all inclusive, so does that package include a different dinner? or just the private area>? And also I heard that it does not include drinks?? How does that work when all my guests will have the lil all inclusive bracelets? Do they just wonder up to the lobby bar and grab bevys?? This just does not make much sense to me and was hoping someone could help a lady out! Thanks!!
  5. Not sure if u ladies have done this, but jus in case ya haven't, youtube has quite a few ceremony videos on Dreams, as well as other hotels. I just typed in "Cabo weddings" in the search and a whole wack of vid's came up. Kinda interesting, you can kinda get an idea of what goes on. And if u wanna have a good bawl session search author: "angelhuza" on youtube as well...Awesome videographer in Cabo, and shows alot of her vids.

    Webcam story

    Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyV Were you expecting it at all?? Wondering when he was ever going to propose?? To be honest....He had proposed 3 years earlier in Cancun! Then we broke up for a year and jus recently got back together....I didn't really know if we were automatically engaged again or what!!! Do i get another purposal? OOOHHH Or better yet another ring?!?!? whoohoo!! I just never mentioned it. I kept the ring from before, but am thinking now, perhaps its time to upgrade!! Start everything over fresh!! Including the ring! wonder if he'll buy it?!

    Webcam story

    It happened las weekend...and didn't get to save it...ahh well..its a good memory! Thank you all for the congrats!!! And congrats to all of ya's as well!!
  8. My FI Is tooo cute! He works away off and on and this time he had to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia. (We live in Edmonton, Alberta). Anyways, he calls me and says go to the computer and go to this website www.peggyscovewebcam.ca so I go to it and there is a live webcam view. Its a beautiful view of this lighthouse on the ocean. I was like wth?! So then he says Just wait and watch! Well there I see him! He's wearing this bright Red coat! And he is holding up a sign!! I was laughing so hard I couldn't even read it! Here it said "Will you marry me??". 2 more sleeps till he comes home!!! ~ oops sorry its soooo big...im new at this
  9. Ooops should have mentioned that.....We are looking for all inclusive...would like to keep price under $2000 for a week...say between 1500-1800...flying out of Edmonton i am sure it is doable! Thanks!~
  10. Hi Ladies!!! I am sooo feeling overwhelmed!! We have set our heart on Cabo so at least I have the location, but have no clue on which resort...ugh oh the stress!! I am from Edmonton and have these resorts to choose from..These seem to be our options: Crown Plaza Cabo Desire Dreams Melia Cabo Melia san lucas Posada Real Presidente Iner-con Riu Palace Riu Santa Fe Royal Soalris Tesoro Los Cabo Villa del Pamar ANy advice on which to pick?!? A few things are really important to me: I would prefer the resort to only have 1 wedding a day. Wanna be married on the beach..... WOuld like a reception after for a few toasts, sum grub, and perhaps a dance or 2.... We have around 50 people joining us and all will be staying at the same resort. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!! PLease!!