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  4. Melimel237

    Cigar Roller in Jamaica

    It’s been years... and I’m now searching for the same in Montego Bay or Negril. Did anyone ever have any luck finding?
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  6. Vickiesmith123


    Hello, I'm new to this site. I got engaged already and get married by next year. I have some doubts regarding our dating destination. Hope you will help me. Thank You!
  7. Hello everyone, Well, this upcoming valentine's day is special for me because I got engaged and planning to spend the day with my fiance. I'm planning to give her an ethical jumpsuit. Other than that I have been searching the internet for some nice discounted coupons and searched among my friends and found different sites. Now, we are looking forward to that wonderful day. We searched a lot and found out, Escape The City. Orangeville is a great place for a day trip or weekend gateway from Toronto. Theatre Orangeville is offering a weekend package that includes 2 tickets to a Live performance at the theatre, Premium Overnight Accommodations at Best Western Plus Orangeville Inn and Suites and $75 Downtown Wine and Dine Voucher which is valid at select Downtown restaurants, and Free Entry to the scenic Trails & Bridges of Island Lake. We are so excited and eagerly waiting for that day. If anyone has got any other suggestions for the venue, kindly share your thoughts/ideas. Thank You!
  8. Please tell me, the best wedding venue in Saskatoon, SK.
  9. Hey everyone! Like the others here, I'm interested in wedding reception, venue and all related steps & stuff. Starting with my first and the most important note is that we're international couple and we need to think of bilingual wedding. So the first thing we need to think of is whether it will be interpretation or 2 different venue coordinators, sermons and stuff? What is your experience, what could be the best and affordable solution? From googling the issue I've found this Interactio app team ( describing possible solution here http://blog.interactio.io/case-study-weddings )Basically they offer to hold the venue in the main language, additionally providing simultaneous interpretation online to other quest's mobile phones. Looks like really easy and creative idea. What about the others? How did you solve this kind of obstacle? Any additional advises would be very welcomed here
  10. TandAGetHitched

    For Sale - Wally Bag 66"

  11. TandAGetHitched

    Serious Venue Issue!

    we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary the day you tie the knot! are you sure the room rate is $313/per night for 2 people vs. $313/per person, per night? sounds like your room rate is still cheaper than the resort directly. do you have a contact at the resort? I'd reach out to your contact and ask for clarity on the pricing and make sure the web price is $313/per person per night and your rate of $230/per person per night is a way better deal! our travel agent told our guests that if they booked via a third party (discount travel site) they'd be at risk if the hotel sells out. if the hotel sells out, the first group of guests to get 'walked' are those that booked via the third party site because the hotel makes less money on the discount travelers. So if you know the resort sells out, this is a huge risk - resorts oversell rooms all the time, just like airlines, and then 'walk' the least profitable guests (those booked via third-party). Our resort sold out a few weeks before our wedding and we heard a couple get 'walked' while we were checking in - that couple got moved to a different resort, pretty far away and lower star.
  12. I am having my wedding in the autumn season. Which type of wedding invitation should I choose?
  13. I am new here MAJORLY freaking out! We are planning a destination wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico for May 11, 2019. We pretty much have everything done. Photographer, make-up artist, and hair stylist booked. Groomsmen suits selected. Bridesmaids dresses kinda selected (lol) and I have my dress. Most importantly, our venue has been booked, the Paradisus Resort. We signed a room block contract and everything is rolling. Save the dates with resort info were sent out in June and formal invitations are currently being made to be sent out in the next couple of weeks. However, I just noticed that room rates on the resort's website are cheaper than our contracted room block! WTH?!? I checked when we first negotiated our contracted room block and our contracted rates were way less than what was on any site. So, we proceeded. Now, prices have gone way down. Now, that people are starting to book, they are going to book through the resort or some third party site because it is almost $200 cheaper for the entire stay. For example, our room rates start at $230/per person per night. On the resort's website a person can currently book a room for $313/per night. They do not say anything about per person on their website. However, it used to. So, now we are going to be left having to pay for the remainder of our room block if people decide to not book under our room block and I honestly cannot blame them. In fact, I do not want our guests paying more, but we obviously do not want to pay for rooms that we will not use either. I also feel embarrassed. We have been pushing the importance of booking under the wedding room block to get lowered prices and that is not the case! Smh. I am SOOOOOO upset! I emailed the reservations department about this and I am waiting to hear back. UGGGHHHH!!!! Any suggestions?
  14. Does anyone recommend having the reception at Oregeno and the cocktail at x-lounge. I really don’t want to get a dance floor and extra lighting to have it at las olas im already bringing all my own decorations and centerpieces so I’m trying to limit bring more stuff. We are doing our ceremony at the pier. September wedding so I’m hoping for a nice breeze and no hurricanes
  15. Hi Des, yes please allow yourself plenty of time. There was only 4 of us for our wedding so no, didn't use the DJ and we used the photographer as part of our package. We had photos taken around the main ground and we purchased some extra photos but they aren't cheap. We also had the one hour cocktail which will be good if you have 18 guests and then I had my reception that the French restaurant as we had a storm on our wedding day so the actual wedding had to be moved from the pier to an area by the main reception. To be honest, it was still an amazing day. Don't worry about asking, I know exactly how you feel as I was the same. We are returning back next year but not until October.
  16. Thank you so much! I have my ceremony at 5 so I know I still have a lot of time to set my timeline for the day I was thinking maybe 1230/1 start Jaír and make up but I guess I’ll figure that out. Did you use the dj and photographer there as well? I have 18 guest going and I just can’t seem to convince myself to pay so much for a big photo package I was thinking maybe doing one hour package for the cocktail hour or reception. Thanks so much sorry for all the questions 😃
  17. wowtoyou

