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    We did not send out formal invites. They were just unnecessary and I didn't want to pay for them. I sent a postcard STD 1 year in advance. About a month later I sent an email "invitation" with resort details and the form to book their rooms and RSVP. (And my Travel Agent followed up with another email after mine) I don't regret the decision at all, although I do hope my guests aren't like "where the hell is my formal invite?!?!" What sucks is my SST says "formal invite to follow" because I bought them and mailed them before I decided against actual formal invites. Ooops.
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    Thanks ladies! I'm a planner by nature and wanted to think of a tentative wedding date when I got engaged. I'm a goal setter so nailing down a deadline is important to me because it gives me something to work towards. Thanks for the advice! As much as we want everyone there you ladies and some of the forum posts have helped me realize that sometimes that isn't an option. I think I'll be okay as long as my immediate family and his immediate family are there. Doesn't mean that I won't miss other people, but I'm willing to get married as long as those people are there. The reason that I wanted to choose a date so far in advance is that most of our family members have to submit their vacation time by January so I wanted to think about a time that was: Convenient for everyone or most people, that was not near any major holidays, and a time where Cuba typically has good weather (not too hot, rainy, or humid). I'm glad people can relate. I was beginning to feel crazy.
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    Hey Dia! I always love reading your blogs! You definitely need to not worry about anyone else but yourself and your groom! I'd clear the date with your family who must be there, but other then that you are not going to please everyone, its impossible. I'd say pick a time that works for you, your fiancé (obviously) and your parents and from there whoever else can make it, can make it. Even your bridal party I'd hold off on asking or determining until closer to the time. Things may come up and some of your bridal party members may or may not be able to make it. It seems to be a common trend with destination weddings. I chose only my sister and sister in law to be to avoid these issues as I knew they would be there no matter what. I have some close friends who I thought would be at my wedding and aren't going to make it.
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    Amazing product , a must have for keeping your precious wedding album . Maybe you can display a sample at Bridal Expositions in your area for more marketing.
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    Hi Ladies. We are considering to have our wedding in this October at Hyatt Ziva but we haven't never been there before. I really like the overlooks gazebo but it seems like it has been changed a bit. I sent my request and received email with packages but when I asked to send me pics of venues nobody get back to me yet. I'm so confused. Please, guys if you know or have any pics of venues that they offering could you please share with me. I also, wanted to ask which travel agency you are guys working with? Thank you I advance Zayana
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    Hi Happiegerl, I'm not sure where you're getting your price list from which might clarify some of these issues. The hotel quoted me $1200 for the largest LED dance floor that they have - I think it is also listed at that rate in the DJ Encore package that was provided. Chairs are provided for ceremony and reception - and I think they're actually nice, just might need a chair sash on them. If you want to get chairs from the decoration company because you don't want to use the hotel provided ones (which, by the way, are brand new as the resort is brand new so they're in almost mint condition) then there is a fee for that. I haven't looked into the quality of the photographer yet but I thought their prices were in line with others. All in all, I think the pricing is about the same as other resorts but that the resort is of really high quality. Hope that helps! Gwen
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    Thanks! I chose Secrets The Vine out of all Secrets mainly because it's the newest and right at the center of Cancun. It's not the biggest property, but I like the convenience and the style of the resort -- modern (I went there for a site visit). I also feel the resort attracts more young couples as oppose to elder people. I can provide more info if you are interested in The Vine. I hope you find the perfect one!
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    Thank You soooo much for responding!! I will look into that!!!
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    I was married at Now Larimar April 2013 and honestly I couldn't have hoped for it to have gone any better. The resort isn't too small and isn't too big and all my guests were very pleased. We had 20 people stay with us for the full week. We all booked preferred rooms and I enjoyed the perks of being able to go to the castaways for meals. The private pool, wasn't as fun as the main pool but it was nice to go there for some down time. The beach is amazing and I love the fact that you don't have to wear wrist bands like you have to at other resorts in Punta Cana. The wedding cordinator was wonderful! 2 days before the wedding we had a meeting and went over all of our choices and discussed how the day would go. There was a chance of rain and she would give me updates every half hour on the weather and let me decide if I still wanted to do it outside. We chose to get married at the fountain. Cocktail hour on the beach and dinner on the terrace where the buffet is. We brought our own center pieces and welcome bags. The welcome bags consisted of Pepto, Advil, hand sanitizer, shampoos and stuff like that. We made a book with quizzes about us and who ever handed in the book first and got everything correct got a $50.00 Keg card (this was for the group to do on the plane.) The airport was a little hectic but we figured it out and they put us on a bus and brought us to the resort. We didn't have to wait to long before we were in our rooms. Now my MOH is getting married there May 2016:) Good luck!
