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4 principles of bridal Vietnam remy hair care

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The principles of bridal hair care, extremely simple and easy to help the bride have healthy Vietnam remy hair for the wedding day.


1. Do not change hairstyles, hair care products

You should not do a new hairstyle (including dyeing, stretching, bending), shampooing, Vietnam hair styling close to the wedding day. Because if you are not beautiful, you will not have enough time to "fire". You should only change these things before your wedding day for 4 to 5 months.

Do not change the hair style, hair care products just before the wedding day

2. Take care of your Vietnam remy hair from the inside

Nutrition plays a very important role in your health and hair. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, which helps eliminate toxins in the body, leaving your skin and hair dry and dull. Supplement the essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc (found in beans), vitamin A (found in dark green vegetables) and vitamin B6 (found in eggs).

Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, eating enough nutrients is a way of hair care

At the same time, pay attention to your regular hair. If you want to use any kind of nutritional care, brew hair, you should consult expert.

3. Protect your hair from the effects of the environment

Wear a sun hooded hat, a hat that does not come in direct contact with environmental factors or use a sunblock for your hair in the sun.

4. Wash your hair before the wedding day

Do not wait too long to wash your hair before styling for about a day, especially with straight hair or thin Vietnam remy hair. When the hair is not too smooth and the hair is not spiked, styling is easy and does not require much product on the hair.

4. Choose your hair style after choosing the dress

Choose a wedding dress before choosing a hairstyle to make sure they fit together. You should plan ahead 2-3 hairstyles. Be more careful, you can try your Vietnam remy hair first then dress in the prepared wedding gown.

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