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Excellence Punta Cana Wedding




My name is Natia, soon to be Natia Swan :)

I'm planning to get married at the Excellence Punta Cana Sept 2015 and I'm looking for brides (past and future) to come and share their experience. I have noticed that planning a destination wedding comes down to the last few months and resorts don't share a lot of information before that. Also the communication is not always the best which is a shame. I'm attaching some of the latest brochures for brides to check out and start to budget. I got these from a bride who is getting married there Dec 2014 and she just got the brochures, note these could change by 2015 but its a good way to start I guess.

I'm very familiar with the resort and I was there for a week last year and liked it so much that now that we're planning out wedding we decided to have the celebration there. I'm also going to be vacationing there this year again Oct 23 to the 30 (in 3 weeks!) so I plan to take some pictures and share in my blog. I'm also going to meet with the TA to see some of their options for decoration and location.

I'm planning to have around 40 people, maybe more. And, I'm looking for something very low key but elegant. and something fun! so I think I'm going with a DJ for my wedding, I know it's expensive but I care alot about the dancing and party atmosphere at the reception. I also plan on bringing some decorations from the USA too.

Oh and I live in Chicago if anyone is also in the are :)

Please come in and leave a comment specially if you are a past bride and have a review you would like to leave here and help future brides like myself get comfortable with our decision to have the wedding there. Like I said I'm very familiar with the resort and the grounds but I know NOTHING about planning a destination wedding and how things are supposed to go with the resort so I would love to hear from other people who already went through that.

Have a great day and happy planning!


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Ok, I can't figure out how to add files but if anyone wants the catalogs (2014) please let me know your email and I'll send.

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