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The Race For La Liga Throne: Opponent Commensurate



In the race to the championship La Liga, only Barcelona the only team to win with 2 goals or more gaps in the most recent 3 rounds. But it may not prevent two formidable competitor that is Atletico and Real Madrid.


As such, after the outcome of the Round 36 La Liga still nothing changed earlier, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are still in the same spot but Barca topped by confrontation, while Real Madrid ranks 3rd with only one gap point. The opportunity remains open for all 3 teams.



Barca is the only team that has won all three rounds closest to 2 goals or more, while Atletico are the only team to win all three matches 1-0

But how to win for each team, the team was not the same. In 3 championship candidate, Barcelona have won only three victories with isolated from 2 goals or more in all 3 matches. Atletico Madrid, while for 3 consecutive wins 1-0. The remaining teams are Real Madrid, there is a 3-0 victory over Villarreal but struggled to win by 1 goal margin on the next two. keo nha cai catcher easily.


Score of the match was also not fully reflect the stage for the entire 90 minutes. Barcelona won all recent 3 games are from 2 goals or more, but the score 8-0 before dark Vallecano 6-0 Deportivo or just come in 2nd half (they turn led 2-0 and 1-0 after the 1st half) , which has no small role of a penalty in the game against Vallecano. Before Betis, Barca were held 0-0 in the first 45 minutes.


Meanwhile Atletico Madrid for three consecutive victory with a score of 1-0 and won 3 games the way they have a similar feel. Their attack is not an explosive attack, but the enemy is breached Atletico grid is almost inevitable, and then did not have a chance to recuperate before very solid defense of "Los Rojiblancos ". Again, three wins with 3 tables and each table is written from a different striker (Torres, Correa & Griezmann).


Real suffered extensive damage in the 3-0 win over Villarreal while the injured Cristiano Ronaldo, and then add Karim Benzema Real also lost. 2 recent games Real were pipped, upstream Vallecano 3-2 victory and defeat Sociedad 1-0, both wins are significant markers of Gareth Bale. But they still let Vallecano scored 2 goals against. tructiepbongda viewed at this page


Thus, Barcelona is the only team is winning gap, Real difficulties due to injury, while Atletico won 1-0 but the whole not to concede one goal. Each team will have partly formed his style in the last 3 rounds. But look through that expression can not determine which team will advance to slip.


According to Hoang Quan (Discovery). According to the sbobet page


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