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Our Story -- Cliche Post Title...




I have been in 9 weddings, but never thought I would be doing a blog for my own wedding. I thought I would be the kind who will be always single, independent, carreer oriented, world traveler type of woman; and I was happy with that, or so I thought...

Chris and I work at the same company and had been working on the same project for about 1.5 yrs; we knew of each others existance, but nothing more than that. Until, a friend we have in common, also a co-worker of ours decided to play cupid and set us up. I will forever be thankful to her for that.

We started dating and I quickly realized that I was just then learning what happiness really means. We have been so in sync from day 1; not only between him and I, but between his two kids and I. I fell in love with them, with my Dyrlund 3-Pack.

Chris is the kindest person I have ever met. He is considerate, caring, loving, selfless, generous, and very, very smart. Also, very handsome if I may say so :-)

After almost a year of dating, he proposed to me on Good Friday 2015, he took me to the place we had been trying to go for our second date. He kept taking pictures of me, but that was nothing unsual; at some point I turned around and there he was on one knee and proposed to me in Spanish. I will never forget his face, his expression, and his words to me at that moment.

We had already talked about a destination wedding and that's how I made it to this website!

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