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Destination weddings on silver budget in 10 easy steps

The wedding is one of the most significant and special events of one’s life. It marks the beginning of a new life that is why people try it to make it perfect in every way. Everyone dreams of a big fat wedding; surrounded by friends and family, fantastic food and a great venue, and this is where comes in the “destination wedding”. A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in any other place than your hometown. You travel with your friends and family to the destination to exchange vows sounds magical, right? The destinations are mostly exotic islands or serene countryside away from the usual hustle bustle of the city. But when it comes to the expenses it is a very costly affair. It can cost your arms and legs to organize a wedding in your own hometown, but to take it to another city or country, the expense of traveling; wedding venue and hotels with everything else can very easily put you in a pool of debts that can take years to pay off! A destination wedding is like a dream come true, but a very expensive dream indeed.  If you have thought of destination wedding after reading this you must break into cold sweat, but do not worry it is not entirely impossible to pull off destination wedding on a budget. The simplest way is to make the most of saving coupons in everything; tickets, hotels, food, party arrangements, dresses - everything! And this surely helps. We have gathered the best ways and tricks from wedding planners and organizers across the globe which have given golden rules to follow for those who wish to have a destination wedding on a budget. If you are one of those people, then keep on reading! Budget Breakdown The first step is to outline the budget because it will require more bucks than the usual wedding. Make a list of every possible expense so that you can adjust the money accordingly, calculate the money required for airplane tickets to hotel reservation, venue booking, catering, reception, transportation of guests and everything else. Start saving from early on because you might never know when your plan A fails and you have to go with plan B which can cost you more bucks than you initially thought. Don’t assume the finances, you do not have to pay for all the guests, pay for those who know that cannot afford to attend your wedding otherwise. Limited Guests List Of course, it is your big day and you want to celebrate it with your family and friends that might include all your relatives and acquaintances from several places; but more guests mean more expenses. Keep your guest's list to a minimum, invite only those people who you really want to be there and have been with you through thick and thin. The constricted guest list will constrict your other expenses as well. Digital RSVP’s Start with the wedding invitations, instead of handwritten card posting you can send the card in the form of digital mail aka “email”. You can design the card in any way you want through online tools for free and then send it to your guests. This will cut down the bucks for posting and printing. Affordable destination Hawaii, Maldives , Mauritius, Caribbean these islands are like a dream come true that is why they are the most popular locations for the destination wedding. Being the most famous places, they have higher rates from airfares to accommodation and catering instead of these glitzy places you can head to other similar locations which are less popular but are beautiful nonetheless. Belize, Seychelles, and islands like that give the same vibe but their rates are far lower plus it is also not overflowing with tourists so you can have the place too yourself. This is a very important step especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget. Book the venue in the off-season. It will cost you double if you are going to arrange your wedding in peak season, as these places are full of travelers and sightseers. Many islands lower their fares and offer packages in the off-season or when it is the season of hurricanes and storms. You can arrange your wedding around those days to get lower rates. Booking In Advance Another trick for people on a silver budget is to book your tickets and make reservation at-least before one month before the actual date. This will allow you to have options and you can switch, if you go for a last minute booking you are left with no options except you have to with what is available at that time. Natural Setting For Venue You are already o breath taking location you might as well use it for your good too. The ballroom or another reception area for ceremony booking is costly, instead, you can use the natural setting for your event. Plus you don’t need too much many efforts into decorations the natural setting will play its part, you don’t have to bother with flowers and balloons and other Knicks knacks. You can arrange the ceremony on the beach or reception in gardens nearby, this open outdoorsy setting will put dramatic effects to your wedding and guests will also feel like attending an actual destination wedding because of the surrounding. Beach House Alternative To Resort Instead of booking separate hotel rooms for guests you can rent a vacation house depending upon the number of guests where they can have their separate rooms. Because all the guests will be at one place it will be easy to transport them from one place to another, from house to the wedding venue or to the beach. The will also save you the cost of room service guests tend to order when they are not on their own expanse. Cutting Down The List Of Wedding Food When it comes to food, the list goes on and on, from starters to appetizers than the main course, desserts, wedding cake and then off-course wine and Champaign. The wedding food expense is alone gut-wrenching, keep the list short here as well, skip onto the starter and appetizers and plan a meal which is full and hearty, you can switch your rose gold champaign with the ordinary one, believe me, you will enjoy all the same. The big wedding cake with multiple triers is difficult to say no to but in then all it matters that you are with the love of your life surrounded by your loved one, cutting one layer cake or 3 tier cake all will gave you the same amount of joy nonetheless. Keep It To Minimal It is easy to get carried away with all the decorations and other details of the wedding, these details although are very important to you but it will only pile up in the list of expenses and remember the goal is here to keep it to a minimum. Make DIYs for simpler and cost-effective decorations, you can also get these decorations from wholesale. Instead of exhausting yourself for the perfection of minute details try to indulge more with your guests and enjoy your wedding. Avail Discounts Do not hesitate to avail discounts; from caterers to hotels everyone gives a discount for the wedding. Use as much saving coupons as you can for the purchase and reservations, in the end, you will be surprised by the amount you will save.   A big destination wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea that does not mean you cannot go for it, these few of the golden points will help you to make your dream of wedding destination come true on a budget. Follow these points and we promise that you will not regret it. comment down below if you have any special tips and tricks to make destination weddings more affordable.



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