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Shanghai Oled Green Dopant Manufacturer



HanShang Chemical Scientific Limited(mrHou,tel: )is specialized in oled Green dopant.Are you looking for the best oled Green dopant in Shanghai?HanShang Chemical Scientific Limited is the best oled Green dopant manufacturer In shanghai.

  High-efficiency organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs) were fabricated in which solution-processed ambipolar blends of hole- and electron-transport polymer hosts doped with a green-emitting iridium complex are sandwiched between a photocrosslinked hole-transporting layer and a vacuum-deposited electron-transporting layer. The ambipolar host blends consist of blends of bis-oxadiazole-functionalized poly(norbornene) electron-transport materials and poly(N-vinylcarbazole). For the best device examined, an external quantum efficiency of 13.6% and a maximum luminous efficiency of 44.6 cd/A at 1000 cd/m2 with a turn-on voltage of 5.9 V were obtained.

HanShangChem provides high quality chemicals from research scale to commercial scale quantities. We develop, produce and sell various Organic Optoelectronic Chemicals, especially for oled Green dopant.As a Green dopant manufacturer,HanShang Chemical Scientific Limited is A little known company in pudong.Because we provide the best quality oled Green dopant in shanghai.


If you want to known How much the oled Green dopant is,pleas tel OR 3W.hanshangchem.com .We are Professional supplier of shanghai oled Green dopant manufacturer .

Our Address:Dongfang Road, Pudong, Shanghai


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