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    This whole forum is advice!!! I say just do a forum search for each topic you're unsure of and you'll be sure to find answers.
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    Hola Belinda!!! Sii yo siempre escribo en inglés porque todo mundo aquí así lo pone jeje, pero si me han contactado varias novias mexicanas y que no viven aquí o así... Para que me entiendas mejor, usaré tus números jajaja para las preguntas. 1. Nosotros nos contactamos directamente con el hotel y hemos hecho todo con el coordinador de ahí que se llama Arturo Ruiz, el nos ha ayudado a todo lo relacionado con el hotel. No tengo idea de qué sea eso de Lomas weddings la verdad nunca lo había escuchado! Pero una amiga nuestra que vivía en Mty se fue a Playa de wedding planner y trabaja en una agencia que se llama Anhexo Mobiliario y Decoración, entonces yo la contraté sólo para la coordinación de ese día... y ella me va a poner el mobiliario y los centros de mesa, foquitos etc. Entonces ya palomié todo eso con ella. Lo de música una amiga que se casó en cancun me recomendó un dj y ya con él contraté y fotógrafos yo los encontré por una webpage son Shenko Photography están aquí como sponsors de está página. Y sí, todo es carísimo, pero ahí yo la verdad le dije a mi planner el presupuesto y que se ajustara a el jaja y ya. Lo malo es que sí voy a pagar external fee por la música y el fotógrafo pero aún así me salía mejor que con el hotel. 2. Nuestra boda si es grandecita para ser en playa, tenemos 520 invitados, pero ahorita pues la boda es en Mayo y ya somos 160 personas confirmadas, entonces eso limitó mucho las opciones de lugar, me encantaba el bungaló en medio del muelle en el mar! Pero solo caben 20 prs para mi civil por ejemplo, pero luego ósea en conclusión (nosotros somos cristianos) y va a ser el civil en el Sky Deck, y ahí mismo sigue la ceremonia religiosa, y ahí mismo pusimos un coctel para que la boda dure más tiempo! Porque una hora extra es como de 16 dlls mas servicios, y el coctel que dura 2 horas les dan canapés y bebidas y cuesta 13dlls por persona. Ese es un buen consejo que deben considerar jaja. Y ya la recepción es en la playa! Y no se si te hayan dicho pero ahora cambió el horario en Cancún entonces también hay que considerar eso para la luz y esas cosas!! Tu avisame cualquier cosa, siempre trato de checar seguido esta página porque si he ayudado a varias que no han podido visitar el hotel! Besitoss y felicidades a ti también!!!
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    (I don't know if it's necessary to post in english in order for other brides to understand my Q&As, but if it is, I can translate my post later..) Hola Andrea! mucho gusto.. Antes que nada, no sabes el gusto enooorme que me dió encontrar tu blog! (la verdad fue mi prometido el que lo encontró y me pidió que revisara lo que has posteado) Te platico un poco de nosotros, mi prometido y yo somos de Mty también, tenemos 27 años y si Dios quiere tenemos fecha para casarnos en el AzulFives el 30 de enero 2016. Apenas estamos iniciando todo el proceso de planeación, y venimos llegando de la Riviera Maya. Aprovechamos este puente para ir a conocer el AzF y quedamos súper encantados. Veo que tenemos un montón de cosas en común y sentí un super alivio de encontrar a alguien que nos pueda orientar un poquito y compartir este proceso tan lindo pero tan estresante al mismo tiempo. (Estoy en un grupo de fb de Azul Fives Hotel Brides, pero hasta ahorita no había encontrado a alguien de Mx en el grupo).. No se si ya puse mucho rollo, pero tengo un par de preguntas.. 1. Leí que ustedes tienen un WP de Playa del Carmen, ¿con ellos están coordinando todo lo del evento, o han tenido algún contacto con Lomas Weddings? (no entiendo muy bien como está eso, pero tengo entendido que Lomas Weddings es el proveedor de bodas del grupo Karisma y ellos manejan unos paquetes diferentes para las novias de norteamérica y europa.. (bastante caros por cierto). 2. Qué locaciones eligieron para su boda? nosotros tenemos un grupo similiar, de aprox. 120 personas, y hasta el momento nuestras locaciones serían: Ceremonia en Sky deck, recepción en el jardín u Oriolla grill y after en la playa.. todavía estamos indecisos porque se me hace que el jardín va a quedar un poco chico para las 12 mesas y la pista :/ Bueno, seguro te estaré molestando un poco más adelante.. pero mil gracias por compartir su experiencia y consejos que seguramente serán de gran utilidad para otras novias saludos y felicidades!
