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How to Choose Lehenga According to Your Body Shape?

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These days Lehenga has been in fashion generations and a simpler version is worn by women in many towns every day. However, for brides these same outfits is jazzed up and made to suit the demands of the occasion. But wedding fashion changes from one season to the other and therefore it is important to keep up with the latest trends in Lahengas.

Velvet Lehenga:


These types of outfits are mostly embroidered. Embroidery is all about threads that actually bring the show of the Velvet Lehenga. Thus their color should be well coordinated. Gold and silver outfit look the best on brides in present time, as these are much in fashion nowadays and moreover impart royal feel to outfit.Embroideries should your sense of style. If you have a bulky type choose the embroideries are placed on your lighter body part. However an hour glass shaped woman should ideally for vertical embroideries.

Georgette Lehenga:


Go for beautiful georgette lehenga with festive details and designs that embrace ethnic and cultural traditions. If you are confuse about any traditional event Lehenga is best option, these are attractive and not too over fleshy.

Select Lehenga according to your body shape.

Knowing you body shape and size well will help you to enhance your curves to drive out the unique sex appall in these outfits. Commonly the shapes that represent maximum Indian women include apple part (heavy lower part), pear shaped (heavy upper part) and hour glass (perfect shaped)

  • While going for the right neck line V-necks works for both hour glass and apple shaped women. On the other hand boat-necks, sweetheart necks are some that neck lines pear shaped women can go for.
  • A Lehanga is normally high waist and goes almost to ankle height. However, the latest trend in bridal Lehengas is to have small blouses and low waist skirts, leaving the mid riff area open.

Overall the latest trends in lehengas are to pick up the traditional designs and add a modern touch to them. The colors are traditional, but the style is modern. The designs and patterns of the embellishments are traditional, but the materials used to embellish them now are modern.

However, just make sure that you do try your Lehenga before deciding to buy one. Sometimes, certain colors or designs do not complement a particular skin color or shape as well as others would.

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