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Indian Destination Wedding Help!



Hi there, Is there anyone who has had an Indian Destination wedding and can suggest a Resort that can accommodate approximately 100 guests? Needs to be family friendly aswell. I am looking to book for March of 2017!


I was thinking somewhere in Mexico is the most cost effective for my guests, but if anyone else has a decently priced option, Im open to it !


Can you also tell me if you hired a wedding planner from your city? or used the one appointed to you by the resort only?


Did you fly out Videographer and photographer? If not can anyone recommend a good company in Mexico??


I would like the resort to serve Indian food on atleast one of the events if not more, can anyone tell me what they thought of the Indian food and where they can serve?


Please help!


Confused :|


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Hi there! I was in Mexico a few months ago and did a site visit at Now Sapphire. They actually have a south asian wedding package that includes 6 events and indian food. Check it out! Try sending an email to the wedding team there to request it, if you don't get a response send me a message and I can scan you my hard copy. I attended an indian bridal show recently and they had a lot of info and vendors for destination weddings. Not sure where you live but in Toronto our 2 big indian bridal shows are Suhaag and Kismet. Good luck!

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Congrats on your engagement and on the start of the planning process! You have definitely come to the right place when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams  :)


Mexico is the perfect area for an Indian destination wedding! I highly suggest you reach out to one of the forum travel agents who have a lot of expertise and insight when it comes to planning Indian Destination Weddings in Mexico as well as other fabulous destination wedding locations. They are a great resource and can give you a lot of advice on the best locations for a large scale weddings. If you want to get some ideas of pricing, try one of the BDW Travel Agents.  They specialize in Destination weddings and recently took a trip to Cancun/Riviera Maya for specialized training for Indian Weddings.  They will also be able to give you the best deals at the resorts, including extra perks and bonuses when booking a large group. Best of all, these travel agents do not charge an extra fee to book through their services, so it is a win-win situation for you and your guests. You can contact them HERE!


A resort that instantly comes to mind is Moon Palace in Cancun, which offers a beautiful venue as well as on-site preparation of delicious Indian cuisine -- if that is an important aspect when it comes to planning your wedding (I can attest to this because I enjoyed some of that amazing Indian cuisine at Moon Palace just last week -- we had 5 delicious meals featuring solely Indian food and it was amazing!!!  ;) )  And because the food is prepared on-site, you will never have to worry about it being fresh or getting cold -- your guests will love it! 


Moon Palace also has a list of preferred vendors that they encourage their couples to use with tons of experience in Indian weddings. And I know that plenty of couples having Indian weddings enjoy this resort because they have a horse and carriage that can be used for the baraat ceremony!


Cancun/Riviera Maya area as a whole has a group of extremely experienced and talented vendors who specialize in Indian destination weddings -- including hair/makeup stylist who cater to Southeast Asian brides, entertainers/musicians (dhol services, etc.), Mendhi artist (she is awesome by the way!!!). This area is also equipped with wonderful resorts that can accommodate large groups involved in numerous special customs and events like that of Indian Weddings. 


As one of the Content Curators on this site, I also want to give you a heads up that we are actually going to be producing a lot of content on this site in the coming weeks geared toward Indian Destination Wedding brides. Here are some blog features we've actually posted in reference to Indian destination wedding planning:


Should You Use a Travel Agent When Planning an Indian Destination Wedding?


Should I plan a trip to my destination wedding location prior to the Big Day? If so, how many visits would you advise?


What Kind of Budget Should I Set Aside When Planning my Indian Destination Wedding?


Hope that helps a little, and congrats once again! Definitely reach out to one of the BDW Travel Agents when it comes to location ideas -- I think they are an incredible resource and will be a huge help in finding the perfect location to host the wedding of your dreams!!!!   :wub:

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Hello  SR2017, Congrats for your upcoming wedding,


As Dream Art photography we have done Indian Weddings in Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Beach Palace and Banyan Tree in Riviera Maya.


Usually are 2 wedding planners one in the city close to the bride and other one in the destination.


About photography service it is up to you, sometimes photographers have problems on airport customs cause they should have a special vissum to work in mexico " is a flip coin random".


Feel free to check our profile we did Princy & Justin wedding and just a few days ago Hema & Samir  wedding we did 17 hours shooting


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