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  2. I'm so sorry to hear this Did you have a signed contract with him? What did he or the contract say the turn around time be? If it is way past the deadline, you have made several documented attempts to contact him, and he has broken your contract and failed to produce what has been promised, you could resort to writing an online review of your experience -- often times, that motivates vendors who've dropped the ball to rectify the situation because it affects other potential clients.
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  5. STAY AWAY FROM CARIBBEAN EMOTIONS PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! Michael Weiler is a SCAMMER he took our money and disappeared!! we hired him as our photographer for our wedding back in November, he gave us a run around for the first week or 2 saying our pictures are almost ready and then disappeared. we have been sending him emails, texts and phone calls for the past 4 months and he is now where to be found. I made a fake account to email him and he answered right away as he is only interested in taking peoples money and not give anything in return.
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  7. For weddings you should definitely use a travel agent as there are promotions and amenities with a group block that you will not get by booking individually like comped rooms, upgrades, spa treatments, etc.
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! There are lots of great resort options in Punta Cana and we have stayed at or toured many of them. Are you looking for a family friendly resort or adults only? What you interested in with nature and the ceremony? All of the resorts will have different wedding locations and there are also a variety of off resort wedding venues in Punta Cana. Please feel free to email us at info@wrighttravelagency.com if you'd like us to send resort info and check group rates. Thanks! Patty
  9. Hello Everyone! I am currently in the initial stages of planning and I am starting to look at resorts in Dominican Republic. I am thinking of having my wedding in October 2020. I have been looking at resorts in Punta Cana, but I also want to look at other options/areas as well. The groom and I enjoy nature and we would like to incorporate that into our wedding in some way. We may also have a guest list between 50-80 people. Since we live in the US, I wanted to find a location that is accessible from major airports and is cost efficient for our guest as well as us. Can anyone share what locations they have searched or been to other than Punta Cana? Also I am okay to receive feedback on some Punta Cana locations.
  10. Thank you! I did not make these. I purchased them from a business. They are still for sale if you are interested!
  11. It's really tough when you put your heart and soul into planning your destination wedding and people aren't supportive for whatever reason. I think maybe letting people know how much it will cost for 2 weeks may be an issue -- a lot of people can't take that much time off and I"m guessing because it's such an extended period of time, the price may seem high to her. A good way of presenting a destination wedding celebration is to give rates based on 4 days, 3 nights -- which is typically what resorts will require for a group booking. This way, people will view it more of an extended weekend celebration and the time off as well as the costs becomes much more feasible to people. More likely, you'll have guests who will opt to stay longer and at that point you just let them know how much the extra cost will be. I suggest you talk to your best friend straight up about this and let her know how important it is for her to be there and find out what is holding her back. Communication is key!!
  12. Is it an option to quote a package for 1 week instead for all the guests and you and your hubby can stay 2 weeks? It's difficult to tell people what to do with their money and how they should save as that puts them on the defense. We are also planning a destination wedding and travelling once a year somewhere tropical is no big deal to us as we save up in advance and go away each year. When we'll hand out invitations we'll have to be conscious of the fact that not all our friends and family travel the way we do and even a one-week vacation somewhere out of the country is not regular routine for some. I would love for everyone to be able to take the time off and save up the money to join us, but we are Ok with the fact that it may not be possible. We are going into this comfortable with the idea that it may just be the 2 of us on a beach getting married, and that's completely fine. Just tell your friend that you would love to have her there even if it's less than the time everyone stays, and invite her to all the pre-wedding events. It's her choice to participate in whatever event she can afford to and would like to be a part of. Whenever she starts complaining about costs, just say "I'm sorry you won't be able to make it, we'll try to catch up when I'm back" and change the subject. Don't let her drag you down into a wormhole of self doubt and wedding guilt.