    The Water Park at The Grand at Moon Palace Offers Fun for Everyone

    Looks adorable!!!
  18. I had my hair and make up done by them and I was very pleased with it. I asked for minimalistic make up and I wasn't disappointed. I had a hair trial before (I think it was around $70 which was added to my room), they can create any design and all the other brides I saw looked equally beautiful. Just allow enough time as they don't rush and I didn't leave myself much time to get ready.
  19. Hi everyone, newbie here! I'm getting married here in September 2019, I'm curious if anyone has any pictures of their hair and make up. Im on the fence of letting them do my make up and it coming out bad! Well actually, I'm nervous about the whole thing, I've emailed my coordinator about 5x with tons of questions. Any advice from former excellence brides? Thanks!
  20. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Photoshoot near Loughborough lake

    I would honestly do some research on photo sessions -- weddings and engagements -- done at your location. Google for photos and if those images appeal to you and inspire you, then go for it! Your photographer will also be a great resource in giving you an opinion on whether it's ideal for photos. If your fiancee's father had a house near the lake a while back, then it's sure to hold sentimental value to your sweetheart and that alone might make it a great spot. But getting insight from your photographer would be a good next step -- he or she can give you some good suggestions on best spots for photos, lighting, etc.
  21. Please give me an honest opinion in choosing Loughborough Lake for my wedding reception photoshoot next summer. We have planned a two day trip along with this photoshoot. Will be staying in a nearby resort in Kingston till the end of the photoshoot. My fiancee's father had a house near the lake long back and she still has some good childhood memories about the place. I thought of making it possible but I have never been to the place. I did some research about the place and found it to be beautiful but, like I've said since I have never been to the place and don't know if it's worth taking all the pain in arranging a shoot. I'm not sure if she would love the surprise. Any suggestions are welcome.
  22. helerer

    newbie intro

    Hey guys just wanted to say a hi!
  23. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    Photographer fee

    Having your travel agent speak with the resort is probably your best bet as good agents will often have close working relationships with the weddings department and can often work out an agreement with the resort as long as your photographer is staying at the resort or at the very least get the fee reduced. If that doesn't work, it may just be a cost that you have to eat unfortunately. Best of luck!
  24. Welcome to the Best Destination Wedding Forum! I am past BDW bride who used this forum to help plan my own destination wedding in 2009. This site is such a valuable resource for couples as they plan their dream destination celebration or honeymoon.

    Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have on booking your destination wedding or honeymoon. Because I am a wedding photographer myself, I'm also happy to help answer any questions on anything wedding photography related!

    Best Wishes!

  25. MarieSamSanchezPhoto

    A World Class Welcome at Grand Velas Los Cabos

    The minute you step onto a luxury resort, you're typically greeted with a delicious welcome drink. But when you step foot onto the beautiful Grand Velas Los Cabos, you immediately know this resort offers a different level of luxury. Upon arrival, you are greeted with a refreshing cool towel and an ice-cold drink to sip on while you go through the registration process which is personable, private and seamless. As you check in, you'll likely also notice the check-in area/lobby is quite grand and impressive as it's set atop the middle of the resort where you'll enjoy a lovely breeze. The lobby area is filled with incredible pieces of art and culture and you can also enjoy a complete view of the beautiful property set along the Sea of Cortez. The grounds here are magnificent and impeccably cared for. And just when you find yourselves in awe of what's to come, one of the resort's therapist will give you a neck and back massage as you sit in the lobby -- it's truly the perfect welcome especially after a day of traveling. Once your check-in process is complete, you'll immediately be whisked away by your assigned butler, who is available to take care of your meal reservations and any other needs you might have on your stay. The butler will also show you to your room and explain any special features you can enjoy as a guest, as well as answer any questions. At Grand Velas, you are well taken care from beginning to end -- it's a next level of world-class luxury unlike any other all-inclusive property. Wright Travel Agency is the official travel agency of the Best Destination Wedding Forum. To find out more details about booking your vacation, honeymoon or getaway at Grand Velas Los Cabos, or any other resort/location, contact Wright Travel Agency at: info@wrighttravelagency.com or you can contact them HERE!
  26. Good afternoon, I wanted to inquire if anyone has or knows someone who got married at this resort. How was it? How are the coordinators? Packages that were chosen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  27. Thank you soo much for your reply it's a HUGE help
  28. DanielleH88

    Photographer fee

    Thank you for the response TA Patty. I did both of those already I asked to talk to manager and everything and the response my TA got back was from the head office of grand Bahia and that it was there policy for the resort. And my coordinator is the least helpful ever and rude. So basically it's just a mess lol.
  29. TA Patty

    Photographer fee

    Hi Danielle - Congratulations & welcome to the forum! It is pretty common for a resort to charge "vendor fees" for outside vendors to come on property, but in my experience typically they do not charge if they are staying at the resort. I would suggest you go back to the resort and check on it again and you can also ask your TA to get involved. Good Luck!! TA Patty
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