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Aria & Carlton
Cancun Destination Weddings
Photography by Sarani Weddings

Spectacular Photography in Cancun Destination Weddings

Aria & Carlton met on a blind date and immediately hit it off. Starting with the fact that Carlton unknowingly took Adria to one of her favorite restaurants: Naked Chopstick sushi. Two years later, at the time of the proposal, Carlton sent Adria on a scavenger hunt throughout the house. When she finally got back to the starting point Carlton had Naked Chopstick’s sushi waiting for her and he was on one knee. In Adria’s words: “It was super sweet!” Their day started and ended up being perfect, the weather, ambiance and sheer joy. So fun was this group that they ended up all together at the pool as you will see below. I love how Adria’s retro hairdo gave her a timeless feel, some of her pictures remind me of a renaissance painting, and Carlton was also great. One of my favorites is his Don Corleone shot at the restaurant. This is a couple that knows how to complement each other, congrats!

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