  13. We are planning a DW in Cuba in a 3-4 years (a long way off i know, but we need time to save). We decided to tell our families our plans, so they would have time to comfortably save as well. We said that this is what we want and people are welcome to fly out and be with us. I would love to have my best friend there but when i told her the price she started moaning saying how expensive it was. Its actually a very good price for 2 weeks all-inclusive tbf. I told her that its fine if she can't come but reminded her that it is a few years away so plenty of time to save. She only needs to put a little away each month. It just annoys me as she's telling me that she really wants to come and would be broken-hearted if she couldn't but its like she unwilling to even TRY to save up! She's always wasting her money on shit/takeaways but then moans that she's broke, constantly complaining how she never goes on holiday but doesn't seem to understand that if you want the hols then you got to save up!!! I don't even think she will try so i'm not sure if i should even bother asking her to my hen weekend? I just have a feeling that she won't try to do save then all i will hear until the end of time is how gutted she is that she missed my hen and wedding 😒 Its really depressed me as she makes me feel that my wedding is a burden and not worth the bother, its really took the shine off it! For me (i know how self-centered this sounds) iv had to sit and watch all my friends get married, have their moment, have everyone make a fuss of them and be excited for them. Iv waited so LONG and i bloody want my time now! i dont wanna hear how much hassle/expensive/far it is!!!
  14. Hi Marissa! I am so late to the party with this. It was truly such a pleasure working with you and I LOVE that I got to meet you and your friends! I definitely could've hung out with you guys the whole time. And thank you again for the awesome t-shirt. You both deserve all the happiness in the world 😍💘
  15. I personally think its always easier to keep everything in-house and with an agent, rather than everyone having random flights and accommodation. That said there will be some deals to be had booking separately. I would see what your wedding organiser can advise on.🙏
  16. Good luck with the planning, I am in a similar position, looking at different locations in Europe, at the moment I am torn between Croatia and italy, excited! 😬
  17. Smart lightweight pants and a smart pair of espadrilles, finished off with white linen shirt is always a winner for a foreighn wedding. This will be the look my fellas and his groomsmen will be wearing!👔
  18. A question engaged couples planning their destination wedding often find themselves asking is, “since we’re having a destination wedding, should we also plan a honeymoon?” And the answer is really quite simple and depends on a few factors. Do you have the time to take a honeymoon? Planning a honeymoon immediately after your destination wedding is a great way to unwind and decompress after several months of wedding planning and all the hustle and bustle of spending the past few days with your friends and family who attended the festivities. If you have the time to spare another few days or even a week to vacation on your own post-wedding, you should definitely plan a honeymoon. Do you have it in your budget? With a destination wedding can come significant expense. But if you can manage to squeeze in a honeymoon, it will be well worth the costs. While you may have the time of your life with all your wedding guests, it’s nice to be able to spend at least a few days with your new spouse to truly enjoy your wedded bliss. Staying at the same resort after all the guests leave, can be a cost and time efficient way to honeymoon. And if you’ve got room in your budget, getting an upgraded room for your extended stay is a nice way to change the pace and setting. Other couples may choose to move to entirely different resort in the area and that’s a way to make it feel like an entirely different experience that sets itself apart from your destination wedding. Maybe consider spending a few days at that resort that you thought would be too costly for your guests, or perhaps it’s a property that you’ve always wanted to visit. For couples who opt for a family-friendly resort to accommodate the children in their guest list, honeymooning at an adults-only resort is a great way to change things up. Where do you want to honeymoon? If your preference is to honeymoon in the same region as your destination wedding or somewhere that is a short flight away, then it will be more cost efficient to honeymoon immediately after the wedding because you’ll save on overall travel costs since you’re already in the area. MOST IMPORTANT: Is taking a honeymoon after your destination wedding important to you? For some people, their destination celebration fulfills the need to honeymoon and extending their trip just isn’t important. And that’s totally OK. For others, a honeymoon is a must and in that case — go for it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the honeymoon doesn’t have to take place right after the wedding, many couples opt to honeymoon weeks or months after the Big Day. It really is up to you to decide. There really is no right or wrong answer on whether destination couples should take a honeymoon — it really depends on your situation, needs and preference. The bottom line is, do what makes you happy as a couple and be it on honeymoon or at home — the most important thing is to simply find a way to enjoy the start of your marriage, together. For more information about booking a group, wedding or honeymoon at any destination location, contact the official travel agency of the BestDestination.com -- Wright Travel Agency at: www.wrighttravelagency.com.
  19. $400.00 OBO Beautiful dress. Never worn. Tags still attached. Only alteration was a bustle put on the back. Slip included. Kept in bag. Smoke free home.
