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Cabo Photography: Ana And Jerome



Ana and Jerome were AMAZING! I just used them on my 1/18/15 wedding and they were perfect. I actually had a hard time finding wedding photography I liked. I felt like a lot of the Cabo photographers had a very different style than what I was going for. A lot of the photographers I looked at had very dark, dramatic photos (not bad photography, just not what I was going for). I really wanted my photographs to turn out light, bright, and fun (which was the vibe I was going for through my whole wedding). I really liked Amy Abbott, but she was unavailable.... I was feeling very discouraged but then I came across Ana and Jerome and I loved their gallery. The photos were so beautiful and I loved their style - both in terms of the setup and positioning of the bride/groom/etc but also the editing.


They were just as great in person! They were responsive to emails throughout the process and once they arrived at the wedding, everyone really loved them. They speak fluent English so they knew how to tell everyone what to do and where to go, and they struck a perfect balance between blending into the background, but also inserting themselves when necessary to tell us what looks best and to position us best for shots (for instance, Ana kept reminding me not to slouch, which I appreciated :)). We have already received some photos and they are stunning! The lighting, the frames, and the editing is all done so well.


I would highly recommend working with them! Not only do they capture beautiful moments and edit the pictures beautifully, but they are just a really nice, enjoyable, fun couple that was a pleasure to work with personally. :)


If anyone would like a reference on them, I would be happy to speak with you offline!




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