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I saw a lot of comments about MarWeddings, but I wasn't able to review them in the "Vendor Reviews" tab, so hopefully this will show up for anyone interested!


The only reason I was able to enjoy my wedding day so much was because of Gaby and the MarWeddings team. They organized and decorated flawlessly. Gaby was so professional, but also so warm, friendly, and helpful- it took so much pressure off of me and my wedding party. She stepped back to let us enjoy the evening, but gave us a tap on the shoulder during the appropriate times for the wedding introductions, speeches, first dances, etc. (now back to the beginning stages of the planning process).


I had reached out to 5 or 6 wedding planners in the Puerto Vallarta area to get an idea of what I wanted, pricing, and figure out if I liked the person I was going to be talking to over the next 9 months. From the minute I talked to Gaby from MarWeddings, I was at ease. I wanted to confirm and get a contract in place asap so no one else could reserve our date, but she assured me the date was reserved and wouldn't send across a contract until she had a full understanding of what I wanted for the big day, and I had an understanding of what Mar Weddings could provide, and we had agreed on a detailed budget that she put together, which included venue (Sandzibar Beachfront Restaurant), DJ, dance floor, lighting, flowers, photographer (Joann Arruda), hotel (our only frustration, but not because of MarWeddings), salon appointments (Paloma Garcia), church (La Cruz de Huanacaxtle), transportation, etc.


I don't live in Mexico, and I wasn't able to visit Puerto Vallarta (actually, our wedding was in Nuevo Vallarta) before the big day, but MarWeddings did an AMAZING job of staying in touch, checking in, sending regular updates, and giving advice. I shared a pintrest board of what I was interested in, and she was able to sift through it and figure out how to make everything look great in real life, while respecting our wedding budget. They are the professionals, and I appreciated every piece of advice Gaby gave me (from adding a little bit of color to our tables with blue napkins, to NOT sending out our contact number in Mexico to our 130 guests the week of the wedding for questions). Gaby was able to send samples of various photographers, videographers, and several options of decor and style for the big day. Gaby was able to reserve the date ($ time) and follow up with the church to make sure they received all of our documents.


Once we got to Puerto Vallarta, the team received us flawlessly. Gaby set up a nail appointment, dance lesson, food tasting, and church visit with some of the team (Miroslava, Juan, and Guillermo). It was such a fun way to get ready for the wedding, and I was able to give them the wedding favors and some stuff I got for the big day. The team is amazing, and I instantly loved all of them. My husband and I decided we wanted to extend the timing of the wedding to 2am (only 4 days before the wedding), and Gaby and the MarWeddings team were SO flexible and were able to quickly send the price update and accommodate our request.


On the day of the wedding everything was PERFECT. After my hair and makeup appointment, we had about an hour to get ready at our hotel, where I was able to relax with the wedding party, have a glass of champagne, and put on my dress. The car to take us to the church was right on time and when we arrived, our guests had started sitting down in the church. After the ceremony, we spent some time with our photographer (Joann Arruda), when we got to the reception everyone was already having a great time- the DJ adjusted the music because our guests were ready to dance (I appreciated the flexibility).


The reception was GORGEOUS. I had seen the venue at the food tasting, but the way Mar Weddings decorated was breathtaking. The string lights over the dance floor were amazing, the tables were simple and elegant, and the decorations were better than I imagined. We had a very multi-cultural wedding, and Mar Weddings was able to help balance that at the reception. Honestly, I can't believe how perfectly everything went- she reserved the church for a 3:30pm ceremony, so that we would get to the beach reception around 5:00/5:30 just in time to have a few drinks and enjoy the sunset on the beach.


My husband and family agree that getting the wedding planner was the best money we spent on the wedding. Everyone (including myself) was able to enjoy the celebration in such a beautiful location and I really can't thank MarWeddings enough.


Sophia Z


Please note: I've published similar reviews on a few different websites because when I was searching for a wedding planner online it was difficult to find the information I needed, but this is the most comprehensive review I've published for MarWeddings. Feel free to email me questions at zpwedding2016@gmail.com (this was our wedding email address)


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