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    This looks the option to post a review for a vendor that's already listed. What if you want to write a review for a new vendor that is not listed?
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    I sent you an PM to your email address. Let me know if you receive it
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    I can relate as I'm on a planning frenzy driven by my type A personality.
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    Hey Ladies, I will be getting married at the HRPC on Oct 3rd 2015. To help with the save the dates dilemma I would suggest using appycouple it acts as both an app and a website. We sent it out to our guests already and they can rsvp and there is a link to book their rooms!! Since the resort releases all extra rooms 60 days in advanced, my guests will have until 60 days prior to my wedding to book their rooms. So 2 months is right where you want to be @btam. I am going to wait until 2 month before the wedding to finalize my list and see if I am eligible for any of the group perks which I am sure I will be! The incentives: These should be outlined in your contract. But if you have 75 room nights booked or more you get 2 private events both of a max of 3 hours. They cant be held the same day. How many guests are you expecting? There are different group incentives based on the number of guests and rooms booked. You are well ahead of the game! I will suggest you take your time. But honestly you will get to a point where you are just waiting for the big day or atleast waiting to get to the resort and finalize everything! Thats the stage I am in. I am looking into photographers, deciding on decor and looking into welcome packages for our guests! I am trying to do everything under $5000 so we will see! Also you get 1 complimentary night bet 10 room nights booked!
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    I sent out my save the dates about 10 months in advance. I think the rule of thumb is as soon as you have a date narrowed down, order them and send them out! That gives people tine to save money for the trip! On another note, I found out that you can only have 20% of your guests NOT stay at the Hard Rock. So if you have 20 guests only 4 can stay elsewhere! I thought that sucked. I'm still going in August for a site inspection and will get an idea of the costs so I will let you know what I find out. I'm budgeting about 10k just to be safe but I want to do excursions and cocktail hours and stuff throughout the week. I really have no idea if that is a reasonable number or not! We shall see!
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    Hi Maggie! I'm getting married at the HRH Punta Cana May 1, 2015. We are doing a site inspection trip at the end of August. I don't know about nearby resorts, but if you try to search it on a map, look for the Moon Palace. You may already know that, but I looked for weeks before I realized. Have you decided which collection you are going to have? Are you planning to visit beforehand? If not, is there anything you would like me to check on while I am there? Feel free to PM me tknittle1218@yahoo.com.
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    Where did you get your bags? Love them! We are doing the same thing.
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    LOVE!! the goodie bags!
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    Very cute I love the seahorse bags!
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    These are very cute! I might copy the "Too much sun... too much fun"
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    @girlinthecity97 your ring is EVERYTHING
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    Sorry you had to go through this. What you have written is very honest. We do not force our clients to book with certain resort chains but because of our volume we are able to get better discounts than the other agencies. With Karisma Hotels & Resorts, we are Diamond Level 5 so we get really great perks and amenities.
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    Its not rude at all,you are simply reminding people that its your day and to not post anything from your wedding.
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    We’re getting married May 27-2015 at Royalton White Sands in Montego Bay! Suuuuuper excited.
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    I am planning my own wedding for Jan 2015 at the Gran Porto Real in Playa Del Carmen... And Also have been to a wedding 2 years ago in the Riveria Maya area.. It is absolutely beautiful there... She was married at the Barcelo Tropical Resort and the wedding was beautiful and we had a fantastic time! My bit of advice would be to start the planning early... Our wedding isn't until 01/2015 and I've got the resort, photographer, videographer, and DJ all booked! It's NEVER too early!! Also, don't be afraid to look up outside vendors for services--but DO check with your resort and ask what the vendor fee is for bringing outside services... Our resort is 350.00 per vendor... With that said, some of the outside vendors WILL be worth it!! Just check all the prices and compare the services to what is offered at your resort... For example... We have booked outside vendors for ALL (photographer/videographer and DJ)... First I booked my photographer simply because I fell in LOVE with his photography style... And yes, I am paying more than the resort photograher... BUT the pictures are worth it!!! Also, I asked him if he preferred a videographer and he did have one that he did work with and because they know each other they go in as one company saving me a $350 vendor fee!! Ask your vendors for referrals!! They work a LOT of weddings and know who you should look into and who you should stay away from!! Hope this helps!!! Good Luck with the wedding!!!
