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Mayan Riviera Destination Weddings
Photography by Sarani
Your best moments ever capture by Sarani Weddings

Jennifer and Dane I Mayan Riviera Destination Weddings

Jennifer and Dane weren’t looking for a relationship when they met. Neither one of them thought it would turn into anything long-term but just as the saying goes, “it happens when you least expect it!” After living together for 2 years and dating each other for 3 1/2, Dane proposed to Jennifer on New Year’s Eve at midnight in 2013! Their Event was well planned and organized by Jennifer who was looking out after each and every detail. and it showed. The day went flawlessly by, followed by a gorgeous and just perfect evening full of dancing and celebration! Jennifer and Dane smartly decided to have a day-after session where they just got to relax and truly have fun as it shows in their couple’s pictures. During the second session they brought their iPod, we had music, fun and a great ambiance, Jennifer just kept saying to Dane: “you look so hot babe!” and he couldn’t stop smiling and looking at her as well… on and on a loving couple!.

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