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Creative Packaging: Diy Wedding Favor Ideas



“One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.” ~Judith Viorst

Planning a wedding is not an easy one especially when one is expecting it to be a one big fat summer wedding in New York. Wedding in itself is a high maintenance occasion where emotions play their utmost roles. Everything gets noticed, and therefore, needs to be aptly planned. Starting from finding wedding venues in Long Island or Chelsea Piers or Central Park or others which are most of the times, during summers pre-booked till nailing down the perfect summer menu for the guests can be a daunting task.



There are certain guidelines on as to how to plan a magnificent summer wedding.

  • Start from preparing a comprehensive guest list so that you have a fair number of people attending your wedding.
  • Accordingly select the menu that goes with the season and likings of the guests.
  • Book the wedding venue as early as possible as it will incur the largest expenditure of your wedding. However, stick to your budget!
  • Pick up the most comfortable and clean bridal dress. Remember most of the photos are taken of the bride in any weddings.
  • Check on the wedding favors that you will gift your guests. Believe me; everybody likes a return favor in weddings. However, finalizing the wedding favors can be quite challenging so don’t take it lightly.

Here are some easy and cool favor options to help you out for your summer wedding.
  • Sunglasses

If you have chosen to get married in summers, and that too in the boat! It has to be sunglasses to get better pictures of the guests. Even better, gift them Polarized Wayfarers’! They will love it.

  • Personalized Flash Drives

Near and dear ones already know the amount of time you have taken for planning this big wedding event. Although they love you enough, they will still love you an inch more if you can send them home with memories that they can play on forever. Put the celebration photos along with your favorite music in the background.

  • Small cupcakes

There are no better wedding favors than small tiny cupcakes. Nobody ever turns down a sweet gift even if you have already served them desserts at the wedding. Try to bake it yourself as they will feel the love in it.

  • Buri Fans

Complete your summer wedding by gifting your guests Buri Fans. You can also customize it by writing a special message on these fans. This practical favor will surely keep them cool. Buri Fans are aesthetically pleasant and functionally wise. Perfect Favor!

  • Flip Flops

Yes! What better way to make your guests feel at ease if they are attending your Long Island non-tradition Boat party Venue. The ladies especially will appreciate it more than anything. Make sure these Flip Flops are of excellent quality and are bright in colors.

  • Wedding Frisbees

Challenge conventional gifts. Try to add a personal touch to your wedding favor. Write your names and date of wedding on Frisbees. Yes, you read it right! They definitely are not an affordable option but marriage is an occasion wherein one should not give out cheaper options. Customize the Frisbees. Write your names and date of wedding on it. Perhaps it will act as a souvenir for the guests or the kids will start playing with it.


Gift them that suits your budget as well as that goes along with your wedding theme. Instead of buying expensive favors from the market, it is better to try creating a gift at home as it will add a personal touch to it. Most importantly, do it with love and grace. They shall use and admire your favor but they will remember the celebrations till the end.

In the end what favor you choose matters the least and what matters the most is how you gift and treat your guests.


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