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    There are some great points here, and everything is true! Picking your date is stressful, and it's upsetting when people try and tell you what to do and complain about the dates you want. We went through the same thing, my MIL sent us her vacation calendar and all the trips she was taking for the next 18 months, the very first week we got engaged! We had to plan our wedding around her vacations!! That was a hard pill to swallow. Of course we wanted her there, how could she not be? But telling us we had to work around HER????? I was so mad. It still kinda stings, to be honest. I really wanted to get married on a few dates, Valentine's Day being one of them, I fell in love with the idea of getting married on Valentine's Day, but b/c of her we couldn't. Anyway....it all worked out in the end. But yes, it sucks and it's hurtful when people try and take over. The ladies are right, your day will be amazing and beautiful and you'll be so overwhelmed with love and support from the people who are attending, the others who can't join you will be in your heart, and everything will be lovely My very best friend in the whole wide world and my MOH couldn't attend my wedding b/c she had a baby, and it was devastating but of course I understood, he was too young to take to Cuba and much too young for her to leave him with Daddy and come by herself. (it's a good thing he's cute!) It just happened that she and I had two major life events happening at the same time, and she couldn't be there on my special day. But I made the best of it, we had a little cardboard cut out of her face and we took pictures with her, we took video for her, and she sent me an amazing gift for my "something borrowed" so she certainly wasn't forgotten about. It's hard when you want everyone to be there, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. It will be your special day no matter what, and you'll be so focused on getting married, you'll be so in love and giddy, in that moment, nothing matters but the two of you
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    Thanks hun! My problem is that I'm such a perfectionist by nature that sometimes it's hard for me when things don't go as planned. My fiancee has definitely gotten me to loosen up a lot and he also told me that as long as our parents and siblings are there that's all we pretty much need. We decided on having an at home reception so I think i'm more comfortable with the fact that everyone might not be able to make it.
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    Dia you are definitely not crazy! As much as we brides love the idea of destination weddings, other people just do not love them as much! I definitely went into this thinking as long as my parents and my fiancés parents and our sisters can be there then we will be happy. Anyone else is just icing on the cake! Honestly you are going to be soo consumed with your wedding day and all the people THAT did make it to celebrate with you that you won't even notice the people who aren't there (or so this is what people have said but I can only imagine to be true). That's not to say they aren't important but I think you'll just be overwhelmed with love and support from those that are there
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    I can relate on the choosing the date! We were originally going to do it April 2015, then got pushed back to january/february 2015, then December 2014 and now it is officially moved to November 11th, 2014. Talk about stressful. Trying to pick a date went on for a week, trying to make sure the nearest and dearest could make it and we still have some people complaining but I've learnt there are always going to be a bunch in the pack no matter what date you choose. I just made sure immediate family could make it and those I wanted to be my bridesmaids and even then, one may not be able to make it. You still have some time to see who will make it, you have over a year and half. Like csho said above, I would hold off asking maybe until a year before. You are giving people MORE than enough notice, so I can't see why people would complain!
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    Congrats girl!!!! can't wait to see how your wedding turns out! keep us up to date!
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    Hi Lilgabri03 - I'm the same way re research, constantly thinking about my guests, creating spreadsheets that map out the pros, cons, and price differences etc...so much so i think DF was going to consider taking back the ring (j/lk)! LOL So that I would stop obsessing and bugging him, he suggested we price our top pick hotel/air against the top all-inclusive/air. The hotel/air price/person was only cheaper by <$100 so the all-inclusives we liked won once factoring back in the cost for meals etc... for the guests during their stay. A friend got married in PR in November and had the sell-out situation happen. She didn't realize a large conference was rolling in the weekend of her wedding so guests who didn't book early had to scramble to find rooms. if you are worried about this, I would check to see if anything conferences are happening around that time and pick a different date.
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    Well, with Dreams Riviera Cancun it might not just be that the bride and groom get a free room. You can earn up to 3 free rooms depending on how many rooms you book through the block. This is given to you as a refund so some brides and grooms have divided up the $$ and given it back to the guests. Another thing to consider is that a group block is not just for the freebie or amenities. It is so your rooms are blocked so that they are available to your guests. I am sure you have read about brides freaking out 6 months before their wedding because the resort sold out (6 months BEFORE!) and there were no rooms left for their guests.
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    Congrats!!!! I love how detail-oriented you are!!! Keep up the amazing work.
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