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4 Steps To The Perfect Ceremony Processional



4 Steps to the Perfect Ceremony Processional


How will you line up your ceremony processional? We’ve created a key for you…


#1: List the Participants

First, make a detailed list of participants to include. Make sure the people you both feel closest with, are included. Keep in mind: do not over-do it! The idea is to keep the list within the bridal party and a few family members not to bore the rest of the guests with the processional.


#2: Fiancé Entrance

Traditional or Non Traditional

The next step is to consider if you want your fiancé to walk down the aisle or to wait for you at the alter. Some grooms prefer to wait for their bride, whereas others want to make an entrance as well — so this is something you definitely want to decide together. Our beach wedding venue gives a casual feel to the ceremony and some couples feel inspired to go outside of the norm — we’ve even had grooms who walked down the aisle to funky music, which created a lot of excitement for their guests!


#3 Consider Pairs or Singles

Back to a traditional ceremony… if you have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, consider having them walk in pairs. Walking individually does work for smaller processionals, especially if there are no more than 6 people.


Odd Numbers

If you must have an uneven number, have the extra groomsmen or bridesmaid lead the bridal party, walking alone.


The order is up to you, you could have your Maid of Honor and Best Man walking in first or last just as long the rest of the bridal party knows they will be standing from the outside in, that way you and your fiancée will have them standing right next.



If you chose to have kids participate in the ceremony, you have a couple of options: If you want each child to have their own moment, you could have the ring bearer walk down the aisle and then the flower girl. Or they could walk together so they can hold hands (this is also a good idea if you have a really young child since, the older one can lead and help to keep the procession going).


One of the cutest wedding ideas we’ve seen is when one of the children walking down the aisle holds a sign that reads something like: “Here comes your bride!” Or even a funny phrase like, “Last chance to run!” Which your guests will love and it will also make wonderful pictures!


Or for a wow factor, in our case we have a parrot that can deliver the wedding rings! From our experience this brings a lot of surprise and excitement to the wedding ceremony.


#4 How will you enter?

And for the big moment: you, the bride, walking down the aisle. You can choose to walk the aisle with your dad or both your parents. If that is not an option consider having any other person dear to you to be holding your hand in such as special moment. Some brides even choose to enter the aisle alone.

Every option is correct and we suggest you to choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable and happy for your big day!

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