  20. I have beautiful never used Real Touch flowers for sale. NEVER USED $450 OBO for all! 1 Bride Bouquet 6 Bridesmaids Bouquets 3 Corsages 5 Boutonnieres Please comment or email me at melissatatalovich@hotmail.com for more information
  21. Paradisus is actually notorious for doing this and we have to fight with them all the time to get the rates lowered. Are you using a TA to assist you?
  22. Moon palace cancun offers Sikh priest. Janina Mendoza in weddings was very nice and able to help me.. suggest to contact her.
  23. How was the weather? Planning an April wedding next year!
  24. Many tourists flock to the Cancun-Riviera Maya each year seeking the warm and clear turquoise waters the region is known for. But often times, vacationers find themselves disappointed when they happen to be staying at a resort with less than desirable beach conditions — a rough tide, less than crystal clear waters and red flag warnings spread throughout the beach dissuading people from swimming in the ocean because of dangerous conditions. If you have your hopes set on staying at a resort that will give you the crystal clear Cancun beaches you see in postcards, then Hyatt Ziva Cancun is the place to be. This 5-star all-inclusive resorts sits on the peninsula along the popular Cancun hotel zone, giving resort goers the convenience of being able to walk into town and partake in the lively nightlife, but most importantly an idyllic beach with incredibly calm waters that are perfect for swimming and basking under the warm Caribbean sun. Hyatt’s turquoise waters are truly a sight to see, one that greets guests the minute you walk into the resort’s lobby. Protected by a cove from the tip of the peninsula that boasts the resort’s well known lighthouse, this beach is perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, swimming or simply sitting in the ocean with a drink in hand. And if you’re willing to swim about 40 yards out, you’ll find a sandbar in the middle of the ocean that allows you to stand in waist deep water. If you’re want to enjoy the water but also take a relaxed approached, you can snag one of the hammocks set out close to shore. The shoreline is also lined with lounge chairs and beach umbrellas if you’d rather relax and sunbathe or doze off to the sound of the ocean. Resort-goers can also enjoy Habaneros — an oceanfront restaurant right on the sand that serves delicious drinks and bites for lunch and dinner so you don’t have to go far for a quick meal or drink. On the other side of the resort, vacationers can enjoy a larger beach although the water isn’t as calm as the resort’s more private beach. Either way, when you come to this resort rest assure, this property has arguably the best beach in the Cancun area. Wright Travel Agency is the official travel agency of the Best Destination Wedding Forum. To find out more details about booking your vacation, honeymoon or getaway at Hyatt Ziva Cancun, or any other resort/location, contact Wright Travel Agency at: info@wrighttravelagency.com or you can contact them HERE!
  25. First of all congrats!!! Costa Rica is a magical place for a wedding Are you working with a travel agency for your rooms? If not, I would highly encourage you to do so because an agent can often help you get in contact with the wedding department to get that conversation/communication going. I would suggest working with Wright Travel Agency, the official agency of this forum. These agents are specialist in destination weddings and have access to great promotions and group perks in addition to being able to secure the best rates for your group. Best of all the agency does not charge any fees to use their service, but it will take a load off your plate not having to worry about arrangements for travel for you and your guests. Shoot an email over to info@wrighttravelagency.com and one of the team members will get back to you and get the ball rolling for your group and the wedding department! Best wishes!!!
  26. Hi we're planning a wedding for Riu Palace in Costa Rica. The process is going pretty well so far but we're having trouble finding info on rates and reception venues. Does anyone have info about reserving the rooftop terrace for ceremony and reception? We're concerned about lighting for photos. Also does anyone know rates for catering, rentals, flower vendors etc? Thanks!
  27. Hi there! Happy to find this resource, because I need some wise advice. My dear friend Monica plans to create a website for her wedding. The purpose is to send invites via this website and add the photos and love story. Possibly the website will remain as a memory of the wedding day. My task is to investigate and propose a website for her. Need something minimalistic and lovely, pastel colours. So, the question is, has anyone of you made anything a website for your wedding? What specific sections have you included? Have you used a website builder or a programmer? How much did it cost for you? My recent findings are: https://weblium.com/templates https://www.theknot.com/gs/wedding-websites
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