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Men’s Beach Wedding Attire Ideas (And Best Places to Shop)

One of the trickiest decisions you’ll make for your destination wedding is how to decide on what the groom and groomsmen will wear. You know that the weather will be warm, but you don’t want the guys looking too casual on your big day. And with how many pictures will be taken, you want something formal, but comfortable under the hot sun. Here are some men’s beach wedding attire ideas to and the best places to shop for your destination wedding.

When most people think of destination wedding apparel, they think cotton style linen pants and a white button up. Although some people love this look and want everyone in it, others may think it’s too casual or doesn’t offer enough color. Consider these options for the handsome men sharing the big day with you and your future hubby.

Vest & Tie

Vest & TieVest & Tie

It’s not a full blown suit that they have to wear in warm weather, but still put together and classy looking. Clean cut and they can remove the vest and roll up their sleeves after pictures if they get too warm.


Bowtie & Suspenders

Bowtie & SuspendersBowtie & Suspenders

I have to show off my own groom on this one. The first picture is him with his groomsmen. We chose bowties and suspenders with dark grey pants. Thankfully, the sun was hiding behind the clouds most of the day, and none of them complained about being too hot. I don’t think any of them wore a t-shirt underneath either, and I couldn’t tell. I loved this look because I wanted their shirts tucked in, but still comfortable and not too restricting. Here’s an Amazon link to the suspenders, and an Etsy link to the bowties.

Suspenders: https://amzn.to/2Q8GZxd

Bowties: http://tidd.ly/11a57d2b


Light Gray Suits

Light Gray SuitsLight Gray Suits

If you still think a suit is necessary for how you want your wedding day to look, consider them in a lighter color. Navy or black is very clean and nice looking, but may be too hot under the sun all day. Light grey still looks put together and may not be too much to handle. Plus, you can still add a pop of color in the bowties, ties, or suspenders that matches the bridesmaids.


Linen & White with Vest

4 Beach Wedding Groom Attire Ideas

Similar to look the first look, but a different color scheme. If you still like the linen and white colors, but don’t want to be as casual, consider adding a vest. Maybe a bowtie or tie with it as well. Sometimes tan pants with an untucked white shirt just doesn’t look as put together and some people are hoping for in their pictures. Adding a vest with a tucked in shirt will really improve the look.  Again, they can remove the vest later on if they feel too warm or uncomfortable.


Best Places to Shop for Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

One of the perks for having a destination wedding is the difference in attire. You aren’t as pressured to get tuxes for your groom and groomsmen, or formal dresses for your bridesmaids. But because of this, you aren’t sure about the best place to shop for men’s beach wedding attire. Here are a few financially friendly options to consider for the best places to buy groomsmen attire for your destination wedding.


Island Importer


If you’re looking specifically for linen pants this is a great site to start for men’s beach wedding attire. For example, take a look at this particular pair of pants.

As you can see there are 3 steps to ordering. Step one is to choose a color. Step two is to put in the measurements, so make sure to tell your groomsmen they still need to get measurements if they don’t have them already. Finally, step three is to put in the wedding/departure date.

This site will take 6-8 weeks to complete your order so it’s imperative that your groomsmen order on time. There are added fees to expedite the order if they happen to take their time ordering as we know men like to do.

Keep in mind that they do have other pants where the groomsmen can just put in their waist measurement, which most men know already. This doesn’t include a length though, so if you want them looking more tailored a custom order would still be required.

This site also includes men’s shirts and suits, boy’s clothes, and even bridal dresses. So many great options for a destination wedding!




Another good option for linen material attire. They seem to have a sale pretty often which makes them a financially friendly option. Even if there is not a sale at the time, it’s still a cheaper option than renting a tuxedo and the groomsmen get to keep their clothes.

One con for this site is that the pants are sized pretty well (waist and length measurement), but the jackets are  only a S, M, L, XL, and XXL option. For your large guests this might be tricky to get a big enough jacket. Also, your groomsmen may end up having to pay to get it tailored anyway if it doesn’t fit quite right.

If you’re looking for a slim or skinny fit you may not find it here, as Cubavera has limited fit options.


Wedding Tropics


Another great option for men’s beach wedding attire. Wedding Tropics offers a little more of a tailored fit without having to get it tailored. For their shirts they offer a standard size, fitted or standard fit, and short or long sleeve.

For their pants they just offer a standard waist size.




Macy’s has a ton of suit and suit separate options. If you wait for a good sale it can be pretty affordable as well. Sales run pretty often so don’t buy the suit at full price! THis particular suit above is originally $395.00, but on sale for $98.99. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the linen material you see a lot of beach weddings, Macy’s doesn’t have many options in that category.

What’s nice about these suit options is that the groomsmen can wear them multiple times after your wedding. They’ll still mostly likely have to get them tailored, but after that your groomsmen should have a really nice suit for life.




What’s nice about ASOS is that they have a specific section for Weddings to shop under. Their prices are for the whole suit. For example, for the picture listed below it gives you the price of $127.00. Once you look further the prices are broken down as $87.00 for the jacket, $40.00 for the pants, and $40.00 for the vest. Similar to Macy’s, the groomsmen may or may not have to get their suits tailored depending on how well they fit based on sizing.


I hope these men’s beach wedding attire ideas and best places to shop for your destination wedding have been helpful for you to get started. Have you come across another affordable option not listed above? Comment below or contact me here so I can add it to this post and provide even more resources to my destination wedding brides!


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