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Oot Bags/printables



I am finalizing my OOT bags, and just completed some of the printables that my friend made for me. So adorable!


I got all of the items from amazon except for the bags holding the fun/sun stuff, and the raffia/ribbon from Michaels:


Money/Room Key Holder:

"To have and to hold...your money and key"

-stretchy wrist key chain - amazon

-money/key holder - resealable horizontal badge holder


Goodie Bag:

"Too much sun...too much fun"

-clear bag - Michaels

-raffia ribbon - Michaels

-Mini Sunscreen - Amazon

-Mini Aloe - Amazon

-single pepto - Amazon

-Advil - Amazon


Sun Fun

have hold money Key

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I got them on Etsy: www.etsy.com/listing/125322201/20-wedding-welcome-bags-canvas-wedding


She will customize the colors and send you a proof. We went back a forth a few times on the mint, and she was a doll to work with! I hope you have an amazing day!

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Our resort gave us a list of our guests with their travel information. So, whenever possible, we met them in the lobby as soon as they arrived. We also had a list of room numbers for our guests, so we could track them down if we missed them initially.

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