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  4. Greetings. I'm really confused because my younger sister's marriage is fixed. Now the date is fixed for April 15th. We are planning to conduct a function only with minimal members. I neec to find out a best wedding venue or organizer. I need your advice which will be really helpful. Thank you
  5. I’m sorry but I just noticed this original post was from a few years ago.
  6. Hi girl, I was in the the exact same situation as you. I’ was a second timer too, at the time my daughter was 16 when we had our DW. He also had a daughter from a previous marriage who was 28 at the time with a 3 year old son who we’re residing with us. His daughter was in no financial shape whatsoever to pay her way to Fiji. My husband said it meant so much to him for her to be there. We argued for months about us funding her way to go with us. I felt like the evil step mother too but put my foot down. It almost got to the point that we were just not going to go but finally my fi gave in and
  7. Book your wedding at any Paradisus Mexico location from now to March 31, 2021, and get the Bridal Suite package for FREE! This bridal suite is unlike any other because it is an actual suite, not just a nice room off of the main salon. It feels a lot more intimate than a normal bridal suite and is the perfect place to get ready for your big day with your closest friends. Your wedding and room block must be booked through Wright Travel Agency to get this exclusive promotion. (Contact info@wrighttravelagency.com for details). Bridal S
  8. Photos from TA Babs Vong at Paradisus Playa del Carmen 2020.
  9. Hi everyone! Newbie here. I've been trying to search for templates for passport invitations. I saw a couple on Etsy but not many options. I was wondering if anybody knew of any other sites that have printable templates for passport invitations? Thanks in advance!
  10. I agreed that such music would be suitable for our wedding. To make your wedding more enjoyable you can add this playlist to your event. https://www.djtaba.com/playlist/featured-playlists/persian-wedding-dance-song/
  11. Calling all brides and grooms looking for a spectacular FREE sky wedding setup in Mexico, Jamaica or Dominican Republic! Wright Travel Agency, the official agency of the Best Destination Wedding Forum, is offering you a complimentary Sky wedding Package (valued at up to $1,700) when added to the Always & Forever wedding package for new wedding bookings at the following luxury all-inclusive resorts: El Dorado Maroma, El Dorado Seaside Suites, El Dorado Casitas, El Dorado Royale, Generations Riviera Maya, Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun, Azul Beach Reso
  12. Hello all members! My name is Samanja and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm very glad to Join this wedding forum. I believe I will receive enough help from the members here. I need help choosing a right diamond engagement ring for my upcoming engagement event. As I told before I'm in Toronto, I did enough research and visited many online jewelry stores in Canada. Finally, I found an engagement ring consultant named Aret and I'm so happy with the support he provided. He suggested me to choose any ring from this gallery page of custom diamond rings. So I am thinking to choose this ring (se
  13. One of the best things you could do is take a relaxing observation cruise along the shore, which takes you to the most picturesque spots with Big Marlin Charters Punta Cana The water is so clear you can see the bottom like in the pool, its as warm as a bath and gentle waves cuddle you softly. And you can enjoy all that charm with an exotic soft drink, your favorite music and bright sunny weather. This Tour is arranged for you by Party Boat Charters and it is a different from other party boat excursions because: this is a private trip - it is only you and people you bring with you, the atmos
  14. Check our customized / personalized products available on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ConEstilachoRegalos?section_id=30705779 We have facemasks, shot glasses, wine glasses, mugs, etc. Let's make this day special!
  15. I think it would be best to go to a good doctor who can tell you exactly how to proceed in your case because otherwise negative effects may occur along the way which is not useful. your. Personally, I also had a plastic surgery recently, but I'm still at home because I want to get back to my full potential. At first I didn't know which company to go to because I was afraid but then I saw a lot of good reviews about mommy makeover Bellevue and it's good that I turned to them.
  16. We are having a small wedding at his church on Dec 23rd. It will be no BM/GM. Just the two of us, our children and Moms ( Our dads have passed). I need help with the itinerary of the whole ceremony. He has left it up to me. This is our second marriage. Dated for 3 years, engaged for 3. I say sign the certificate and call it a day but he wants a little more traditional. I do not like all the attention... Should we have any music? Should it be just vows and done? Should I walk down the aisle even though we have been living together? Sooo many questions!! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks
  17. I have some ideas for wedding entrance songs Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars Rachel Patten – Stand by You Luke Bryan – Country Girl (Shake it For Me) Jennifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang Pitbull ft Kesha – Timber Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World Pink – Raise Your Glass Gretchen Wilson – Here For The Party Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  18. Songs are essential for every stage of your wedding and the new trend is featuring instrumental wedding songs. The stages range from prelude to processional, ceremony to recessional and reception. The music that serenades the guests, accompany the bride, groom or wedding party can make lasting memories. It’s your day by Yiruma Why choose: This song tells the couple it’s their day. Stay with me by Vitamin String Quartet Why choose: Instrumental wedding music of promise. Just the way you are by The Piano Guys Why choose: A song of perfection.
  19. Here is a good online source for fresh flower. I know they have free shipping in the United States, check with them on other destinations. JR Roses
  20. Hola soy Priscila Vallejo, En Dónde era tu boda ?? En Cancún o Riviera Maya México no tendrás límite de 50 personas. No por el momento. Los hoteles están tomando muchas medidas. Te gustaría platicar más a fondo?
  21. Hi! You could hire planning specialist or use some wedding planner book which help you with planning process
  22. Planning for your wedding involves a lot more than just setting a date, choosing a wedding gown and sending out invitations. Of course, now that you are engaged you are well aware of all the details that go into planning your wedding. Now that you have chosen a venue for your wedding reception, you will need to compose your wedding reception timeline. A lot goes into planning a wedding reception including finding a caterer choosing a wedding cake, making seating charts and so much more! You need to come up with a wedding reception schedule so that everything will go smoothly from start
  23. Why don't you contact some of your friends and relatives to see if they know anyone that can help? But you do need to be careful, as not using professionals you may get let down at the last minute and the quality may not be great either. Planning for your wedding involves a lot more than just setting a date, choosing a wedding gown and sending out invitations. Of course, now that you are engaged you are well aware of all the details that go into planning your wedding. Now that you have chosen a venue for your wedding reception, you will need to compose your wedding reception timeline. A frie
  24. It is almost impossible to throw an engagement party without some engagement party decorations. And, if you are one of those people easily overwhelmed with party preparations, you might need some engagement party decoration ideas to help get you on your way. This curated list of party décor with an engagement theme should be able to provide enough inspiration to help you decide on the type of décor you might need. The prices could even help give you an idea for the budget for our venue décor.
  25. What color is your wedding? You can go with warm autumn-inspired colors such as burnt oranges, dark reds, burgundy, bright yellows, like fall foliage https://printsbery.com/invitations/wedding/burgundy What planning have you guys done?
  26. We booked our wedding for April 2021 but the venue let us know at this time they are still implementing Covid measures so we should not have more than 50 guests, etc. We also made sure the contract had an "out" clause that would let us get a refund should the pandemic blow up again, or have the ability to reschedule without penalty.
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